Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Class and the Escape Artist

Well hi there! Sorry I missed my post last week. I was in Southern Pines, NC teaching and had been gone for five days. After my drive home I just didn't feel like writing. I wanted to spend time with David and the fuzzy ones. :)

I had a wonderful time with everyone there. Class was really fun! Here are some of my students with their bunny ears.

The weather was totally nuts. When I got to my hotel, it was in the 70's. The next day it was sleeting and freezing! When I got home and went for my morning walk, all the Eastern Redbuds in our neighborhood had bloomed. I think they are so pretty and a welcoming sign of Spring. Of course, then it got cold again over the weekend. Mother Nature is having some serious issues.

While I was gone, Henry was a naughty boy and escaped the condo. Basically making a jail break. He only weighs 4 lbs, but the little bugger is strong! He bent the metal bars (see on the floor to the left) that we use for extra support. He pushed the condo over to the rug where he got extra traction, lifted a section up and squeezed out. Then he hopped in the black hay bucket, had a snack, jumped behind my file cabinet, took a nibble of of my modem cord and then set off on a "hop" about the house!

David came home and went up to my studio to look for Sabrina. Out popped Henry from under my sewing table. He scared David to death! I'm sure he scared Sabrina to death too as she was downstairs on the bed and not in her basket. I soooooooooo wish I had a camera to see all of that unfolding. Henry hopped across the whole house and up the stairs!

It took David a while to catch him. He had to bribe him with a treat. He's just a young boy and even though the condo is big, he likes to get out and play.

As of today I have one month left of inchies to stitch. I can't believe it will be 365 days of journaling through embroidery.

Well, I'll see ya next week!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Packing, Cutting and the Cat

Hi there!

I've been a busy bunny around here. I'm getting ready to visit the Sandhills Quilters Guild here in NC. We are going to have a fun play date together making my "Beekeeper Pincushion."

This is a finished pincushion by my friend, Moira MacAvoy, from the Charlottesville Quilters Guild class. Isn't it beautiful? Moira is an embroidery artist and it shows in her exquisite work.

David has been cutting hexies for me. I have loaded them in my SHOP if you are interested. I also have a few openings left this year for Play Dates if your group our guild would like to contact me. Information is also in my shop.

My "Within an Inch of my Life" project continues to grow and grow. Only a little over a month left to go! Did you like that rhyme? hee,hee,hee.

Yesterday's inch was for Sabrina and her love of towels.

She doesn't care about any of the other laundry that I fold on the bed, only the towels. She comes running to sit and roll all over them.

She just cracks me up!

Well, gotta get back to work. Have a great Valentines Day, a fun weekend and I'll see ya back here next week.

Hugs and friends,

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Heartfelt Notes

Well helloooooooo!

In celebration of the month of love, I decided to release my Heartfelt Notes pattern for purchase until Valentines Day, February 14.

This pattern is normally exclusive to my "Play Date" participants. It's a really fun class and I love seeing all the creativity that comes from it.

Each of these 4" x 6" postcards features my signature "reverse wool applique" technique.

I love adding all kinds of different embroidery stitches with Valdani perle cotton. I think the variegated threads make the wool felt shine don't you?

There are five postcard designs in the pattern with written instructions and full color photos.

Hop on over to my SHOP to purchase the PDF download. Remember, it will only be available until February 14.

Hugs and love to you,
Michelle and the Bunnies

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