Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Up Wednesday, February 25,2009

First, let me say that I have been really, really, really naughty tonight. David did it. It's all his fault. I ate two, yep two cinnamon buns hot and fresh out of the oven. Oh how yummy! This is not good when this past weekend I ate this yummy cake that my friend Lyd made for me. See the bunnies made from chocolate? She even wrote Razzy and Chloe in chocolate and put it on top of the cake! She is soooooo talented and makes me feel so incredibly special. However, I'm not a person that eats a lot of sweets or sugar or really naughty stuff and now I feel like I will explode! I'll blame the lack of self control on PMS. Yeah... that sounds good.

So onto my post. My friend Dawn at My Hydrangea Home is doing some posts on Where Women Create. Somerset has a magazine out with this name and it is truly wonderful. There are so many great artists and women listed within these delightful pages. I read each and every one. So... hop on over and visit with Dawn. She's even having a give away for a copy of this magazine. Not only that, she has the most wonderful shop with great prices and incredible items for your home. Check her out!

Happy creating and oh, note to self.... walk away from the cinnamon buns and the pretty bunny cake. Naughty, naughty, naughty. hee,hee,hee
Oh, by the way, I'm going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival this weekend. I should have some great photos to share with you on Sunday.
bunny hugs,

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday, February 27, 2009 as we present Linens and Lace.
Linens and lace tenderly woven into the fabric of a life. They first surround when we are wrapped in the heirloom christening gown. Yellowed by time but preserved with love, brought out on a day that is filled with expectant joy. A treasure carefully saved by a mother in each generation, along with the hope for a beautiful life to come. The simple elegance of linens and lace remains in our memories -later we're struck by the beauty of a simple lace hankie that catches our eye, lying in a grandmother's lavender-scented drawer. Linens and lace carefully collected and stored within a handmade cedar chest, for yet another day of joyful expectation. Feelings of love and anticipation lie behind each piece a young girl selects to adorn her one-day home with grace. She envisions a future life of bliss as she tenderly folds every piece and stores it away, to lie patiently in wait for its turn to come. Linens and lace draped over a vintage boudoir chair, in the corner of a quite room. Perhaps it is a small piece of handmade lace, or perhaps it is a layer, that found its way into her bridal gown. She thinks of the women who have worn linens and lace before her on a day like this. A precious object of beauty... delicate and strong, as she herself is. In the kitchen where she works to care for her family, she has hung the first curtains of spring. Linens and lace swaying gently in the breeze, while the sunlight dances through their intricate designs.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Sunday, February 22, 2009

From Doodle to Design

Razzy and Chloe were put in "time out" the other day. They were very naughty bunnies. Even though they have more toys than most children, they decided it would be more fun to knock the trash can over and shred the paper bag inside. That is of course after they flung all the paper and fabric schnibbles all over the floor! Trash Pickers!! Thank goodness that the trash up in Bunnyville is still "bunny proof!" Heathen's! I have to laugh though, Razzy looks like he's saying "she did it." While Chloe looks like she's saying "tattletale."
The other day I gave you a sneak peak of my latest design. It's called "Roses for Laura." (Laura is my oldest niece). Here's the finished piece. I really love how it turned out and it has already sold. It was so fun to design, which brings me to this weeks post. "From Doodle to Design" I'm one of those people that loves to doodle. I always seem to be doodling something, whether it's a picture, a quote or just words. Something always sparks my imagination and I will "doodle" it. I doodle when I'm nervous, bored, and when I'm on overload. Somehow doodling always makes me feel good.

I carry around a "doodle book" in my purse so I'm always ready. Over the years I have done lots of doodling and I wish I still had some of those ideas, but they were on scraps of paper that got lost over time. I'm in the process of working on some patterns and a quilting book that I have wanted to do for years and now finally have the time to think and do all the legal mumbo jumbo that goes with it. Doodling is part of the process. I will be carrying ready made "Doodle Books" on my site for those that don't sew, but like to well... doodle or jot things down, as well as, patterns on how to make your very own "Doodle Book."
Here's one. There will be more very soon.
Check back with me on Wednesday if you get a minute. Until then, have a fun week!
bunny hugs,
This week IGF simple little doodles and bunny proof trash

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Up Wednesday, February 18th

Please join me and all my pink sister's this Friday's theme of
"French Farmhouse." The link on my sidebar will hop you right to it!
Here is a little sneak peek of something I've been working on.

In fact, join me Sunday for a special unveiling of my new designs.
Bunny hugs,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gatherer of Trinkets or Keeper of Treasures

I said it last week, and I think I'll say it again. We may be recessed, but we are not depressed. So much is changing. So many scary things that are unknown and at the same time, a new beginning and an awakening to what has been forgotten and lost for many years.
Many of you know that I work in construction. New home construction. Many of my readers are my beloved homeowners that I shared the vision of building a dream home with. With the current turn of events, I have been cut back to part-time. At first I was in a panic about the money, about... well... everything. Now, for the first time in years and years, with time to think and my mind being free, I'm remembering. I'm remembering who I am, who I was, what I truly love and what is really important to me.
I think many Americans and people world wide are starting to remember. For years money has been abundant and we were "gatherer's of trinkets." We all gathered the same cheaply made, meaningless trinkets of garbage from big box stores to fill our homes. We all had the same things. Every town had the same stores that had the same meaningless things that we worked our butts off to pay for. We tired of them in a year and went out and gathered more meaningless trinkets to fill the void in our hearts. Why?? Because we thought it was the way. We had forgotten. We lost ourselves along the road to "success."
Now, the times they are a chang'in. We are becoming the "keeper's of treasures." Just like our parents or grandparents that grew up during hard times. We actually "think" about purchases. We buy something because we love it and it's original and "meaningful." We remember what it was like to be rooted in simple happiness. The kind of happiness that children know.
It's funny how it takes something so incredibly stressful as losing most of your income to realize that you don't really need it in the first place. It's amazing that all the things I once loved about life got lost in the rush to "gather more trinkets" when all along, the "keeping of treasures" was what I valued and treasured most: A meal prepared by the loving hands of friends instead of a $300 restaurant bill, an hour on the phone laughing like crazy with a friend instead of a text message, reading a book from the library for pure enjoyment, writing stories as they appeared in my dreams, looking at the sunset and sunrise with utter amazement and thankfulness to God, being there when a shoulder is needed to cry on, petting an animal without a time limit, living in the present moment and remembering it, enjoying the life I have and the people that have come into it.
I may be recessed, but I am definitely not depressed. I'm remembering that I'm the "keeper of treasures." There are many and I am truly blessed.
bunny hugs,
this week IGF life changing events and remembering.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Up Wednesday, February 11,2009

A rose is a rose is a rose. But..." Rabbits in my Rose Garden are Oh So Sweet!"
It seems like forever I have been saying that. I actually have the coolest pattern I've designed with that saying in mind. I think I may begin to work on it.

Until then, please join me and my pink sisters for Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink. This week's theme is "Shades of Roses." Here is a card I created for the occassion.

Check back with me on Sunday for more of my "Recession Art." We may be recessed, but we are not depressed! There is magic in all of us and no one can take it from us.
bunny hugs,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mojo and the Bunnies

Chloe and Razzy
aka "Princess Pudd'in Pie and Mr. Bunny Man or Mama's Chocolate Easter Bunny"
Razzy (Don't ya wanna just kiss him!)
He is soooo soft and fuzzy!
What an incredibly fast week. I can't believe it's Sunday again and Sunday is almost over! Good grief!

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and a lot of thinking. It's amazing when you can quiet your mind (not a simple task for me) the kind of answers that get well... answered. This weekend I was in total connection with my "Mojo." In fact, the mojo was literally hopping! I have made bunches and bunches of "doodles" with bunnies. I know I like a simple things; bunnies and a "French" kinda look to things. I emailed my new blogging friend and incredible designer, Brooke, and asked her for her opinion on the term "French Cottage." She said that it reflected my style and I should go for it. Another friend of mine and talented sewer, Sharon, said in a recent interview at Make Mine Pink, to focus on something and make it the best. Be an expert at it. So true! So true!
So... I've decided that I'm going to truly follow my bliss and make things that I truly love. I loooooooooove a simple French Cottage look and I looooooooove bunnies. I'm combining the two to create my new pieces. I even have some patterns coming out so that those who love to create things can make something for yourself and those you love. We all love to learn, create and be inspired. Let's face it, in these scary times, it's kinda fun to get lost in the creation of something and give a gift from the heart.
Here are two pieces to start. They are available at my site if your interested. I'm calling my work "Recession Art." It's reasonably priced so you can purchase a little piece of "pretty" without feeling guilty.

Check back with me for "What's up Wed."
bunny hugs,
This week IGF Mojo, the Bunnies and Friends that inspire.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's Up Wednesday February 4th

Just a few show and tell's for this Wednesday.
This is a photo album I made for a good customer.
She wanted something with a travel theme for
some friends of hers. I hope she likes how it turned out.
I really love it.

This is a hand embroidered "Bunny Valentine."
This is my own little sketch and I think she is
just so cute. She's available on my site if you need a
Valentine for some bunny special.

Finally, this week's theme at Make Mine Pink is
"be my Valentine." Please be sure to stop by and visit me
and all my pink sisters. We'll have lots of goodies for you and
your honey bunnies!

bunny kisses,

Remember the days when we took shoeboxes and transformed them into treasure chests, sacred vessels ready to receive Valentines from our classmates? The anticipation we felt when we carved slots in the tops with blunt pairs of school scissors, making sure the openings were large enough to receive the dozens of cards we hoped would soon be delivered... but not so big that we would appear greedy. For that one day, we were willing to extend our friendship to even the boy who pulled our hair.
Later, the tingling excitement as we spent hours pouring over each and every sentiment that had been dropped into our box of hope... eager to find that one special card from a best friend, a boy we liked, or the most popular girl in class. Pouring over each sentiment, examining the carefully formed letters of each name.
The days of decorated shoeboxes and clumsily lettered names may have been long ago, but many things still fill us with the same little flutters we felt back then.
Finding a stack of vintage postcards in a favorite antique shop – some garlanded with roses, others with whimsy and fun. Uncovering a tarnished locket filled with memories of lost loves, at the bottom of an abandoned jewelry box. Picking up a weathered journal and discovering the dreams of a young woman as she embarked on her own journey of love.
A delicate hankie from a past generation, lovingly stitched with pink and red roses. Yellowed stacks of love letters, unfading feelings bound with a tattered ribbon.
As Valentine's Day draws near, I find myself feeling nostalgic for the things and feelings of the past. I'm opening the drawers of my memory and sifting through moments that have been stored away for a time just like this.
Happy Valentines Day,
Joyce Lucas, Founder

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Sunny Disposition

A few days ago I was hopping through blog land and came across one of those fun little quizzes. It was asking "what kind of flower are you?" So, being the curious type I am, I took the quiz. It turns out I'm a daffodil. I thought I might be a dandelion, you know a pesky weed that bunnies like, but nope... I'm a daffodil.

It seems that the daffodil represents me as having a "sunny disposition." I can see that. For the most part I'm a happy, silly person. So today while I was freezing, drinking my tea, and doing a ton of paperwork, I noticed how beautiful the sun was streaming into my house. I looked at how my walls were "sunny" and happy. Even though it is cold outside, it was warm and bright in my house like a summer day.

So here are a few pictures I thought I would share in case you need a little bit of sunshine in your day and a warm hug from a friend.
My living room.
My foyer with the display case that holds all my cream ware
from my friend Lyd.
A view from the kitchen. My house is very open. I'm claustrophobic
and wanted a big living area for everyone to hang out in.
My dining room (still need to make cushions for the chairs,
yeah,yeah, one day)
My kitchen. Love my white cabinets with the glass uppers.
I'll never forget my cabinet maker when I told him I wanted
all glass on top. He said, "shuuugg, are you sure you want that?
How will you hide your stuff?" Later he realized I'm a neat freak
and even the Glad ware is organized. hee,hee,hee
View into the kitchen.
Well, there ya go. A quick little tour of Rosewood Cottage.
I'll post some more photos of the house as soon as I finish some
sewing items.
Have a sunny, happy week.
bunny hugs,

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