Tuesday, September 29, 2009

White, but sometimes a little Off

Have I ever told you how much I love white? Oh yes.. I think I have maybe a 100 times or so! I just can't help it. There's just something about white that makes me calm, that makes things feel serene like floating on a cloud, that makes me.... well darn happy cause I'm a CLEAN FREAK!
Ahhhh yes... white.
This beautiful piece hangs in the guest bathroom. It use to be really, really dark. Hello Valspar spray paint. I love you!

Recently I tweaked my bookcases again to be more, well, white. I just love how it looks.

I want to have that chair slipcovered in a white linen. Ooooo won't that be pretty!

How cool are these canisters!! I found them at Marshall's. Can we say $3.99, $4.99 and $5.99! Get out!
So then I start looking at everything in my house and realize it's white, but it's really "off white." Not really cream, but off white. Hmmm... No wonder I'm enjoying stitching on this linen. It's "off white." This is my newest pattern. It's almost done. Waiting on some pearls. Hopefully I can show you the finished piece on Sunday.

Here is a sneak of my other new pattern. Can you guess what it is?
I just love stitching on linen. I also love, love, love, Valdani 3 strand floss! You just roll and go! It's colorfast and the variegation is just so fabulous I can hardly stand it! It makes my casual designs elegant.

I now carry all the Valdani colors I use and will be listing them on my site by the weekend. If you are a stitcher, you will want to give these a try!
Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leaving Time Behind and a Do Nothing Day

I love this clock. Believe it or not, it hangs in my bathroom. There something about looking at the time on this clock that makes time seem so elegant, slow and simple. I love looking at time on it.

This clock hangs above the fireplace in my great room. It's really big. It use to be a dark rusty brown until I handed David the spray paint and he "made light of the time." I love how the scrolly pieces in the middle gently "mark the time" and remind me to make "light" of every situation.

This piece hangs in the Friend's Entrance to my home. I have a side porch that all our friends use and it opens to a little room where they can leave their shoes, their cares and their worries behind. This clock reminds me that I should always make time for friends as they are such a blessing and a gift in my life.

Sometimes though.... I like to be like the bunnies and just "leave time behind" and have myself a "do nothing day." A day to just piddle around the house, visit on the phone with friends, or visit a new blog in a far off land that let's me take an adventure. A day to dream, to be inspired, to wish. A day of nothing but me.

Yes... time is good, but sometimes it's even better to leave time behind and do nothing with the day except be.

bunny hugs,

This week IGF time spent the way I want it to be spent

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink, Timeless Textiles

Join us this Friday, September 25 at Make Mine Pink for Pink Friday! This weeks theme is Timeless Textiles. Of course that is a personal favorite of mine!

There are some fabrics that never go out of fashion. As the years pass, they grow more beautiful by adding the threads of history to their own. The original colors might fade, but these timeless textiles stay bright with the memory of the hands that created and cared for them. The stories they know are never truly forgotten when we make room for them in our lives and in our homes.
Photo contribution by my friend Georgia at Grandma G's
A beautiful damask tablecloth used by your grandmother might grace your own dinner table, completing it with memories of the past and those you love. Linen napkins, slightly worn with use over the years, are now a tradition at every family gathering. Somehow, the table never looks complete until one is placed by each setting. Embroidered hankies handed down from your mother add elegance and sentiment to your bedside stand.

These timeless textiles - hand stitched or hand created - can be worked into almost any d├ęcor. Monogrammed pillow cases edged with a bit of tatting - perhaps bearing your own initials or a great-grandmother's - grace your beds. A vintage quilt is draped across the back of your sofa. It seemed magical when you found it, and you lovingly mended and washed it, and adopted it as your own. A long lost needlepoint, now rescued and restored, sits elegantly on a boudoir chair, in its rightful glory.
My Friendship Rabbits Pattern available on my site.
Some textiles are not so old, but they give a feel of yesteryear with a crisp new look. Kitchen curtains crafted from new vintage inspired fabrics hang on a sunny window. Crochet doilies draped over lamps or chair backs add a little extra warmth to a cozy room. A new mini quilt combining delicate hand and machine stitchery is destined to be a future heirloom.

Photo contribution by my friend Sharon at C'est Chouette
Whether hand crafted, hand created, or stitched by modern machines, timeless textiles mix our stories with those they already know, and will pass them down to generations to come.
Written by Joyce Lucas, Founder of Make Mine Pink

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Illuminating Dreams

Sometimes it takes a while for your dreams to come into focus and be illuminated. Sometimes even when you think they have, life throws you a twist and makes you think about other things you enjoy. Then the real confusion begins. What to do, what to do...
Here's a sneaky peek of a new stitchery. I absolutely love Baroque and Rococo styles. My new stitcheries will follow this. However, the twist.... everyone keeps telling me to write a book. Tales of the Raspberry Rabbits. A children's book with adult humor??? I've been telling tales for as long as I can remember. Bunnies are easy to talk about.
What do you think?? Stitch or write? Maybe both. What to do, what to do.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Spider, The Cat, The Mist and the Crow

So let me ask ya... What would you do if you woke up on Saturday morning, walked over to the window to open the blinds and found this covering your entire window???!!!
Then.... not two minutes later.... this runs in the background!!!
See the cat?? Orange and black cat??? See Mr. Icky spider still???
Then you look at the sky and through the trees and it's all misty and foggy!!!
Then a Crow... yes a crow, lands on the bushes and looks at ya. (I couldn't get his picture as he wouldn't quit wiggling and then flew off). Dag!
Well I sure thought long and hard about it.
And let me tell ya.... I ran to get my "Witchee Poo hat and my favorite Witchee glasses!"
It's gonna be a great Halloween this year!!!
bunny hugs,
This week IGF cool, weirdo things that happen in a non scary, cool weirdo kinda way!

Letter Writing Swap

As much as I love blogging, I still love to write letters and receive letters and mail. It's so wonderful to open the mailbox and see someone's actual handwriting. So when I saw this Letter Writing Swap hosted by Denise over at A Bun Can Dance I knew I would "hop" on the chance to participate. My swap partner is Cookie-Fee in Germany! Ohhh boy!
I think this is going to be so fun!

bunny hugs,

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Winners!

Sooooo... who won the books Mama??
Well we had 23 comments Razzy. I numbered them all in order on this piece of paper. Then I asked Daddy to pick two numbers between 1 and 23. He picked 7 and 13. Congratulations Sue and C.C.!!! You each have won one of the books. Send me an email with your address and I'll send your prize out right away! michelle@theraspberryrabbits.com Thanks so much to all of you who commented!
bunny hugs,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ok... So I don't do Orange

I know it's going to be Halloween soon, but I really, really don't like orange. Also, I really, really, like things a little more on the Swedish or Scandinavian side and I really, really like things a little more elegant. So those of you who like that kinda stuff too and like to be creative, might want to hop over to my site and pick up this kit for Elegant Pumpkins. The kit has everything you need to complete this project. It's fast and it's fun and you can have something "elegant" for your Halloween festivities. I have two kits available.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Anniversaries and Two Giveaways

Mama did you say Giveaways???
Yes Sugie. I'm celebrating two anniversaries! The first is my 20th Quilting Anniversary! I took my first quilting class back in September of 1989 from the fabulous Charlotte Angotti. She had a store in Virginia Beach called Quilt Works. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had learning to quilt from Charlotte. She was soooo hilarious, had the best stories and well.... I was hooked from that point on. I'm ever so grateful for having Charlotte as my first quilting teacher.
This was my very first quilt. Can we say "helloooooooo calicooooooooo!" I know your laughing.... It's OK. I laugh every time I look at it. But hey, I was proud of it. The entire thing was hand pieced and hand quilted. Let's just say I'm glad I improved over the years. Back in my "country decorating" days, this hung on the wall in the living room. I think David is glad that decorating phase is over! hee,hee,hee.
My second anniversary is well my second year Blogging Anniversary! Yippeee! Two years ago I found the wonderful world of blogging and have been having a blast ever since! I just love all the friends I've made and I love visiting with everyone around the world whenever I feel like it.
Thanks to all of you who follow me and are my fans and leave comments. I can't tell you how much it makes my heart happy!! Love you!
So since there are two fun anniversaries, I'm giving away these two quilting books. Brand new and oh so pretty. I hope they encourage someone to make a quilt and then blog about it later.
All you have to do is leave a comment. On Friday I will pick a name outta the hat and choose two winners.
Hugs to you and thanks for reading my little tales here in Bunnyville.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Destruction of Property and Lame Excuses

What is that????
Oh nooooo! Mama's not gonna like this.
Raaaaaazzzzzzyyyy!!!!!! What have you been doing young man???
I can explain everything.
Oh boy... this oughtta be good.
1. Sugar did it.
2. The Doctor said I needed more wood fiber in my diet.
3. I was chewing the cardboard and my teeth slipped.
4. Sugar double dog dared me.
5. You left Dad in charge of our supervision while you went doily digging.
6. Sugar pushed me and my mouth was open when I fell.
7. I was dreaming I was a beaver.
8. I'm addicted to baseboard and I'd like to go to rehab. There... I said it.
9. I'd like to use the "I'm cute card" now.
Sugie..... What happens in Bunnyville stays in Bunnyville!
Tattle tale.

Friday, September 11, 2009

From The Heart and The Hands of A Friend

I just received this most incredibly wonderful gift made by the caring hands of my friend, Margaret Bouwmeester, of The French Bear. Even though Margaret and I have never met face to face, we have become good friends through the magic and connectedness of blogging. She made these beautiful gifts for me as a tribute to and keepsake of my little Chloe Pudd'in Pie.
Thank you Margaret soooooooooo very much for giving me something from your heart and your hands. I will treasure them always as will I always treasure our friendship.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Furry Foto Fursday

"Bun in the Bookcase"

Upon seeing Sugar hop up into the bookcase to escape (let's just say Razzy not being a gentleman), Razzy decides to work out the entire week until he too can hop up in the bookcase. Here he gives me the "look," and says "who's your daddy big bun now?" "Yeah that's right! Oh crap... how do I get down?" "Mama!!!"

Next Razzy practices his "Rabbit Rug" imitation, or would it be his "Razzy the Magic Carpet" look? He's not really fat... he's just chunky... well squishy... well let's see... not toned! Yeah that's right, not toned. Well heck who is??

See ya Sunday.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holiday Show Theme is Trees

In November I participate in the Down East Holiday Show in Greenville NC. This will be my second year participating. Last year I sold off a bunch of stuff as I was on my quest to find my "signature style." Oh... that would be "French Cottage." This year I had my "aha" moment as Oprah would say and have gone back to my love of everything white and cream. I also decided to focus on one particular "theme" instead of trying to get so many things done and failing because I get overwhelmed. So this year's theme will be trees. I have a few projects going on right now, but this piece is finished. It's my original tree designed stitched with Valdani hand-dyed, colorfast floss onto a piece of vintage damask tablecloth. I added the jingle bells on the corner of this pillow to make it a little "sassy." It will be on my site for sale and if it sells before the show, that won't hurt my feelings at all. hee,hee,hee

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Doily Diva

Hey Razzy... what's a doily??? Got me Sugie....

As long as I can remember, I have been completely obsessed with vintage crochet doilies. I love the designs, I love the fact that they were made by hand usually by women gathered around each other sharing stories, gossip and tea. I love old lace with all it's intricate detail. There is something just so extraordinary about these pieces and the stories they hold.

You've heard of Dumpster Diving? Well I'm a Doily Digger!!! There is nothing I like more than finding a bucket of vintage linens and doilies at a flea market, yard sale or antique shop. I literally plop my butt on the floor and commence with the digging! The whole time I look around and keep a watchful eye that nobody sees the treasures I'm finding. I laugh to myself in utter delight! What do I do with them? Well....

I make things like this. Isn't it pretty??? I didn't even get it listed on my site before it sold. I love the hand dyed blue and tan of the piece and the perfect symmetry of the design. I added glass pearl beads, a vintage mother of pearl button and sewed it all down to a piece of vintage damask table cloth. This frame actually had a clock in it. The clock didn't work and the lady didn't want it. I was so excited because I knew of a perfect piece to put in it!

So imagine my extreme and absolute happiness and joy when my Cutie Grammy had an entire stash and I mean stash of doilies!!! Can you believe nobody in my family wanted them and I got all of them!!! She was holding out on me all these years as she too was a doily diva.
This piece is my absolute favorite as my Cutie Grammy made this. It's tatted. I have always loved tatting and so did Cutie. I asked her why she never made any more of these. I will always remember her reply, "Oh sweetie... it is truly beautiful, but what a pain in the ass to make!"
Something about a cute old lady with potty mouth still makes me fall over with laughter.
I'm going to get this piece framed and hang it in Bunnyville.
As for the rest of her doily collection, I have placed them in this fabulous hat box. Here they will stay until her "smell" goes away. Somehow I want to keep that as long as I can. One day, when it is gone, I will turn them into beautiful pieces of art and some pillows for myself. Until then.... I'll just be the Doily Diva with the best stash.
This week IGF the fact that nobody in my family wanted these treasures and they're mine all mine!!! hee,hee,hee.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Reminder of Time

I have always wanted an hourglass. I think they are so beautiful to look at as time gently passes with each grain of sand. I found this one the other day and knew it would come home with me. A reminder of this time in my life.

I took a walk around the yard. The little crab apples bobbed up and down on the limbs as the breeze blew time around them.
A birds nest peaking out amongst the apples. The nest a reminder of the time baby birds huddled together there.
A bloom on my Magnolia tree. The sweet scent reminding me of time gone by.
The last of the raspberries on my bushes. A reminder that it's time for Fall to begin.

Thank you all for you heartfelt, loving and caring words on my previous post. This blog and your words are always reminders of time. Time well spent.


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