Sunday, October 5, 2008

Witchee Wabbits and I Don't Do Orange

Witchee Wabbits are the tiniest of buns
that hide in the webs that the spiders have spun.

Singing songs and casting spells
they know they're safe cause they're hidden so well.

You see the Witchee Wabbits gather but once a year
to wish you well and bring Halloween cheer.

Ok I know I'm dorky, but I can't help myself. I just love how this pillow turned out. Can you tell it's wabbits wearing witch hats? David had issues and couldn't see it. I kept saying "your looking at their butts." Still, he was clueless. Of course, he could never see those hidden picture things either. Remember those? You had to relax your eyes and they would appear. I could get them every time. David.... never. He was convinced I making it up. Dorkwad.

I love my little pumpkin pillow too. If your interested in purchasing them, visit my site here.

I love Halloween, but I don't do orange. In fact, I hate orange. I know, I know, it's all the rage right now. Puke, gag, spit. It all stems from being a little kid in the 70's. My mom had these totally hideous, but at the time stylish, orange ashtrays. My dad was a chain smoker and those ugly ashtrays sat on the coffee table filled with stinky cigarettes. All that dark paneling, dark earthy colors (reminds me of must, mold and the need for depression medication) and that POP of orange in an icky ashtray. Hmmm, seems like history is repeating itself with colors as I watch HGTV lately. Can we say ORANGE everywhere! Will we see avacado green appliances soon? What about harvest gold? Again I say puke. With that said, my Halloween items tend to reflect the softer coral/peachy colors which are much closer to my beloved pink and the soft white, cream, fresh air, clean colors, that look nothing like icky orange ashtrays. My color trends tend to reflect cleanliness and breathing clearly. Not hacking on smoke, dust and mold. Yep, I totally don't do orange. Happy Halloween anyway.

Have a great week.

This week IGF fresh air, blue skys and fuzzy bunny butts (even if it means more vacumming)


Roxie Morrow said...

I see them I see them! How cute is that pillow?!!!
Hi Shell!!!!

Dianne Long said...

Love those pillows Shell! And I don't do orange either. Back in the early 80's my ex-hubby had an apt. with shag green carpet and he went out and bought an ORANGE corderoy sofa!! OMG, it was hideous! We are obviously both scarred from those days! No wonder we like to decorate, we were forced to improve our surroundings!

gail said...

Hi Shell,,, I love the pillows. I see the bunnies in the witch hats. I do like orange I have to admit. I love the fruit and I love the scent of anything orange. Now my horror color from the 70's was the olive green. I still hate that. LOL I hope you have a great hugs and love, peace, gail

cathy said...

LOL, That was so funny Shell. I too have noticed all those colors coming back in the mags & on tv shows & I think "what are they thinking?"
Love the new pretties!

Anonymous said...

Shell ~

Love the pillows! They are so cute, especially the bunnies! I'm not an orange girl either.


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...


Opps, I can't see the bunny in witch hats. LoL. I don't really dig orange too, I must admit. Only for some clothes. I'm wearing orange top today.

I really love the pumpkin pillow. It's so adorable!

Have a great week ahead.

Pei Li

Anonymous said...

HI Shell,
I see the witchy wabbits. That pillow is awesome. You are very talented. I'm with you on the orange thing.

Carolee Crafts said...

I espy the wabbits, lovely idea, I agree not a bug fan of orange, peach and apricot yes but orange no.
Beautiful cushions.

Debbie said...

Oh, what cute pillows!! Great designs...REALLY! P.S. I don't like orange either, and have NEVER decorated with it.

Anonymous said...

Well, we wuv orange! And your witchy wabbits are wonderful...being an orange wicked witch, I can deal with outsiders
Susan *dutchrose*

Deb said...

Hi Shell...your little Witchee Wabbits are adorable and I could see their little bunny-bums right away!

Pink hugs,

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh Shell, I REALLY wish you would just say what you mean ! :) You always crack me up...oh and I do see all the bunnies !

I like with purple oh with hot and turquoise..yummy ! but I really don't want to go back to avocado green and all that brown...altho brown and pink...gotta love that.

Inka Smith said...

So hate my orange hair??? LOL. I am not that fond of it either. I had orange shag carpet in one apartment I lived in during the 70's. yuck! Now those bunny buns are just too cute for sure.
Later, Inka

Patricia said...

I see them, and love their little pink tails, very clever. Can't say I'm very fond of orange either.


Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Love the pillows! Too cute. I'm not too fond of orange and brown either. Our whole house growing up was that color palate with a splash of pea green thrown in! AHHHH.

Brown Bee Studio said...

Hi Shell,
Your pillow is adorable even though I didn't see the Witchee Wabbits at first! lol
I'm a product of Harvest Gold kitchen appliances and avocado carpet, and the most hideous gold/avocado/turquoise plaid living room furniture in the history of mankind! We never had any orange (thank you Tiki Gods!) but what I grew up with was enough to blind me for life. ;0]
xoxo, Andie

Cottage Flair said...

You always crack me up with your posts!! I am with you .. hate orange, avocado green and harvest gold. Old is always new again but these designers need to skip a few trends!! Your two pillows are just beautiful and no, men never see beyond the obvious.
P.S. I just LOVE the shoe tag you sent me a while back. I look at it every day.

Silena said...

Hi Michelle,
Your bunnies are adorable....I'm a bunny girl, too....was born in the year of the rabbit (won't say which one, though) and have a lot of wabbits around. Your pillows are just as cute as can be. I don't really know too many (well, I don't know anyone who decorates in orange (ugh)except maybe an orange pumpkin or two.....but I even prefer the white pumpkins!! Your posts are always so much fun....thanks!!!

Maureen said...

Just love those Witchee Wabbits and as for your OH not seeing them - well it's a man thing!!

Cara said...

Ooooo! Those are gorgeous pillows Shell! Love the bunny buts!

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