Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cottage Update

Hi ya! Hannah here with a cottage update from Mama.

She is running around like a crazy bunny at the moment so I told her I would let you know what is going on. The builder has agreed to rip out all of her messed up floors on the entire lower level of the house and replace them. Mama is so relieved and so very happy. The workers are starting to take the damaged floors out today. She and Dad will close on the house Friday, but will spend the weekend and all next week cleaning, hanging mirrors, bath accessories, etc. She is also getting a whole house of plantation shutters installed. Mama said we will all spend one more week sleeping here in the shed until everything is fully prepared for us. We've waited this long, what's one more week?

Sabrina said she is fine with all of this as long as we don't move her chaise lounge and green towel until then.

So, Mama will see you back here next Wednesday with some photos of our new cottage. Have a very hoppy weekend!

Hannah bunny

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Esmeralda the Bunny Muse

Hi ya! First, I want to start off by saying how relieved I am to learn that I wasn't boring everyone to death, but that it was indeed Google taking followers away. That being said, I feel happy about continuing with my blog writing even if I am in a state of limbo (lack of creativity) right now with my house situation.

Regarding my house. I will has been a painful and rough ride. I don't want to get into it all because I don't want any more negative energy around me, but it has been so stressful. I was suppose to close this Friday, then it got moved to Monday and now it is next Friday. However, there are several major issues with the house, which if they don't get resolved by next Wednesday, David and I are done and will walk away from not only it, but I will walk away from the job as well. So, stay tuned to next Wednesday for the results!

That being said, I am keeping bunny ears crossed that all will be well and wonderful and we can start moving in on the 13th. I have soooooooooo many things to show you, like a garage full of brand new furniture and the most wonderful art and accessories! Were were suppose to be in on November 18th and I had all this new furniture set for delivery in December. Well, that came and went so I had to rent another garage here at the shed for all the stuff. It will be Christmas in February for sure!

Today I wanted to share something special I received from my dear friend, Jules in England. Jules and I have a "Skype" date once a month. I must say, it is incredibly fun to sit and not only chat with a friend in England, but to see her beautiful face at the same time. I love technology when it comes to friends! :)

Anyway, during one of our chats, I said something about a bunny muse. Jules said she imagined a blue bunny with wings named Esmeralda. Little did I know she was going to make Esmeralda come to life.

Esmeralda was a card with a beautiful hand written note inside. I knew I had to have her professionally framed so she could hang in my new studio. I think she turned out quite beautifully and I know she will inspire lots of wonderful designs as she fills my studio and my thoughts with magic and adventure.

Well my friend, thank you for following along with me and thank you for your kind notes. I promise as soon as I get out of this shed and have a real home with all my stuff (which I haven't seen in seven months!), I will have much more inspiring things to share with you. Until then, please know how much you are loved.

Michelle and the fuzzies

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