Friday, August 31, 2012

A Dance with the Fairies of Bunnyville Ivy

If you saw my earlier posts this week, you know that my nieces and nephew visited with us for a few days. We had the most wonderful time. This is a story of my youngest niece, Noelle, and the fairy dance.

Noelle, is eight. She is a magical little sprite that lives in her own little happy world. Much like her Auntie indeed. ;) I have her convinced there are fairies living in the ivy plant on the back porch. (my sister say's she'll forward the therapy bill to me later. hee,hee,hee)

They are "The Fairies of Bunnyville Ivy." They are the caretakers of bunnies and other critters of the woods. They don't show themselves to humans, but Noelle is special. They sent her an invitation to a dance. Noelle told my sister she needed to go to the store at once as she must have a new dress and a tiara for the dance. She was so excited!

Please enjoy this music as you read the rest of this post. This is the music I played at the dance. It is from one of my most favorite artists, Loreena McKennitt.

Nightengale, one of the fairies from Bunnyville Ivy, knew that she was not suppose to show herself to Noelle. You see that is against the fairy rules as humans can be quite cruel and mean to each other and to critters. Only those with kindness and love of all things can be in the fairy land. However, Nightengale knew that Noelle was kind and gentle so she had this sculpture made of her and asked me to give it to Noelle before the dance.

As the night drew near and the fairy light came on in Bunnyville Ivy, Noelle prepared for the dance. She put on her new dress and her tiara. I gave her my beloved, magical, bunny jewelry, handmade by my dear friend, Joanne May, to wear. Noelle's sister, Laura, took some lovely photos.

"Auntie?" said Noelle. "Aren't you going to dance with me? I don't want to be alone."
So like the adoring Auntie I am, I put on a dress (ick, gag, puke, ya know I don't do dresses) to dance with Noelle and the fairies.

Thank goodness Jonathan brought his Harry Potter wand as he had to keep lighting the darn fairy light!
We danced...

and danced...

and danced...

and danced.

It was a most wonderful time. The next morning there was a necklace filled with purple fairy dust in the ivy plant. There was also a note from the fairies to Noelle. They thanked her for the dance, told her she was so very beautiful and gave her the purple fairy dust as she was now one of them.

They reminded her that she must always have kindness and love for everyone and everything. The world is a beautiful place that we are blessed to live in.

It is good to be an Auntie and even better to be an eccentric, crazy, Auntie who lives in a magical, happy little world with bunnies. ;)

Have a magical and fun weekend. Purple Fairy Dust to you.
xx, Michelle, the Bunnies and the Fairies of Bunnyville Ivy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Sneaky Peaky and a Survey

Finally finished my design for the Dots on Dots blog hop. Now all I have to do is the stitching. I'm loooooooooving this and I can't wait to show you!

Here's a sneaky peaky of "The Hare's Lair." Patterns and kits will be available September 19 in my SHOP.

Ok, so now I would truly appreciate your help and feedback on this quick survey. I've been working on designs for next year's Block of the Month. It takes a long time to put all of this together and truthfully, it's a ton of work. I had one idea and then the other day, after looking at my license plate and thinking of the name of my studio, I had another idea hop in my head. hee,hee,hee.

So here are my questions.

1. Do you like doing the BOM patterns with the fabric, wool and stitchery combination?

2. Do you want to do another free BOM with me or do you feel you would rather just get free pattern once a quarter?

3. Which of these titles sounds most appealing to you for a BOM?
    "Critters in the Cabins" or "Bunnyville"

4. Do you like to purchase kits or purchase single items?

Thanks so much for your help and taking the time to answer this survey!

Michelle and the Bunnies

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Harrington Day

Two years ago today, I went to the rabbit rescue and Harrington adopted me. In many ways, you can say he rescued me.

And despite the fact he likes to nibble the furniture,

watching him take a nap in my sewing cupboard while I sew makes my heart melt.

I love you my little wonky eared bunny and treasure every day I have with you.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Designing for the Dots Hop

Hi there! Did you have a good weekend? Mine went by fast. Took the nieces and nephew back to my sister. It was fun having them around. I didn't get much work done, but sometimes one must stop working and play with the kiddo's, or if you're like David, play like a kiddo. hee,hee,hee.

Today it's back to work. I have sooooooooooooo many things I need to finish designing. Fun! Of course, I also have a ton of paperwork to get through. Ick, gag, puke.

First I'm going to start with the design for the Dot's on Dot's blog hop. I pulled these National Nonwoven wool felt colors and Valdani 3 strand floss colors together yesterday. I love how they look with the dot fabric.

I'll have kits and the pattern for sale during the hop. I'll also have a giveaway. Yippee! This will be a fun and fast project that you could make quickly as a Christmas gift or a gift for any occassion.

So do you have a busy week ahead?

I'll leave you today with a few photos.

Me, David and our nieces Laura and Noelle (yellow shirt) and our Nephew, Jonathan. Here we are trying to be normal and grown up.

But, this is how we really act. hee,hee,hee.

Michelle and the Bunnies

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

They're Back! So am I

Hi there! I left on Sunday to go visit my family in Virginia. Was going to do my blog post while I was there, but my laptop wasn't playing nicely with their wifi and all the info I needed was on my laptop. Ugggggggg! Computers. Gotta love em.

Anyway, I'm back home now and I've brought my nieces and nephew back with me for a few days. I do love being an auntie. They are sooooooooooo fun and they are willing to help me with inventory and putting kits together because they think it's fun! Woo hoo!

So, all of you that were waiting patiently for the

Pumpkin Kisses Kits (pattern sold separately)

and the Christmas Folk Art Tree Kits (free pattern with kit purchase)

they are now back in stock in my SHOP.

The quilt stands and hangers are still marked down 15%. I'm selling out of a lot of them and once their gone, I won't be offering these anymore. So if you've been wanting one, now's the time to pick one up.

Hope you're having a fun week so far!

xx, Michelle and the Bunnies

Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Perfect Day

Sometimes I feel as if I live in the most wonderful dream world. A very happy, simple and innocent place. A place where stories and imagination rule the land. Of course, I'm the creator of this land and it truly is a fun place to be.

Please enjoy this video, from one of my most favorite storytellers before you continue with this post.

Another perfect day I had indeed. You see I was honored and thrilled to receive a visit from one of my most treasured blogging/bunny friends and her delightful daughter. Karen and Sarah from Rabbits Eat Quilts in Massachusetts, came to visit us in Bunnyville here in North Carolina.

Sarah                                                         Me                                   Karen

Sarah is an incredible young lady that has overcome many obstacles and has now been offered a job as an Occupational Therapist in North Carolina. Woo hoo! You go girl! She and Karen traveled to North Carolina to find Sarah an apartment and then drove 2 1/2 hours to visit me and the bunnies. How exciting! Can we say "Happy Bunny Dance!!!"

It's truly amazing how blogging and bunnies can bring people together. I always knew I would love to meet Karen in person and she was exactly as I knew she would be. She's kind, caring, smart and fun. She has the most wonderful smile that envelopes you with warmth and friendship. She is an incredible mother, and her joy and pride shines in her eyes as she speaks of her girls.

She is also to Weasley. A sweet old boy that is a true snuggle bunny.

Karen and Sarah came to spend the night with me, David and the bunnies. We shared stories and laughed lots. Of course, I tend to be a little ol' chatter box and I'm sure they were thinking "does this girl ever hush?" hee,hee,hee. However, I did love and treasure every minute with them and when they left, a piece of my heart went with them, as I wished they lived closer to me so we could share some some fun and artistic adventures together.

Karen made me this gorgeous journal and bookmark. I shall write some tales and draw little doodles and think of my dear friend every time I hold it. Thank you so very much Karen. I love it!

It was Another Perfect Day. Please enjoy this final video and the bunnies and I will see you right back here on Wednesday.

Wishing you a Perfect Day.
Michelle, Harrington and Hannah.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Friday!

"Friday? What do you mean it's Friday?"

"Well Hannah, apparently today is Friday and we are suppose to be saying thank you to some of our friends for some really nice gifts they sent us."

" thing ya know it will be Christmas!"

"Yes.... and I've already started my list."

First, we would like to thank our friend Lorna Appleby for sending us this adorable Canadian Goose! Many of you may remember the posts from April and May about Papa Goose and the Peeps. Lorna is from Canada and thought we should have a goose to live here in Bunnyville. We've decided to call him Appleby in honor of our friend. She also sent some yummy maple candy. There are only two pieces left. Well, now that the photos are done, there are no pieces left. hee,hee,hee.

Then we received a "Speedy Special Scarf" from our bunny friend, Speedy and his mom Rachel over in England. This is just the cutest scarf that Rachel made. We decided it looked really good on Appleby and he agreed.

Thank you friends for our lovely gifts! Please join us back here on Monday when we can tell you about some bunny/blog friends that are coming to see us today! We're so excited!

Have yourself an extra fun and creative weekend!

Happy Friday!

Michelle, Harrington and Hannah

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah August Block

First, we would like to thank you sooooooooooo very much for all your kind and heartfelt good wishes you have sent on the post below. It truly means so much to have your support and friendship!

What's really cool is how your good wishes tied into the theme of this months block!

This month Harrington and Hannah know that sending good wishes of health, happiness and love to others is always free!

Here's what they all look like together so far. (Yes, there will be a connecting row after next month's block)

For those of you who are new friends to our blog, we invite you to join us on this adventure! The patterns are always FREE and we have

Valdani 3 strand floss kits,

National Nonwovens wool kits,

and fabric kits for sale in our SHOP. So hop over and get your pattern and supplies. We're having lots of fun so far!

In fact, our friend, Glynis, sent these photos of her progress. Woo hoo! They look wonderful! We added them to the Flickr group (see the right sidebar) and we hope you will continue to add your blocks too.

Sending good wishes of health, happiness and love to you!

Michelle, Harrington and Hannah

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dreams do come true.

In 2007 I wrote the following paragraph in my journal. It was written by Corey Amaro in the Jan/Feb 07 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

"Many of us have seeds buried within us that are longing to be watered, hoping to be unearthed, waiting to share their fragrant scent. Creativity is born from the smallest of seeds. If we can nurture our dreams with the belief that we have something to give, we can learn to trust that our roots will spread into tomorrow. When a seedling of passion awakens, it can bloom a never-ending bouquet of happiness for us to hold."

I have been quilting since 1989. The quilting seed was planted in me then. It's been my passion ever since. I taught quilting for 10 years until our local quilt shop closed in 2005. I loved every single minute of it and loved my students. Sharing quilting and giving in general has always been one of my greatest joys in life. We all have something to give, even a simple smile or a hug.

My book, Briarside Lane, is the seed that was buried inside of me that longed to be watered and unearthed. It took me losing my full time job in 2010 for me to start nurturing that seed. It took me finding a part of me that I had buried for a very long time. I spent a year trying to figure out what to do with my life and get a grip. Then I spent a year writing, desiging and fine tuning my Folk Art Fusion technique. I wanted to share something different, something fun, something that would make people say, "Wow, I made that!"  I wanted to give from my heart.

One of my biggest dreams has always been to go to the Houston Quilt Market. Twenty Three years of quilting and I have never been. Most people don't understand how expensive it is to run a company and how you really don't make any money for several years in the beginning. Everything goes back into the company. Going to market with my book would have to wait as I just couldn't afford the thousands of dollars it would take to make it all happen.

But then, last week I received a phone call from Dana of Valdani. My hands began to shake and tears streamed down my face as I listened to her say, "Michelle, we would like to invite you to Houston to display your book and your patterns in our booth." OH....MY....GOSH!!!!!! HAPPY BUNNY DANCE!!! I'm in my dream awake!!!

I use Valdani exclusively in all my designs for the simple reason that I love their 3 strand colorfast floss. I'm not a person that can promote or sell something that I truly don't believe in or love. I love everything about Valdani and I'm proud and honored to use their products.

Dreams really do come true. Sometimes it takes a while, even years, but they do come true if we always believe they will. So, I'll be at the Houston Quilt Market this October. If you happen to be there, I'll be the one in the Valdani booth with the great big smile. :)

Thank you so very much Dana and Valdani for believing in me and my designs.

xx, Michelle

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pumpkin Kisses Pattern!

Hi there! Is your week going as fast as mine? I spent the last two days on the computer with the Geek Squad folks getting them to fix my brand new computer. It wasn't playing nicely with my website. Naughty! Thank goodness this really smart fella named, Mike, was able to figure it all out. Yippee for super smart computer people!

So let's get hopping to my remake of my Pumpkin Kisses Pattern!

Since I've fallen completely in love with stitching and wool applique I decided to remake my stitchery pattern into this!

Of course, I had to add a patchwork border and some buttons cause they make me smile!

Now I know there are normally black cats for Halloween, but around here it's pretty much bunnies 24/7 no matter what the holiday is.

So, when all is quiet on Halloween night, bunnies sit on pumpkins and kiss in the moonlight. hee,hee,hee. I'm such a dorkwad. :)  A big giant hug of thanks to my Stitching Assistant, April Taylor, for stitching the vines and wool for me! I'm truly blessed to have such a talented stitching assistant!

Patterns are in the SHOP and Kits are too! There are only 9 kits available (SOLD OUT. More to come August 25th) right now. I'm waiting on my shipment of lovely Valdani 3 strand floss. So, the first 9 people will get these and then others will be available around the 22nd of August.

Oh, and I wanted to show you how I did the back of this one. I made the little corners instead of a full sleeve. Pumpkin Kisses is 14" x 16" finished, but I wanted to use this 12" x 14" no header table stand. By just putting corners instead of the sleeve, I could slip the quilt over the edges. Cool huh?

I think it looks pretty good in my foyer and adds a great seasonal touch.

Remember, the table stands and all hangers are marked down 15% in my SHOP. Once I sell out of them, I won't be getting anymore, So if you have been waiting to get one, now is a good time while they're on sale.

Alrighty then. Hope you like this new pattern and hope you have a very fun day! Harrington and Hannah will see you back here on Friday for their company meeting.

Michelle and the Bunnies

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