Wednesday, January 27, 2016

House Staging and Followers

Hi ya! How are you? I'm tired. My little part time job with the builder has turned into full time. Last week I worked 37 hours and the week before 41. All of that on top of running The Raspberry Rabbits. Sure was a lot easier to do all this when I was 20 years younger! hee,hee,hee.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little story board with you. I'm in the process of staging a house for the builder. When I stage a house and start shopping for furniture etc. I like to create a story board. This is the furniture etc. I want and then I print this and take it with me when I shop for accessories. This is the story board for the house I'm working on.

I will show you before and after pictures once I get to the staging part.

Now, as for followers. I just noticed I lost 84 followers of my blog since January 1st. I think people are getting away from blogging and blog reading. So many people have shut their blogs down. I find more and more people just don't have time. It's kind of sad really, but understandable. I will continue on here for now, but down the road, things may change. I find myself having less and less time to do all the things I need to do.

Anyway, I hope you are doing well.
Sending hugs,
Michelle and the fuzzy ones

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Prest'O Change'O!

Hi ya! Are you staying warm? Good gracious it has been cold out. I can't imagine living where there is all that ice and snow. I think I would be frozen solid the entire winter! hee,hee,hee.

Today I wanted to share a few photos from my dear friend, Kat. She and her sweet mom are two of my bestest customers. They enjoy making my designs and I must say, it makes me smile so big that they enjoy them.

Remember my Bridgette Butterfly design?

Well, Kat turned hers into Michelle Monarch! Isn't it pretty? I think the colors pop. Of course, I'm also flattered that she named her after me. ;)

Kat has my Fabled Fusions book and a while back she asked if it was ok to use my star applique from the "Wish Upon A Star" quilt to create a baby blanket. I told her, "Of course it is!" It makes me super happy when my designs inspire someone to create a gift for someone else.

So here is the baby quilt she made using the star applique shape. Cute!!! Her assistant, Roary, is there for quality assurance as she bastes the quilt. What is it with cats wanting to lay all over everything you are working on? I tell ya, I put a piece of paper on the bed and Sabrina comes running like a maniac to roll all over it! Crazy cats. They make me laugh.

So what have you been working on during this chilly season? Do tell!

Michelle and the fuzzies

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dillon Dragonfly

Hi there! Hannah here. It's been a while since I've been by to say hello. Mama has given me lots of "off" time from my duties while we have been living in our apartment shed. However, she has been working really hard at finishing a new design, so I thought I might hop over and introduce him.

This is Mama's new Folk Art Fusion design, Dillon Dragonfly.

Mama stitched lots of sparkly beads to the background because Dillon has a secret dream to be on the TV Show "Dancing with the Stars." The beads make him feel extra special like camera lights are on him . ;)

Dillon is a fun project to make and Mama thinks he would look really cute on a sunny porch or as a welcome banner on your front door.

There are Kits and a PDF Pattern download available in the SHOP. 

Dillon will also be one of the classes offered at Mama's Play Dates.

Well, that's about all for me...wait...yep, that's all. I just heard the banana chip bag! 

Light, love and hugs to you,

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Around the World and Back Again

Well hellooooooooooo! First, let me send out a very belated Happy New Year to you! I am sorry I wasn't able to send you a note sooner, but my plans for the end and beginning of the year all fell apart with my health.

I worked almost 30 hours the week before the new year at my new job. It was all fun and exciting, but tiring in addition to trying to finish work for my business. The evening of the 30th I started feeling sick and by New Year's Eve day, I had to go to the doctor. Needless to say I had a form of the flu, which kept me in bed for five days. I went back to the doc on Monday as I was no better and it had turned into acute bronchitis. So now I am on some heavy duty drugs and hopefully I will be good to go in a week or so. I haven't been sick like this in 12 years. I think the stress of the new job, the house issues and David being sick just got my immune system down. All I can say is I am high as a kite on this medication. You know I'm a tiny person, so drugs hit me harder. If I say anything crazy in this post, I blame it on that! hee,hee,hee ;)

So let me start off showing you my little cottage so far. They are painting the interior now. They still have all the exterior painting to do and lots of yard work in addition to the driveway. Hopefully, (bunny ears crossed) we will be able to close and start moving in on February 8th, which is the Chinese New Year. So at least I can start off one new year on a happy note! Yay!

Next, I have to share this INCREDIBLE little tale with you. I honestly can't believe it! The day after Christmas, David and I walked up to get our mail. When I opened our mail slot, there was a dirty, soggy, worn out Priority Mail envelope in there. I said to David, "Good gracious! This thing looks like it has been around the world and back again!" Well little did I know it had!!!

When I looked at the date up top it said December 26, 2013 and New Bern. That was odd. All the customs information was worn off and the labels covered over so I had no idea what it was.

When I opened the envelope, I took out a wrapped package containing my book and a little goodie bag. Then it HIT me! Oh my gosh!!!! This was an order my dear friend Erica, from South Africa placed with me TWO years ago!!! I ended up having to send her another one. 

What I find sooooooooooooo incredibly crazy about this whole thing is that Erica has since moved to France and I moved to Wilmington. How on earth could it go all the way to South Africa and find it's way back to me in a new location EXACTLY two years to the date I posted it!?!?!

It made me think about how we all seem to go around the world and back again with things in our lives. For me it has been designing, teaching and construction business. Somehow we all find our way Home again.

I have so many adventures to share with you this coming year if you are still following along on this little ol' blog of mine. Some will be about house decorating, some will be about new Folk Art Fusion designs and teaching, some will be about whatever pops into my little bunny brain. Just know while I do post on Facebook more out of convenience this blog is always Home.

Light, love and Hoppy New Year!
Michelle and the fuzzy ones

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