Monday, December 31, 2012

Are you ready for an adventure?

We've come to the end of this 2012 road. What a year it has been. A year that has been made so special and fun because of you. Your friendship, kindness and love feeds my soul and brings many a smile to my face. I can't thank you enough.

Over the last month, as I have been brought to tears so many times by all the sadness that seems to be in the world right now, along with sadness I feel for friends going through some very challenging times. As I started thinking of 2013, I felt compelled to make my blog a place of happy celebration. A place for you to come, hop down the rabbit hole with me, and have a wonderful adventure. A place to forget about reality for a bit and get lost in the magic.

"You use to be much more...muchier.
"You've lost your muchness."
-The Mad Hatter

"This is impossible." - Alice
"Only if you believe it is." - The Mad Hatter

I invite you to join me and the bunnies the 15th of every month for Mid-Month Madness. All you have to do is show up. There will be something different every month. No rules, regulations, taxes, sadness, poo pooieness, just lots and lots of fun! I might introduce a new Folk Art Fusion design and kit. I might have a tutorial for you. I might have a tale to tell. However; no matter what I may come up with, there will always be prizes to be won. After all, prizes are fun! :)

Simply put, it will be something happy and fun to look forward to every month.

"There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter." - The Mad Hatter

The bunnies and I look forward to hopping down the rabbit hole with you.
Happy New Year!

Michelle and the Bunnies

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Friday!

We sure hope you had a wonderful Christmas and took some time to relax and play. We had Christmas day off, but then Mama said it was back to work! Bahhhh Humbun!

Mama's been busy working on new Folk Art Fusion designs. Here's a sneaky peeky.

We had so much fun with "The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah" BOM. Our good friend, Fiona of Bubz Rugz has been super busy catching up all her blocks. Don't they look wonderful? We love them! Which block was your favorite?

Mama will be leaving this BOM in our Shop all next year so you can still join in anytime. We will also continue to carry the

Wool Kits

Floss Kits

and Fabric Kits while supplies last.

We have some fun things planned for next year. Hop back here Monday and we'll tell you all about it. Until then, we're going to take the rest of the day off.

Happy Friday!
Harrington and Hannah

Monday, December 24, 2012

May all your Wishes come True

Sending you light, love and a little magic this Christmas.

May all your wishes come true. (Love this card from my dear friend, Joanne May)

We love you and your friendship is a most treasured gift to us. We'll see you back here on Friday.
Merry Christmas.

Michelle, Harrington and Hannah

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Bunnyville Christmas - Part 3

Friends, both near and far, always make my world a most wonderful place. The friends I have made through blogging these past five years have blessed my life in so many ways. It's truly amazing how people come into your experience and leave a permanent mark on your heart. These next two friends have done just that.

The other day I received a package, or parcel as they say in the UK, from one of my truly talented friends, Jules. She and I are kindred sisters. Jules excels in so many areas of art. She can draw, paint, make dolls, sew and is a most wonderful storyteller. Jules interviewed me on her blog last week. Take a hop over visit.

Jules crocheted this "Winter Afternoon Infinity Cowl" for me. I loooooooooove it! I'm always freezing. Wearing this, with the hand warmers from Di, keep me nice and toasty while I work.

She also made this adorable bookmark. This is her original design. I think it's so cute and it will get lots of good use around here.

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things."

As if she didn't already spoil me enough with those lovely gifts, she also made these.

A card from Harrington and Hannah. This is the outside.

This is the inside.

There is also this letter from them too. I must say, I sat down and cried over how special this gift is. Thank you so very much Jules. I shall treasure these gifts every bit as much as I treasure your friendship.

This next pressie came from my dear friend and fellow bunny mama, Jade. Bunnies brought Jade and I together. She is Mum to my bunnephew, Mickey.

This is his Christmas card. Isn't he the most adorable little snuggle bunny? I want to kiss that fuzzy face so bad!

Jade is a member of The House Rabbit Connection. In this year's calender, Mickey is "Mr. May." He even autographed his photo for me. :) Thank you Mickey and Jade! I love it! we give ourselves. ;)

Love to you,
Michelle and the Bunnies

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Bunnyville Christmas - Part 2

The celebrating continues!

My friend, talented artist and fellow bunny mama, Natascha, sent me this beautiful gift. A while back, I was telling her that I wanted a bunny soap dispenser for my kitchen, but could not find one. I asked her if she could paint one for me. Then, like most things in my little pea brain, I forgot about it. Well, little did I know she was painting a very special soap dispenser for me! She painted Harrington and Hannah on a clay dispenser and then had it fired in a kiln so it will always look this beautiful. Can we say "HAPPY BUNNY DANCE!" I love it Natascha! Thank you so very much!

Next, my dear friend, Carrie, made me this wonderful zippered pouch and sent me this adorable bunny fabric and bunny buttons! Loooooooooooove! Thank you Carrie!

My fabulous, fun, stitching assistant, April, sent me this beautiful ornament.

I hung it on the tree next to the ornament she made me last year.

She also sent me these yummies! I looooooooooooove these candies. Needless to say, the box is empty. ;) Thanks so much April and thanks for all your wonderful assistance this past year.

Finally for today, I want to share these goodies from my dear friends Di and Miss Gracie (the cat). Last year Di made me hand warmers and I wear them all the time. So, this year she made me another pair! Looooooooooove! I'm wearing them as I type this. :)

She also sent me this fun picture holder and a wonderful apron. Thanks so much Di and Miss Gracie!

Well, I hope you have a fun day and get all your last minute gift shopping done. David and I are going to see The Hobbit movie. I can't wait!

Join us back here tomorrow for Part 3 of our Bunnyville Christmas.

Michelle and the Bunnies

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Bunnyville Christmas- Part 1

Christmas has come to Bunnyville.

A special delivery arrived for Harrington and Hannah from Captain. Yes, even bunnies love toys for Christmas.

"Hey Harrington, check it out. We can actually eat this tree and not get in trouble for nibbling!"

"I call first toss of the willow balls!"

"I love Christmas."

This is Captain, Michelle Miller, US Navy. We simply call her Captain because we are so very proud of her. She became our neighbor and friend in 2005. Since June of 2010, she and her husband, our dear friend, Eric, have been stationed in Texas as she finished out her military career of twenty six years. We've been taking care of their house across the street, and anxiously awaiting their return. Captain and Eric are so much fun to be with. They love life, love people, love animals and they are two of the kindest people you could ever meet. Two and a half months to go and we'll all be together again. We can't hardly wait! It will be like Christmas. :)

"Thank you for the pressies Captain! We love you!"
Safe travels if you are off to visit loved ones today or this weekend. Please join us back here tomorrow for some more of our Bunnyville Christmas.
Michelle, Harrington and Hannah

Monday, December 17, 2012

A little more from the Tree

As promised, here are a few more bunny ornaments from my bunny tree.

This beautiful ornament as well as

this one, were made by my very good friend, artist, and fellow bunny mama, Mandy Saile of Bijous Whimsy.

Gotta love anything made by Patience Brewster.

This one was in honor of mine and David's 20th wedding anniversary last year.

Not a bunny, but I just love this winged shoe. A gift from my best friend, Beth. We exchange ornaments every year. We've been best friends for over 32 years.

Baby Hares, made for me by my talented friend, artist and fellow bunny mama, Annette of Dragon House of Yuen.

This is an artist trading card made by my dear friend, Donna, of Brynwood Needleworks.

She also made this beautiful strawberry. Donna is very talented. She can make so many different things. Each more lovely than the next.

From my friend, Lydia. New addition to the tree this year. Just makes me smile big. :)

Vintage Hallmark. I was so excited to find it. I mean who wouldn't love an elf riding a bunny!

I'll leave you with this one. It's just so sweet in many ways.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Sending smiles to you! :) :) :)

Michelle and the Bunnies

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah

Well, here we are. The last block in "The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah." I can't believe how fast this entire year has gone. It's been so much fun and we have loved every single minute we have spent with you. Thank you for purchasing wool, floss and fabric kits and for supporting our little business.

As I write this post, I can't help but think about how much meaning this last block has. After the events of the horrific school shooting yesterday, my mind drifts towards all the hatred, sadness, and utter anger that is in our world right now. It brings me to tears thinking of the parents of all those wee ones who's lives were stolen. My heart goes out to each and every single family.

Here is the last block in our adventure. Harrington and Hannah know that love is the greatest gift of all.

All we ever need is love. Bunnies know it. We can give love for free. We can open our arms and receive it. We can pass it along to each and every person we meet. Sometimes all you have to do is smile and you spread love. No matter what religion, race, or political view, if you wipe that all away, and think only with your heart, you realize the essence of everything is love.

Here's how the quilt turned out. I have border fabrics available if you would like to purchase some. Of course, there are still wool, floss and fabric kits available too.

Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure. We hope you have had a wonderful time. We look forward to more adventures in the new year. Hop over to our SHOP and get the block.

Love is the greatest gift of all.

The end.

xx, Michelle, Harrington and Hannah

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