Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feeling like a Chunky Bunny????

Ahh yes... the Holidays. Time to eat, drink and be merry. Sometimes a little to merry with the sweets, carbs and other goodies. Naughty, naughty, naughty!
So... are you feeling like a Chunky Bunny???

Do you feel sleepy???

Have you had too many naps???
Is your belly to big???
Has your butt gotten bigger???

Well, the New Year is almost here. Don't wait to get going. Get going now to a better you!
Eat lots of vegetables.

Drink lots of water and get plenty of fiber so you can poop.
Join a gym.
Work out with a friend.
What are you waiting for???
Get off your butt and get going.
Have a great week everyone.
bunny kisses,
This week IGF bunny humor and my ability to be a total dorkwad.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Live with your heart. Forget your head.

I'm sure many of you in blog land have seen these pictures. My good friend, Mary Beth, sent them to me last week. She knew how much I would love them and I truly do. I just had to share them with you in case you haven't seen them. Such precious, sweet, little creatures. Every time I look at these pictures I feel peaceful, I feel love and I'm always happy. Animals always have a way of making me feel that way. Animals just love. Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if people just loved one another? If the heart ruled. If people just loved each other for what they were instead of always "thinking" about differences. These photos help me to remember to Live through my heart and forget my head. What a wonderful world it would be if we all lived with our hearts.
Peace and love to you all,
This week IGF using my head less and my heart more.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Pretty Little Christmas Party

Oh how fun is this! Heather over at Pretty Petals is hosting a Christmas Party! A Pretty Little Christmas Party that is! I just couldn't resist the urge to participate. So here is my take on a pretty little Christmas. Of course there are bunnies involved!!
I found this bunny in Williamsburg, VA at an antique market. I snatched it up in a big hurry. I just love it and actually keep it out all the time. Keep Christmas in your heart all year long.
I bought this snow bunny about 10 years ago. I just love the feather boa.
Isn't this "bunny" globe magnificent??? I just love it when the candle is lit and there is a soft, sweet, innocent glow around the bunnies.
David and I have been together since 1989. At that time we started collecting "fun/goofy" ornaments. Our anniversary is in September. Every year we go purchase our new ornament. This tree is in our bedroom and contains all the ornaments we have collected. This bunny sits on top of our "fun" tree. I bought it about 11 years ago at an art show in Virginia Beach. It is handmade and I just treasure it.
Usually I decorate 4 trees and this tree goes on our bedroom. However, this year I'm just so darn tired and I didn't feel like moving all the furniture and other stuff, so I decided to use this tree in the living room. Then I decided to change my theme of this tree from "victorian" to "bunny." I'm so excited. I really, really want this flocked tree from the local pottery place. It's $349. I know they'll put it on clearance after Christmas and I'm gonna get up early and go GRAB that sucker! So next year the "Bunny" tree will be quite spectacular. It does look pretty good this year though.

These are some of my most favorite ornaments on the bunny tree

Of course, these are the most precious bunnies of them all, Chloe and Razzy.

I hope you have a very Pretty Little Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
This week IGF pretty little things and bunnies of course!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Finally Out

It seems like forever that I have been waiting for Susan Tuttle's book to be released and now It's Finally Out! Yippee! Susan is an incredible artist and I love reading her blog. I know this book is going to be so awesome! You can go here to purchase a copy. She's also having a book give-a-way contest! I really, really would love to win it and have an autographed copy all for my very own little self. You can go here to read about the contest. Check out her blog sometime. It's listed to the right under my "places to hop to." It's Ilka's Attic.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

I only miss the Wrapping

It's here, the official "Holiday Season." Every year, same time, same place. This year, however, has been a weird one. It has not been business as usual for so many of us. It has been tough and the year ahead is unknown. I think we all are wondering. I think we all are a bit fearful. I think we all should just stop watching the news! Talk about needing depression meds!
I work fulltime in construction. New home construction that is. Of course, unless you have been living in a hole, you know what is going on with that market right now. The weird thing is that even though I am facing "layoff," even though I need a job to pay my bills, even though I'm not sure what the next six months will bring, I am happy. For some odd reason and for some weirdo belief I have, I feel there is a reason for everything and that my path of the past nine years is being adjusted. I feel a new direction coming. One that I've been waiting for. One that took me until I was almost 41 to find. I was worried, but now I'm not. I'm grateful for the "new beginnings" that will come my way. More on this later.

With all that being said, I have discussed the whole "Christmas" gift giving thing with everyone I exchange gifts with. Isn't it amazing that when one person has the guts to say, "why don't we just stop exchanging," everyone breaths a sigh of relief? I mean when you think about it, if I spend $20 on you and you spend $20 on me and the whole time we're really wanting to purchase something for ourselves for the said $20, but we can't because we have to by someone else something that they probably will "regift" or give to Goodwill, what's the point???? Stuuuupppid I tell ya! I started a new trend this year. I only buy for the little kiddo's. I told the adults to save their money and go buy themselves something they wanted and show me what they got with the money they didn't have to spend on me. Makes me so happy!!! It's impossible to buy for someone else when you're older. But.... we all want thing for ourselves! We all have something that we really want, but don't want to be rude and tell said relative "buy me this." Really, what's the point??

Everyone shouted with joy. Everyone thought it was a great idea. Everyone felt the weight lifted off their shoulders and Everyone thought about the gift they wanted to purchase for themselves.

I had the joy of purchasing from one of my favorite artists Diane Duda. I purchased a piece of her art entitled "She believed in spontaneous dancing." It depicts a blonde haired girl dancing with a bunny. Hellooooooooo!!! Can we say totally me!!!!! Love it!!!! Merry Christmas to me!!! A gift I will treasure forever! A gift I will keep! A gift that is all about me!! What will you buy yourself? Don't lie, I know you have something you want. The joy is in the giving. Giving what counts, not wasting money on what doesn't.

The only draw back, the only thing I find sad, the only thing I will miss, is the gift wrapping. I really enjoy wrapping presents and making them little pieces of art that people don't want to open because they are so pretty. I will miss packages under the tree. I will miss opening something on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. However, not having to spend hard earned, hard to come by, might not be there soon, money on something that someone might not like and instead get to purchase myself a gift that is truly meaningful, is well... perfect! Yep... the only thing I will miss is the Wrapping.

I hope your Christmas is filled with purchases that mean something to you. Truly, all that matters is time with friends and loved one's. Enjoying a meal together over wonderful conversation. Laughter and lots of it! Everything else is just icing on the already perfect cake.


This week IGF family and friends that know they are the perfect "Wrapping" on the perfect gift.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

When all else Fails, Be Thankful

Mom (Ellen) and new hubby (Oliver)

Me doing my dorky witch immitation to my uncle Rick

My aunt Deb and my niece Noelle

Rick dressed up as the Shiek he is.
Me and my favorite withchee glasses and hat. Wish I could wear them everyday!

Noelle, Jonathan and Laura. My nieces and newphew that I adore with all my heart.
Me and my sister in law, Robin. She's smart and gorgeous!

My brother Michael, me and my sister Beth-Anne. I'm the oldest and was born as a mutant midget under a cabbage patch with the bunnies as I look nothing like them. No, they are not twins. Yes, we all come from the same parents. Again, the cabbage patch thing.

Mom and Oliver at the rehearsal. Happiness and love to them.

So much craziness in the world. So much sadness, worry, depression. Yet, when we take a moment to really think of things. There is much to be Thankful for. The things in life we take for granted. The things in life that are most precious. The things in life that "when all else fails, we are still thankful for."

My Mom got married on November 1st. Of course this meant that her rehearsal dinner was on Halloween, so we dressed up a little. What fun we had. There was much laughter, there was good food, there was good wine and best of all there was us being silly. So much to be thankful for even though the world is going to hell, even though we could crawl in bed and stay forever under the covers, even though the future is uncertain. "When all else fails, be Thankful."

I'm thankful that my family had such a good time together. I'm thankful that my Mom finally found the happiness she deserves. I'm thankful for the laughter, the dancing, the silliness and the memory I can keep forever.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even though the world is falling apart, sadness surrounds and despair is in the air, when all else fails, be Thankful for what you have and the things that matter most.

PS, I'm thankful for all of you that follow my chatter each week. Blessings to you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Make Mine Pink Holiday Bazaar

Hey there! Just wanted to invite you to visit my pink sisters at Make Mine Pink for some Holiday Shopping. You'll find gifts for your friends, your home and even yourself! Just by shopping from the comfort of your own home you can find the perfect gift, get it gift wrapped and have it shipped. Click, click, click instead of driving, lines, chaos and finding that wrapping paper!

Happy shopping and thank you for supporting women entrepreneurs!



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