Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raspberry Rabbits Meets Brynwood Needleworks

Monday, I drove to Williamsburg, Virginia to meet my dear blogging friend, Donna of Brynwood Needleworks! Woo hoo! I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to meet her in person and give her a big giant hug! I went into the hotel lobby and there she was to welcome me with her bright beautiful smile. Big hug! Big hug!!! Happy Bunny dance!

Was Donna everything I thought she would be? Yep! Was she just as fun in person as she is on her blog? Yep! Did I wish I could have stayed for a few more days? Yep! Did I feel like I have known her my entire life? Yep!

Donna and I met through blogging over a year ago. Since then she has become near and dear to me. She is one talented lady with a heart of gold. Donna lives in Florida and was going to Williamsburg with her husband, Steve, (aka handsome) for the Williamsburg Consort. Steve is a percussionist. While Steve was busy in practice, Donna and I went out to play.

We went to a cute quilt shop called Love2Quilt. We also went to an embroidery shop and then had lunch in a French Restaurant. Yum! Donna has given me so many gifts of the past year and even though I told her not to bring me anything, she brought me this beautiful strawberry she made. I'm spoiled I tell ya! It was so nice to be able to talk with her and get to know her even better. I was sad to see our day end, but I am forever grateful that I was able to give her a hug, hear her voice and spend some fun time with her. Oh and now I can pronounce her last name! Woo hoo! (I told her I could never pronounce her last name and I've been calling her Donna La La! hee,hee,hee) Next year I plan on spending a couple of days with my friend.

Donna is celebrating 500 blog posts and is having a fabulous giveaway on her blog. Hop over and register for a chance to win! I know you'll love the prize and I know you'll love her just as much as I do!

Thanks so much for a fun day Donna. I'm so glad we are friends and I know we always will be. You are a treasure to me and such a blessing to my life. Looking forward to more time with you. :)

xx, shell


Debora said...

What fun to meet such a neat lady in person! Thank you for sharing your afternoon with us and for pointing us to Donna's blog. Lovely creations!

Hugs to you!

Annette F Tait said...

that's so wonderful Shell to have meet Donna! glad you both had a lovely time and fond memories I am sure!
love the strawberry!!

Jan M said...

Nothing better than fun and friend filled days! So happy for both of you!

Shirley said...

You and Donna had such a great time. I really enjoy reading the both of your blogs. You went to a couple of shops that I would love to visit. Have a great day. i will catch up with you later got to go to work. Your Missouri Friend.

The French Bear said...

What a happy day! I just love the smiles both of you have!!!! So glad you two had the chance to visit!

Diane H said...

Oh you lucky girls! Happy for you both.

Jillayne said...

I read about your visit on Donna's blog too! Sounds like you two had an amazing time together - what a treat to be able to meet up in person. The generosity and kindness of the people we meet through blogging is unbelievable, and you are both just like that!

Whimsey Creations said...

It's always so much fun to meet someone in person who you've been 'talking' with on the internet. I'm so glad you had a great day.

C. C. said...

Hi Shell!

What fun you always have! I am glad you got to meet a new friend!

C. C.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sweetness!
It was so much fun to read about our visit from your perspective. I had an absolute joyful day with you, and am looking forward to seeing you again next year. We're having fun, and the music is fabulous. Wish you could have stayed to enjoy it, but know we'll do it again soon.
Love to you, Shell.

Lisa said...

Oh how exciting!!! Sounds like a wonderful day together!!

Barb said...

It is always fun to meet a blogging friend and to find out that you still mesh in person...wonderful!

Maggey and Jim said...

What a special time and I love her work.. so detailed and intrcate..
Bunny Hugs,

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh how wonderful that you two reached out and actually met in person...I am jealous cause I would just love to meet you in person too dearest Shell...lucky Donna. So glad you guys had a wonderful day:D

SheilaC said...

So happy that you got to meet!! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful day.
I love the pic of your car on her website, too cute!