Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Little Bunnies

Two little bunnies as happy as can be.
Spoiled totally rotten and allowed to be free.

But alas, I'm afraid, no longer shall it be.

For one little bunny,
          not He,
                 but She,

decided that the baseboards
                     were as
             tasty as can be!

So now the two little bunnies, both She and He,

are forced to live their lives  
        in a pen-i-ten-tiary.
"We want to speak to our lawyer."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work'in on it Wednesday and a new BFF!

Hi there! How's your week going? It's been really busy here at Bunnyville.

This is a new Folk Art Fusion piece I'm working on, "Peter and Peter are Pumpkin Eaters."
I'm working on stitching the wool felt now. I have a fun idea for the border on this. It's a pretty big piece. I think the finished size will be around 22" x 42".

Many of you have expressed interest in my Folk Art Fusion so I've decided I to write a book on it. It's just to much info to put into a pattern. What do you think? I also plan to hold more workshops and give lectures on the technique. It's just so much fun to do and I want to teach everyone to do it!

My wool obsession continues with all the new Folk Art Fusion pieces I have spinning in my head. This weeks BFF (bundle of fun felts) is great for making some folky Christmas projects!

I also have some Pairings available with Valdani 3 Strand Floss.

You can find the BFF's and Pairings in my Shop. So what have you been work'in on?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Elegant Pumpkins

Well hellooooooooo there! Hope your weekend was fun! My first weekend of Fall was all wet. It rained the entire time, but it was perfect for getting lots of stitching done!
Today I wanted to share with you my Elegant Pumpkins stitchery design I created last year.

My friend and customer, Selina of Selina Quilts (aka Tinks Mom) purchased this pattern from me and used it to create a mug rug and coozie for a swap!

Didn't she do a wonderful job? I love it!

The pattern is available in my SHOP if you would like to make one. It stitches up really fast. Enjoy your week!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friendship Stars

Please join me tomorrow over at Sew We Quilt with the lovely Madame Samm.

As part of the Wantobe Quilter's Campaign, I am a guest blogger and will be giving you a tutorial on how to make this Friendship Star tablerunner!

Don't forget, if you are a wantobe quilter, you can still send me your info and I'll sponsor you for all the wonderful prizes! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

xx, shell

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

20 Years ago today

I got in a cake fight with my best friend. hee,hee,hee.
Yes, we smashed cake in each other's faces at our wedding reception in 1991. This is my favorite picture from that day as it truly reflects how we really are. Simple, not formal.
We paid for our own wedding and the reception. David gave me the money for my wedding dress. It was used. I bought it from a lady for $600 and took it to a seamstress to have it modified for me. It had a high neckline that I hand changed into a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves that I turned into 3/4 sleeves. It had a long train that bustled into a flower on my butt. I just loved that flower. This is the only dress I have ever liked and I still have it. Ya know I don't do dresses! hee,hee,hee. We couldn't afford a limo, so we rented a trolley and driver from the City of Virginia Beach. Everyone in the wedding party rode with us from the church to the reception including family members.
We didn't go on a honeymoon. Instead we put a down payment on a brand new house. This house was our wedding gift to each other. Our kitchen table was found in a dumpster and I still have the blue, metal, folding chairs we used around it. I keep them as a reminder of how much we loved that house and how hard we worked for it.

I was 23 years old at that time. In a two week period, I got married, moved into a brand new house with a big mortgage and took over as an office manager for a commercial roofing contractor. The lady I took over for retired after 42 years and had been training me for the last 3. It's funny when I think about how young I was and all that I did then. It was a tremendous amount of responsibility and soooo much stress. The twenty three year olds I know now are quite different.
On our ten year anniversary, we gave each other Rosewood Cottage, where we currently live. I always tell people that I got dirt instead of diamonds for that anniversary. hee,hee,hee. Rosewood is our 4th house together. We designed it and had it built just for us. The day we moved in, we had around $160 left to our name. Talk about crazy, but that's how much we wanted this house. We've always worked hard and believed we could have anything we set our minds to. We still feel the same way.

Now here we are at our 20th anniversary. Time truly has flown by these last ten years. I'm ready to move again as I get bored being in one place too long. I'm just a person that likes change and likes new adventures. David just takes things as they come and is pretty much is willing to go along with whatever crazy idea I come up with. I'm the dreamer and he's stability.

I'm not sure where or when change will come or what new adventure we'll find. What I do know is  that my best friend will be right there with me, always ready for a cake fight. ;)

Happy 20th anniversary honey bunny. I love you to the moon and back!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hi there! Did you have a good weekend? Did it go as fast as mine? Geesh!

Well let's get on to our winners shall we?

First the winner of our 800 Followers Giveaway is our friend, Jo from Lilly Pilly !

This stitchery will be going to live with Jo in Australia! You can purchase the pattern in my SHOP if you want to make one for yourself.

Next, the winner of our monthly 12 of Hearts giveaway is Linda from Casa Boose In Stitches!

Linda chose the blue Folk Art Fusion piece. Send me your address Linda and I'll get your prize on it's way to you!

Congratulations girlfriends!

Thanks so very much for following along with me and the bunnies. We've got some fun stuff going on this week, so stay tuned!

xx and your friend,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday and Reminders!

"Come on Hannah. It's time to exercise."

Turn to the right and hold that stretch for the count of ten."
"I'm exhausted Harrington, let's have a sneaky snack."

While the bunnies exercise  eat, I would like to remind you to register for both of our giveaways that will be picked by the Random Number Generator on Monday.

The first is our 800 follower Giveaway. Click Here to register.

The second is our 12 of Hearts Giveaway. Click Here to register.

Have a wonderful weekend!
xx, Shell and the lazy bunnies
                 "We heard that!"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Feeling Good

Worked in Bunnyville all day on new designs, workshop stuff, and Folk Art Fusion. I always listen to music. This was the song of the day!

xx, shell

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pressies, a new BFF and Pairing

Well hi there! How's your week going so far? It's all good around these parts. :) In fact, I want to share a few pressies I recently received!

First is this sweet bunny! My stitching assistant, April in Alabama made this for me! She stitches for me as well as other designers like Brenda Gervais! In fact, this is Brenda's pattern! I looooooooove it! Thanks so much April. I still can't believe how much you get done and how gorgeous your work is. Have I told ya I love ya? :) :) :)

Next, is this handsome lad, Peter Rabbit. I purchased him from my friend, Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies. I saw him on her blog a while back and just had to have him! Ya'll know how much I love handmade things. Well, my sister visited me a few weeks ago and spotted him on the chair in my bedroom. She snatched him up quicker than all get out and exclaimed "I loooooooooove him!" I had to keep checking her bags to make sure she didn't steal him! Naughty, naughty, naughty!

After she left, I contacted Wendy to see if I could get another one and well, here he is.

This Peter Rabbit is in brown. Perfect! He is a my sister's Christmas gift. You may be saying, "Shell, what if she see's this on your blog?" To that I say Ha! Let her see it! Now she has to suffer and wait until Christmas to get her sweet bunny! That's what she get's for trying to steal mine! Wuuuaahhhaaaaaaa.  ;) hee,hee,hee. (she'll probably get him early as she knows I get excited over giving presents and can't help myself. I'm such a sucker!)

Wendy also included this adorable pumpkin that smells oh so wonderful. Not sure, but thinking I'm keeping it for me. ;)

Next, let's look at our BFF (bundle of fun felt) this week! Aren't these colors sweet!?! I just got them in the other day and sat there petting them for like an hour! I need 15 more of me to get all my projects done! Dag!

Then, I paired them with these floss colors. Ooooooooooo! Yep, lovin' that too! You can get some for yourself in my Shop. Let me know what you make with them! I would love to show your creations here on my blog! How cool would that be!

Well, have a wonderful day. Be good....ummm...nope be naughty... It's just way more fun! Oh and don't forget to sign up for all the giveaways! Scroll down to the post below!

xx your friend,

Monday, September 12, 2011

12 of Hearts and a Giveaway!

Nine down and three to go on our 12 of Hearts BOM! Woo hoo!

Here is this month's block. Hop over to my SHOP and pick up your pattern under Free Designs.

Here is what they all look like so far. So did you decide about sashing? To sash or not to sash? Hmmm... Which block is your favorite so far?

If you are new to my blog, you can start this stitchery anytime. All the patterns are in my shop. I only have eight floss kits left though and I won't be ordering anymore. So if you want one, get it while the gett'in is good.
Now onto our giveaway! This month I decided our prize would be one of my Folk Art Fusion pieces with the hanger! These both measure 8" x 8". You get to choose which one you would like. Simply leave me a comment on this post and let me know if you want the pink or the blue. As always, if you are signed up as a follower, you get two chances!
Choose the pink or the blue.

Also, don't forget to register for my 800 follower giveaway! Click here and leave a comment on that post to register for that prize. The random number generator will choose the winners for both giveaways on Monday, September 19th.

Good luck and thanks so much for stitching along with me. From the votes on my survey, next year we will have another project and it will involve stitching and patchwork. I have the best idea! :)


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