Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quilt Show Photos

While I was busy tending to my booth at the Crystal Coast Quilt Show, David went around and took photos of the show for me. I'll be sharing these photos over the next couple of weeks as I am running around like crazy trying to find a place to live for six months while our new home in Wilmington is being built. I will have so much to tell you in the months ahead and I'm excited to share this new adventure with you. Until then, here are some gorgeous quilts.

Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina kitty too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coming, Going and Free with Purchase

You've been there right? Those moments when you are so busy that you don't know if you are coming or going and you pass yourself in the middle somewhere. I have been having a week of those moments. At one point I found myself walking in a circle, talking to myself and not being able to focus on which task needed priority. It's times like this when I'm grateful I work with bunnies and they don't care if I'm being dorky. hee,hee,hee.

(First, I know you are about to pass out, but I am not wearing a skirt. It is a skort. You know I don't do dresses.) Last week started with a mad rush to get ready to be a vendor at a local quilt show. I don't normally vend shows, but since this was close, I decided I would give it a go. Well, David was suppose to help me, but then he got his new job and then his 31 plus days of training he was to get turned into 8. Needless to say, he couldn't help me.

I sent a desperate plea to my friend Jean in Wilmington. Let's just say I owe her BIG!!! She was amazing and I was so grateful for her help. It was also nice to catch up and talk about all the adventures we can have together when I move to Wilmington. Thank you Jean!!

David was able to help me on Saturday and when we got home that evening, we unloaded the bunny mobile and dumped everything on the floor in the dining room and then plopped down on the couch for a break. We were worn out. I remembered why I don't vend shows. It's a ton of hard work schlepping all that stuff around. (We did get some wonderful photos of the show, which I will share with you next week.)

So Sunday morning I planned on catching up on emails, filing all my paperwork and enjoying an extra cup of coffee. Well, it didn't happen. I got a call from a realtor who wanted to show the house in two hours. David and I ran around like manics putting everything up in Bunnyville and straightening things up. The people loved the house and then came back again on Monday and guess what?

We sold our house!!!! Steve and Val are moving from CT. They are just the sweetest people. It turns out she is an artist and loooooooooooooves bunnies!!! I can't imagine a more perfect couple to buy our house.  

The closing will be in July, so we are preparing to start the packing process. More of that schlepping of stuff. hee,hee,hee.

This brings me to the FREE with Purchase. Since I really don't want to have to move a bunch of kits, books and supplies, I am offering a free gift of

Thread Heaven thread conditioner


a .01 Brown Micron pen with a pack of Bohin Milliners needles 

FREE with any kit or book purchase. This offer only applies to purchases of kits or my book and is good while supplies last. 

Please be sure and state which free gift you would like at check out. 

Here are a few of the kits available, which include a paper pattern.   Once they are gone, I won't be putting any more together until January. So if you want one, don't dilly dally.
Hop on over to my SHOP.

The May Basket

Bird on My Berry Tree

Falling for You

January Blessing

February Blessing

March Blessing

April Blessing

Patterns for the projects in my book are also available in the SHOP.

Thanks so much! Oh, and here's a link to my house if you want to look at the photos.

We'll see you next Wednesday either coming or going! ;)

Michelle and the fuzzy crew

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Imagination and Lindsey Stirling

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about imagination. I find myself drawn to people who imagine something and make it happen.

This world would be truly boring and rather dull if it weren't for the people who use their imagination to make things a reality.

Think about your house and the furnishings.

Think about your clothes, your car, your food, your computer and all the gadgets you have. Think about the medical equipment and medicines that heal you.

Everything comes from someone who imagined it. Often those things come from someone who has nothing more than a spark of an idea.

Here's a new Lindsey song for you. She got a little help from some wonderful creatures who were born from one mans imagination. ;)  (Thank you Jennifer for sharing this with me.)

If you are in Morehead City, NC this weekend, hop over and visit me. I will be vending at the Crystal Coast quilt show.

Light, love and hugs to you,
Michelle and the fuzzy crew

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Love Grows...

Love grows...

Have you ever worked on a project for a long time and the more you worked on it, the more you felt connected to it? Well, this was one of those projects for me.

With each stitch, snip and detail I added, a story began to reveal itself to me. A story of how love grows slowly, softly and quietly between shelter animals and the people who adopt them. 

On May 2, I celebrated Happy Hannah Day. Four years ago, I brought this precious little girl home from the rescue. I had just been through several years of terrible sadness and heartache with the loss of family members, my job and my beloved bunnies. My heart was hurting and I really didn't know if I could handle having another bunny with health issues. Hannah's ears were full of mites, she had a white mark on her eye and I really wasn't sure how old she was. Would I be faced with loss and sadness again so soon? I was scared, but at the same time, I could tell Hannah's heart was full of love, which she was willing to share with me. As I sat on the floor crying and holding her, I looked at the star on her nose and her long eyelashes encircling her sweet eyes. At that moment I made a promise, that no matter what, I would never let her go.  

Love starts out as a single bloom, a first blush. From there it spreads its vines, stitching a story and entwining our hearts. 

Sometimes, the vines of Love can take us on a long and magical journey together.  All we have to do is be willing to take a hop of faith,

 and remember to always trust our hearts and let them bloom.

This is Mitzy. Her mom, Kat, is a dear friend who I met through blogging. After reading my annual "Living with Easter Bunnies" post, Kat shared Mitzy's story with me. Now with Kat's permission, I am delighted to share it with you.

Mitzy's story:
I had been on a 2 year break from bunnies (that is another story). I was talking to a bunny friend of mine who was telling me this story about a bunny at local Humane Society who had been adopted out and returned to shelter for "aggressive behavior." That was a Sunday evening. By Tuesday my heart was pulling me, so I made phone calls. I didn't know if this bunny was a boy or a girl or even what breed, I just "knew." So I called the shelter, it was girl! She is a lion head, all new breed to me! I knew she was stressed. I went to shelter to fill out the paperwork, not necessarily to meet her. We had the rest of our lives for getting to know each other. I also found out she had been dropped off in January, spayed plus treated for infection. I also found out she had been adopted out and returned twice!!!!!! Well, kudos to the family for taking her back to shelter and kudos to shelter for not giving up on my girl. She had been named Snowball, but we didn't like it :o) (note: rabbits don't know their names like dogs and cats so you can change them)
As I was leaving the shelter they kept saying "you know she is aggressive, right?" I told them I had experience with this (another bunny) it took a full 2 years, I was prepared. So I kept responding with "You know she isn't coming back right?" Yep, that conversation was repeated over and over as I walked out with her!!

Mitzys real name is 'Mitzy Belly-Dee" When I brought her home a friend was with me and we trying out a new name for her. Mitzy was hiding out in a cardboard box from an online store called "Miss Belly Dance" And there she was in the box her head poking out next to this big sticker reading "Miss Belly Dance"
I said "wouldn't it be funny to name her Miss Belly Dance?" My friend agreed but we didn't like Missy. My friend Amy said, "Mitzy" and wow! Her bunny ears perked. So Amy repeated "Mitzy" and bunny ears again swiveled...

All of that was three and half years, two lamp cords, one sewing machine electric cord and one sewing machine foot pedal cord ago. Oh, I loved seeing your photos of the baseboards !! I just bought a house last year. Mitzy has been redecorating starting on the baseboards!!
By the way... she still isn't going back to the shelter!! She went from being a shy bunny hiding in a box, to currently demanding my attention! The photos are from her run time. She likes to supervise from under my sewing machine when she's out.
Thank you Kat and Mitzy.
Love grows and thrives when we nurture it with patience and sprinkle it with kindness.

This new Folk Art Fusion design is available as a PDF pattern in my Craftsy shop.

I also have kits with the National Nonwovens wool felt, Valdani pearl cotton, yarn, needle and background fabric available in my SHOP. The pattern is a PDF and will be emailed to you when you purchase the kit. (I'm doing my part to save trees as you don't have to print out all the pages. Plus, you can enlarge the photos on the computer to show stitching detail.)

"Love Grows" is dedicated to all those kindred spirits who follow their hearts to give shelter and rescue animals the forever home they truly deserve. 

Light, love and hugs to you,
Michelle, Harrington, Hannah and Sabrina kitty too.

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