Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One of a Kind Wednesday

Hi ya? How's your week going? It's been super busy around here. Let's just say proofing my book before it goes to the printer is NOT nearly as fun as making the designs. People who edit books for a living are really worth every penny they get paid. I would much rather play with wool and floss, draw lots of fun designs, and teach you how to make them! hee,hee,hee. :)

Ok, let's get on with "One of a Kind Wednesday!" I have two of my original folk art pieces up for sale/bid today.

The first is from my Briarside Lane book. It's called "Peacocks have purple plumes." It measures 21" x 17" and comes with a sleeve on the back for hanging.

 The starting bid is $65.00. SOLD! Thank you!Shipping in the US is $6.00. Shipping international is $15.00.

Up next is my "Rabbit Romance" pillow. It measures 12" x 12".

Starting bid is $35.00. SOLD! Thank you!Shipping in the US is $6.00. Shipping international is $15.00

If you would like to bid/purchase either of these, please send me an email stating which one you would like to bid on as well as your highest bid.

You have until 6:00 p.m. EST to bid. The winner will be notified and sent an invoice through Paypal.

Good luck and thank you soooooooooooo very much for purchasing my original pieces. The bunnies, David, and I truly appreciate your love and support.

Michelle and the Bunnies

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sale-Thanks-Dance-A Good Feeling

So little time with so many things to get done! I have lots to tell you, but I have to wait a few weeks before I can. I'm about to POP with excitement!

Until then, I want to remind you about the SALE in my shop. Things are moving out very quickly. Remember, I will no longer be carrying single balls of floss. If you want some to complete your collection, it's time to get them.

Second my mom is doing very well and she wanted me to thank you for your prayers and good wishes. It really meant so very much to her.

Third, I want to share some happy, fun, music to start this week off on a positive note. Sometimes I just get a good feeling and I want to pass it along. Here's a little Lindsey to get us hopp'in. Dance with me won't you?

Hugs and we'll see you back here Wednesday for "One of a Kind Wednesday."

Michelle and the Bunnies

Friday, July 26, 2013

What a week.

Miss Hannah honey bunny is doing very well. We have one week of antibiotics down and one week to go. Like most of us, Hannah does not enjoy taking medicine. Twice a day I pick her up, put her on my sewing table and syringe the medicine into her mouth. The following is an account of what I have had to deal with.

Hannah, you can't hide. I know you're over there.

I know you are holding very still and pretending to be a statue, but I know you're real.

Pouting doesn't make a difference.

You can threaten to run away from Bunnyville all you want, but you won't like life on the outside.

I know you are telling Harrington all sorts of bad things about me.

You just went potty. Stop pretending you have to go again.

Yes, I realize you are never ever going to talk to me again, like ever!

It doesn't taste icky. Dr. "E" gave you raspberry flavor and you're a Raspberry Rabbit for goodness sakes!

Snuggling with Harrington in "cute factor" mode only works for a few minutes. You still have to take your medicine.

Did you just give me the finger foot?

Don't lie. I know you did.

Oh alright. You can have a banana chip if you take your medicine. Yes, you're cute.

That's my good honey bunny. Mama does love your fuzzy little self.

The bunnies and I are sending light, love, and prayers to my mom, the bunnies grammy, Ellen. She was suppose to have a pacemaker put in yesterday, but the hospital had a power outage! Bunny ears crossed that she can have it done today and all will be well with her heart again. Love you mom/grammy!

It's been a crazy week for everybunny I know. Must have been the full moon.

See ya Monday and don't forget the big sale in the SHOP. Everything is going fast, so get it while you can!

Michelle and the Bunnies

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One of a Kind Wednesday

Ok, can someone put the brakes on? I can't believe how FAST this month is going! Every year I say I'm going to start my Christmas projects in July and every year, July is gone in the blink of an eye! That kinda rhymed didn't it. Sorta. hee,hee,hee.

Alrighty, moving along. This week I have two, yes two one of a kind pieces of my folk art quilts up for sale/bid.

First is "Snails Serenade the Sunflowers." This piece is from my Briarside Lane book. It measures 14" x 12" and comes with a sleeve on the back for hanging. SOLD! THANK YOU!

Second is "Pots of Purple Posies." This piece is also from my Briarside Lane book. It measures 10" x 12" and comes with a sleeve on the back for hanging. SOLD! THANK YOU!

Starting bid on each piece is $45. Shipping will be $6 in the USA and $12 everywhere else.

If you would like to purchase/bid please send me an email with your highest bid by 6:00 p.m. EST tonight. Please state which piece you are bidding on.

The winner will be emailed and invoiced with the total through Paypal. Thank you and happy bidding!

Don't forget the Super Sunny Bunny Summer Sale. Read the post below. Things are flying out of the shop, so don't delay if there is something you want. The sale ends September 2 or until I run out of goodies.

Michelle and the Bunnies

Monday, July 22, 2013

Super Sunny Bunny Summer Sale!

Wooooooooooo hooooo! I must say, I am excited it's Monday! I have worked all weekend cleaning, organizing and loading lots and lots of goodies into my shop. First though, I want to thank you for your happy wishes for Hannah honey bunny. She is doing much better and I know by the end of all this medicine, she will be back to her normal, silly self.

Alright, I have so many things to tell you in this post. I hope you have coffee! In order to make things easy, I'm going to do what my best friend Beth, always tells me, "Shell, give me the bulleted highlights." So here goes.

  • First, my Super Sunny Bunny Summer Sale starts today and runs through September 2, 2013.
  • Receive a 20% discount on every order over $25.00.

  • Orders over $75.00 will receive a FREE pair of perfect scissors (while supplies last).
  • Orders over $150.00 will receive FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

  • Quantities are limited. I am downsizing my web shop. When the sale ends, I will no longer be carrying single pieces of wool or single balls of thread. I will only carry supplies I use for Folk Art Fusion (TM).  So stock up NOW while they are on sale and I still have them.

  • Please be sure to read My Policy Page on Shipping if you are new to my shop. It makes me sad when people yell at me about shipping because they didn't read the big RED note at the top of the page.

  • Please be sure to read each item description for additional information. Again, I am downsizing, weeding out, getting rid of things, so there may be some special notes, especially on the fabric bundles.

  • My web shop does not automatically deduct from inventory. Until I go in and manually delete something, it may look like it's still available. First come first served. If you order it and it's already been purchased, I will certainly refund your money for the item. I do sleep at night, so I can't deduct it from inventory until I wake up. The bunnies refuse to type, so asking them to do this is out of the question.

  • Finally, there are a few kits left for "The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah" free BOM. The patterns will remain on my website until September 2 as well. After that date, they will be available for purchase.

  • The 20% sale is good for In Stock Items only. Enter code SUNNYBUNNY at check out to get the discount.

Ok, so I think I covered everything. The fabrics are marked down super low and you will get an additional 20% off (if your minimum order is $25). Stock up now, buy Christmas gifts for your quilting friends, buy yourself a present because you deserve one! :) :) :) 


Have fun and happy shopping!

Michelle and the Bunnies

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hoppy Friday and a Winner!

Hi ya! Harrington here to announce the mid month winner of Mama's watermelon postcard. But first, I want to invite you to join us here Monday for our "SUPER SLICE OF SUMMER SALE!"
Mama is busy loading lots of things into the shop. This is going to be a HUGE sale, which will last until Labor Day. So join us here Monday for all the details.

Next, please keep your bunny ears crossed that Hannah gets better real soon. Mama took her to the vet yesterday. She has a respiratory infection. Mama knew something was wrong, but it took x-rays for it to show up. Hannah is on antibiotics twice a day for the next two weeks. We also have to get a humidifier and air cleaning thingy for Bunnyville. The vet seems to think Hannah has allergies.

Alright then, onto the winner of the watermelon postcard. The random number generator picked number 4. Congratulations to our dear Aussie girlfriend, Fiona of BubzRugz! Hop over and visit her blog to she her completed "Adventures of Harrington and Hannah" quilt. She did a wonderful job! (Mama has your address Fiona and will post your prize today.)

It's seems to have been a hard week for everyone so let's go and have ourselves a fun and happy weekend. Whatcha think? See ya Monday!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On of a Kind Wednesday

Welcome to "One of a Kind Wednesday!"

This week I am excited to offer for sale/bid my original "Dragonflies Dance with Dahlias" folk art quilt. This quilt is from my Briarside Lane book.  I love the colors in this piece.

It measures 20" x 28," features wool applique, hand quilting and machine quilting. There is a sleeve on the back for hanging, as well as, a label signed by me and the bunnies.

As I mentioned on Monday, there was an overwhelming response to my first sale from friends around the world. In order to be fair to friends in different time zones and at work, I decided to put the remaining pieces up for sale/bid.

The starting bid is $75.00.  SOLD! THANK YOU! If you would like to purchase this folk art quilt, simply send me an email with your highest bid. I am not eBay so I won't be telling you if you are the high bidder or not. At 6:00 p.m. EST today, the highest bidder (who pays the invoice) will get it.

Shipping in the US is $7 and International Shipping is $14. However, anyone bidding over $150 will receive FREE shipping no matter where in the world they are. When the bidding has ended, I will send you an invoice through Paypal.

Thank you so very much and happy bidding!

Michelle and the bunnies

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mid Month Madness, Melon and a Giveaway

Hi ya! Happy mid month madness! First I want to say thank you so very much, for your hugs on my last post. It really was just what I needed to refocus, be grateful and move forward. Sometimes we all need a little bit of a positive kick in the butt. In fact, I've decided this week is going to be all about some HAPPY!!!!! There is just way too much sadness around and dag nab it, we deserve some happy!

This weekend was lots of fun playing around in Bunnyville. I decided it was time for us to make another postcard project. Getting art in the mail, instead of bills, is much more exciting and happy. This postcard is fast, it's easy and it's as sweet as summer itself! Well ok, maybe I've been eating a bunch of watermelon balls lately. Yummy!

Here is my "Watermelon Postcard."

The pattern is FREE, but I also have 9 kits available (that's all I'll have) if you would like one. Each kit will make two postcards. Hop over HERE for the pattern and the kits. NOTE: When you print out the pattern, make sure your printer is on the landscape setting!

Also, I want to remind you that today is the last day to receive the 20% discount for pre-ordering my Fabled Fusions book. I can't hardly wait for October when the book arrives. I know you are going to have lots of fun with these designs!

Next, after an overwhelming response to my "One of a Kind Wednesday" last week, I decided to change the format this week in order to better accommodate friends around the world. Here's a sneaky peeky of this weeks one of a kind piece. It is from my first book, Briarside Lane.

At 12:00 a.m EST on Wednesday until 6:00 p.m. EST this piece will be up for "bid." If you are interested in purchasing it, simply email me with your bid. There will be a starting bid price. I am not eBay, so this won't be an up to the minute account of where you stand. Simply give me your best bid price up front in an email. At 6:00 p.m. the bidding will close. The highest bidder (who then pays the invoice) will get the piece.

Ok now onto the giveaway. After all, it its mid month madness!

The prize this month is my postcard. If you are the winner, I will address it to you and mail it right away. Note: our giveaways are always open to friends around the world. To enter, leave a comment on this post. As always, if you are signed up on the right sidebar as a dear friend/follower, you get two chances because the bunnies and I are so truly glad to have you with us on our adventures!

Harrington and Hannah (when not on a break) will use the random number generator to choose the winner this Friday, July 19. Good luck and bunny ears crossed!

Alrighty then, go play, make some art, know that you are loved, and your friendship is a gift to us.

Michelle and the Bunnies

Friday, July 12, 2013

In the Middle of the Ride

Hi ya! Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week. Mine? Well, it was one of those weeks that I did a lot of pondering, worrying, doubting, rethinking and then just believing.

Sometimes the hardest thing about working for yourself is remembering not to give up on yourself, to follow your heart. It's not an easy road pursuing your passions. It's not easy to lose your job and start over when you are in your 40's. It's not easy being a woman in any kind of business. It's not easy to come to grips with the fact that it takes a long time to get where you want to be. Rarely does anyone succeed on the first fifty tries. Rarely does anyone have the courage to continue. Some folks are lucky yes, most are not. Most must work very hard.

A friend recently asked me, "Shell, what are you going to do when you fail at this?" My reply (after I got over the shock of the question) was, "Failure is not an option." I heard a song the other day and it summed up everything I was feeling. I'm simply in the middle of the ride. It's a magical, awesome, wonderful, ride. The ride of my life.  I'm sharing my passion with you; the person who enjoys creating things as much as I do. The person who needs to escape "reality" for a little while and be a kid with no worries. Art has a way of doing that.  My passion is inspiring you to have fun, laugh, and create. There are no rules here, no judgement, no bills. There is nothing but positive and sincere belief that I think you are awesome and deserve some fun. Lots of fun!

Thank you for pre-ordering my Fabled Fusions book. The 20% discount runs through July 15th. Hop over here to see how to get it.

Until then, enjoy this song that gave me a positive lift this week. "Don't write yourself off yet. Little girl you're in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine. Everything will be alright."

See ya Monday. Now go play, make something fun with your own two hands and be happy. Everything will be alright. I think you rock! :)

I'm gonna go kiss some bunnies.

Michelle and the Bunnies

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