Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lattes, Puzzles, Friends and Inchies

Hi ya and happy first day of Spring! It's still chilly here, but that's ok because it makes my latte lunch break extra cozy. There is a new coffee roaster cafe that opened up near my neighborhood. I've been a Starbucks snob forever, but.... I will admit, this latte from Casa Blanca is waaaaaaay better!! Oh my gosh! Plus, who doesn't love a little love in their cup? ;)

My sis-n-laws came for a visit last week. They brought this incredible puzzle!

It's made in the USA and is actual cut wood!

I will admit, we were addicted to putting it together. It was a true challenge and so much fun.

This is what the back looks like. Can you see all the other shapes in it like the octopus, starfish, turtle and sailboat? Isn't that cool? I highly recommend this company if you like to do puzzles. We are going to pass them around through David's family and then to our friends. I already have my eye on one to get David for his birthday in May.

I only have one week left of my "Within an Inch of my Life" project. I can't believe it is coming to an end. I've had so much fun!

Here's a few more of my inchies. I did one for the puzzle.

Then I did one for our sick little cottage. Our foundation was falling and we had to spend $10k to have steel peers put under the house. Of course, insurance won't cover it unless it actually falls down and you can't live in it. Don't get me started on that.

The right end of our house was then leveled as that had fallen the most. It was crazy watching the 2" plus gap under the baseboards go away as they lifted the house. I would much rather have spent that money on enclosing our screened porch! Poo!

This next inch was for International Women's Day.

I'm proud to be a strong, independent woman. Me at age 9. Hated dresses then, hate them now.

This is a note my friend, Janet Melanson, left on my Facebook business page.
"On this, International Women's are a great example of an awesome internet/blog personality..who champions independent design, caring for bunnies and all wildlife, and being an example of one of the best women of our time.. well done you!"

I will admit, she brought me to tears with that note. Sometimes people just don't know how much kind words can mean to someone. That was a huge hug for me that day when I needed it.

From Friday to Tuesday morning, I got to spend time with a new forever friend, Kelly Ashton. Kelly was in town for several quilting classes and lectures including one for my guild. She stayed with us and we immediately clicked. Isn't it funny how that happens? Kelly is a kind, loving and beautiful soul who also happens to be an amazing teacher and quilter. If your guild is looking for a teacher that can give a class on mastering points and "Y" seams, you need to contact Kelly. Her lecture and trunk show is also incredible! You can reach Kelly HERE. Tell her the bunnies and I said Hi!

Speaking of traveling and meeting friends, my passport finally arrived! I'll be going to England in October to see Sallieann and to finally meet Jules in person!! My best friend, Beth, is going on this adventure with me. We're sooooooooo excited!!!

Well, that's it for this week. I'll see you back here next Thursday instead of Wednesday. Have a relaxing weekend!

Light, love and hugs,

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sneaky Peeky and Podcast Link

Hi my friend!  I hope you have been having a good week and a good March so far. The weather has been absolutely nuts around here. One day it is almost 80 the next day it's 40! Mother Nature is certainly not happy.

This week I want to share a little sneaky peeky of something new that I will be debuting either late April or early May. It's called "The Shell Collector."

This new design will be part of a whole new rabbit hole I am hopping down and I'm really excited to share it with you. I will have lots to tell in the coming months and look forward to having you join me on this new adventure.

Also, I was delighted to be a guest on Pat Sloan's podcast. It was six years ago the last time I was guest. Good gracious time has flown by!

If you would like to listen, you can hop on over HERE. I'm the fourth guest on the show. The other guests were wonderful to listen to as well. It's always love hearing a person's story and all about their creative journey.

Have a relaxing weekend and I'll see ya back here next week!

Hugs and friends,
Michelle and the fuzzy ones

Friday, March 8, 2019

American Patchwork and Quilting Radio

Hi ya!

Just a quick hop in to invite you to listen in on Monday, March 11 at 4:45. The show starts at 4 and I will be the 4th guest of the day.

You can listen HERE.

Hugs and friends,
Michelle and the Bunnies

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Class and the Escape Artist

Well hi there! Sorry I missed my post last week. I was in Southern Pines, NC teaching and had been gone for five days. After my drive home I just didn't feel like writing. I wanted to spend time with David and the fuzzy ones. :)

I had a wonderful time with everyone there. Class was really fun! Here are some of my students with their bunny ears.

The weather was totally nuts. When I got to my hotel, it was in the 70's. The next day it was sleeting and freezing! When I got home and went for my morning walk, all the Eastern Redbuds in our neighborhood had bloomed. I think they are so pretty and a welcoming sign of Spring. Of course, then it got cold again over the weekend. Mother Nature is having some serious issues.

While I was gone, Henry was a naughty boy and escaped the condo. Basically making a jail break. He only weighs 4 lbs, but the little bugger is strong! He bent the metal bars (see on the floor to the left) that we use for extra support. He pushed the condo over to the rug where he got extra traction, lifted a section up and squeezed out. Then he hopped in the black hay bucket, had a snack, jumped behind my file cabinet, took a nibble of of my modem cord and then set off on a "hop" about the house!

David came home and went up to my studio to look for Sabrina. Out popped Henry from under my sewing table. He scared David to death! I'm sure he scared Sabrina to death too as she was downstairs on the bed and not in her basket. I soooooooooo wish I had a camera to see all of that unfolding. Henry hopped across the whole house and up the stairs!

It took David a while to catch him. He had to bribe him with a treat. He's just a young boy and even though the condo is big, he likes to get out and play.

As of today I have one month left of inchies to stitch. I can't believe it will be 365 days of journaling through embroidery.

Well, I'll see ya next week!