Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Bubble

Hello dear friend. I know it's been a month, but I do hope this note finds you well in this strange new world we are living in.

I have been very busy with work. My classes have all been canceled, but luckily, I have a website business that I have been growing for the last ten years. Since I work at home alone and do everything by myself anyway, I have been able to remain open. Some friends have been asking me to do videos, but my fingernails and hands are a dried up mess right now from all the hand washing and hand sanitizer. So, I'm holding off on that for a while, but will be making some eventually and I'm looking forward to sharing some inspiration.

If you are looking for something fun and creative to do, hop on over to my shop. I'm selling off all my class supplies which includes Valdani thread, Beekeeper Pincushion kits, embellishment kits, wool felt charm packs and I my last box of my book. I find staying busy with creative things helps during this time. Hop on over HERE. Thank you to everybunny who has and continues to support my small business. You are appreciated more than you will ever know.

Back in January, I went to the local Arbor Society tree sale. I gave them a donation and received 5 little trees. I'm super excited that each of them has wee little leaves! Yaaaaaaaay! This one is some sort of cherry tree. It gets pretty big, but will take years to grow.

Then I had a lovely surprise! Mama turtle laid eggs in my flower bed near the garage. She picked the perfect spot as it is safe here. I'm keeping an eye it and hopefully sometime between late June and early August the babies will hatch.

It's fascinating to watch them dig the hole and "plant" the eggs. When she was finished, she headed back to the ditch near my neighbor's yard that leads back to the marsh land behind our homes.

When she got to their yard, I decided to give her a first class flight to the ditch. Mainly because I didn't want the neighbor's kids catching her and wanting to keep her as a pet. I was the same way as a child, but as an adult I know to let nature be. We do more harm and can kill them trying to keep them as pets.

Next, these are some gorgeous sights of Spring from my neighborhood walks.

I must say I have really enjoyed my new sunroom during this time. First, it's so nice not to have my furniture covered in pollen for weeks. Second, it's the perfect spot for reading and an afternoon nap on Sundays. Looking out at the trees is so peaceful. Sabrina has a bed under the couch and loves to lay there while looking out the windows at the birds and squirrels.

David and I enjoy having our Sunday dinner on the back deck. Hearing the owls and birds and watching the squirrels run around is the most wonderful thing. I made my veggie sausage with spinach and green pepper the other night. I can't drink wine anymore (makes me sick as all get out) so I now enjoy Kombucha, which is better for me anyway. ;)

I have worked from home for ten years so it's not hard for me and I love it. I count my blessings every single day that I get to be here with my babies. Of course, they spend most of their time all snug in their beds and refuse to help me with any kind of packaging or computer work. hee,hee,hee.

Happy Hannah Day was May 2. My unwanted Easter bunny is somewhere around 11 years old and has been with me for 9 years. Even though my sweet girl has arthritis, she still dances for her salad in the morning. She is just precious and is proof that bunnies are a long term commitment and are not disposable/starter pets for children. In truth, I was really happy that pet stores weren't selling bunnies this year so my local rescue wouldn't be overrun again in the summer. It's the saddest thing.

We have been on "Stay at Home" orders for almost 6 weeks now. I only go to the post office and the grocery store and wear a mask and practice social distancing. Social distancing is so easy that even bunnies can do it, but there are others who are clueless.

After a recent trip to the post office and observing the various people in there and in the parking lot, I drove home having an anxiety attack about it all. I came to the realization that people are going to do what they want to do. I have no control over any of them, only myself. I will continue to trust science, scientists and facts and simply do the best I can to protect myself and others.

My favorite place in the world has always been my home. It's my safe haven and now more than ever it's my bubble where, if only for a few moments, the world fades away and there is love, kindness and simple things to be grateful for all around me.

I hope you too have a bubble and stay safe.

Light, love and hugs,

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