Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stop Touching It

Stop touching it! Doesn't Chloe look like she's saying that? Well, ok, maybe it's just me thinking that because I screwed up my blog and other things lately. Remember when you were a kid and you had a scab, or a zit, or something else that you could not leave alone and you kept touching it and messing with it and your mom would shout "stop touching it?" Well lately I feel like I need that shouted at me daily. STOP TOUCHING IT!!
For some reason, I keep messing around with stuff that I like perfectly fine to begin with, thinking I need to improve them, change them, change myself. Searching, asking, seeking, only to go and make huge mess and something that is far away from my true self.
My latest blunder was messing with my blog background. While trying to "play/learn", make a pretty background, instead of having the nice clean, neat, tidy, non cluttered background (which is me), I blasted my blog banner into oblivion! Damn! I was so mad! Thank goodness for my dear friend, Roxie. Roxie created by beautiful banner for me and I had to get her to bring it back. Thank you Roxie!!!!!!!!
I have done the complete run around and around thinking about my art and what I like and what I want to make and what I want to sell and what people will buy and yadda, yadda, yadda. When all along, if I would just "stop touching it," and realize who I am and what makes me happy, I would be well ahead of schedule for the holidays instead of in this ridiculous mad rush to get ready for a 12 day shop hop, a big 3 day holiday festival show, a wedding, two pet sitting jobs and Thanksgiving. Not to mention a full time job!
With that said, I have some new things to show you coming very soon. I've "stopped touching it," and have gotten down to business on my bliss. Here's a hint. A Quilted Cottage Christmas.
This week, IGF friends that understand HTML so I don't have to. Thanks again Roxie!

Marie Antoinette Award

How sweet is this? I was awarded not once, but twice the Marie Antoinette Award! Thanks so much to Georgia at and to Shannon at

According to the rules I must now pass it along to 7 other people that I admire. So many enrich my life every day, but these 7 are standing out right now.

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Hugs to you all for being so wonderful,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

Please join me and my pink friends at Make Mine Pink this Friday for Everything's Coming Up Roses! Since I've been doing a little "redecorating," I have some wonderful rose related items that will be for sale. Hmmm, a tea set, some gorgeous rose plates and a few other goodies too! Please stop by and visit with everyone. You might find the perfect gifts to start your Holiday season off right.



Sunday, October 19, 2008


First let me say that I truly appreciate all the comments on my wall of "commitment." I really do love it and it will be staying. I have moved on to the bedroom and ideas for the guest bedroom. I'll have some pictures of other parts of my house soon. Also, I have clients coming in town this week who want my help decorating. Thank goodness!!!

This week I am very tired as I have had lots of pet sitting to do on top of regular work and getting ready for a show. So, with that in mind I thought I would entertain you with a few photos of my most favorite things. Bunnies of course.

Bunnies playing in paper bags. Zero dollars from grocery store.

One delux bunny activity center complete with restaurant and clean bathroom. $30.00 for purchased toys.

Watching two bunnies eat hay and poop in the litter box at the same time. Priceless....

Life doesn't get any better. (doesn't Chloe look like she's saying, "hey we're trying to poop here. How about a little privacy?") Ok, maybe it's just me thinking that.
Have a great week my friends. Please check back with me this week. I'll be posting on Pink Friday for Make Mine Pink and also on the Christmas Shop Hop for Make Mine Pink. Lot's of fun! Lot's of good stuff. All from the comfort of home.
This week IGF Razzy, Chloe and their ability to always make me happy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Year Itch and The Wall of Commitment

Seven years already. I can't believe it. December will be seven years that David and I have lived in our house. We've never lived anywhere that long. Usually we pick up, move on, and I get to decorate a new house. Not this time and now I've got the decorating itch really bad. The 7 year itch. Add in the fact that the economy sucks and no one is building a house for me to help decorate and it's even worse.

Three years ago, I had a Russian artist, Irina, paint roses on my dining room ceiling. At the same time she totally sucked me into a beautiful mural for my foyer wall and Venitian plaster technique for the wainscoating. I really do love it. It's truly gorgeous. However, at the time I didn't think about what it meant when you have artwork painted on the wall instead of just buying a piece of artwork. Commitment! That's what it means. Commitment! Now I'm totally stuck with the Laura Ashley Pale Sand #1 color behind the mural that ties into the dining room, great room and kitchen. I can't paint over it. Oh no. No way. Never. I'm ready for Laura Ashley to take a hike. But, now I've got this wall of Commitment! Forever! Unless I move, which is not likely, I'm stuck with this Commitment.

I now have a challenge to see what I can do to change the background color. In the meantime I'm just driving David crazy with cans of spray paint and asking him to spray everything white. He's so good to put up with all my whims. In fact he's the best commitment I made 17 years ago. Hmmm, when I look at the pictures and see how pretty everything is, maybe this artwork was a good commitment too. What do you think?

Have a great week and I'll keep you posted on my decorating itch.


This week IGF, paint and a husband that is a good sport

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Witchee Wabbits and I Don't Do Orange

Witchee Wabbits are the tiniest of buns
that hide in the webs that the spiders have spun.

Singing songs and casting spells
they know they're safe cause they're hidden so well.

You see the Witchee Wabbits gather but once a year
to wish you well and bring Halloween cheer.

Ok I know I'm dorky, but I can't help myself. I just love how this pillow turned out. Can you tell it's wabbits wearing witch hats? David had issues and couldn't see it. I kept saying "your looking at their butts." Still, he was clueless. Of course, he could never see those hidden picture things either. Remember those? You had to relax your eyes and they would appear. I could get them every time. David.... never. He was convinced I making it up. Dorkwad.

I love my little pumpkin pillow too. If your interested in purchasing them, visit my site here.

I love Halloween, but I don't do orange. In fact, I hate orange. I know, I know, it's all the rage right now. Puke, gag, spit. It all stems from being a little kid in the 70's. My mom had these totally hideous, but at the time stylish, orange ashtrays. My dad was a chain smoker and those ugly ashtrays sat on the coffee table filled with stinky cigarettes. All that dark paneling, dark earthy colors (reminds me of must, mold and the need for depression medication) and that POP of orange in an icky ashtray. Hmmm, seems like history is repeating itself with colors as I watch HGTV lately. Can we say ORANGE everywhere! Will we see avacado green appliances soon? What about harvest gold? Again I say puke. With that said, my Halloween items tend to reflect the softer coral/peachy colors which are much closer to my beloved pink and the soft white, cream, fresh air, clean colors, that look nothing like icky orange ashtrays. My color trends tend to reflect cleanliness and breathing clearly. Not hacking on smoke, dust and mold. Yep, I totally don't do orange. Happy Halloween anyway.

Have a great week.

This week IGF fresh air, blue skys and fuzzy bunny butts (even if it means more vacumming)

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