Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Sneaky Peaky and a Survey

Finally finished my design for the Dots on Dots blog hop. Now all I have to do is the stitching. I'm loooooooooving this and I can't wait to show you!

Here's a sneaky peaky of "The Hare's Lair." Patterns and kits will be available September 19 in my SHOP.

Ok, so now I would truly appreciate your help and feedback on this quick survey. I've been working on designs for next year's Block of the Month. It takes a long time to put all of this together and truthfully, it's a ton of work. I had one idea and then the other day, after looking at my license plate and thinking of the name of my studio, I had another idea hop in my head. hee,hee,hee.

So here are my questions.

1. Do you like doing the BOM patterns with the fabric, wool and stitchery combination?

2. Do you want to do another free BOM with me or do you feel you would rather just get free pattern once a quarter?

3. Which of these titles sounds most appealing to you for a BOM?
    "Critters in the Cabins" or "Bunnyville"

4. Do you like to purchase kits or purchase single items?

Thanks so much for your help and taking the time to answer this survey!

Michelle and the Bunnies


Vroomans' Quilts said...

1. Love the combination
2. I would like a quarterly
3. Critters in the Cabin
4. Single items (kits are great for those who have trouble with color selection)

~Laurie~ said...

Your's was the first BOM that I've done - and have kept up with actually (well almost!) Anyway, next year, I probably will take the year off, so I would prefer a free pattern here or there over another BOM. In terms of single items vs kits - I would rather purchase a kit from you. I wouldn't if it was a quilt kit as they tend to be very expensive. And finally, I liked Critters in the Cabins as a name - so cute! Good luck with your decisions!

Lyn said...

I love doing the BOM I also like to buy the kits. Loved the part of the BOM included the cotton fabrics too. I guess I don't have much imagination, I just love the way yours look! I have all 7 on the background. still working on the stitching part. I am just in love with this wool applique. I hated trying to turn the edges under in applique. I also have the kit for the pumpkin and will start it soon. So I guess You could say I love the patterns that you do for the "hops" too!!!! I really like doing little quilts to fit on the stand you sell. Thanks for all your time that you spend for all of us.

Lyn said...

I forgot to say, Critters in Cabins. sounds fun.

Rachel said...

1. Combinations are great
2. Like both ideas for different reasons :-)
3. Critters in the Cabin
4. Single items mostly. Trying to use up the stash, LOL.

Love what you do. Waving to Hannah and Harrington!

Lolastitchida said...

I love the BOM with fabric, wool and stitchery.
Another free BOM would be great!
Critters in the Cabin
Love kits!

Barb said...

You are such a tease!!!

Regina C. said...

I love bom and I like kits and supplies. I would like the critters in the cabins idea.

martha said...

Bunnyville sounds so cute! I do like bom with stitchery and wool combo! I love the one we are doing now,Too. I would love another free bom ,as soon as we finish Harrington and hannah!I usually purchase single items. thanks ,martha from minnesota

Jeanette said...

Love the sneaky peek. Can't wait.
1) love the combination
2)love to do the BOM's
3) I like both titles. :)
4)Love the kits

Fiona said...

Awesome sneaky peak....
1. I love the combination but I also loved the one with the stitcheries you did the year before.
2. the boms are great fun but I wouldn't be opposed to quarterly either... both have advantages
3. both are great but Crittters in Cabins appeals to me...
4. I love the idea of kits, unfortunately budget restricts me purchasing and I use recycled wools

Linda said...

1. like the combination
2. quarterly would be fun
3. Critters in the Cabins
4. kits...I'm color challenged!
Love you and the bunnies!

JudyCinNC said...

1. Love the BOM combinations
2. Would do either - because of you
3. Critters in the Cabins
4. Single items - I like to make it mine

Judy C

Pat said...

- love the combination
- prefer BOM
- bunnyville! Cute!
- single items so I can use some of my stash
I love your designs - thank you so much for sharing them with us...

Anonymous said...

1. I am not a wool fan but can easily substitute cotton fabrics for the applique so I am thrilled anyway :)

2. I love BOMs and patterns, so whichever *YOU* want to do is the best choice!

3. Bunnyville :)

4. Generally kits, but it depends on what it is and what I already have on hand.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your blog and your patterns!

Michele said...

1. Love the BOM with all the variety.
2. Definitely! I have enjoyed doing yours each month.
3. Bunnyville.:))
4. I purchase both; just depends sometimes what supplies I already have.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hi Michelle-I love the combination of fabric, wool and stitchery!
I would love to do another free BOM with you and I think Critters in the Cabins sounds great! I prefer to purchase single items rather than kits.
Hope this helps!

sandi s said...

I like the combo.
Critters in the Cabins
Single items.
I think you have a great blog and have enjoyed your patterns.

Sharon Decker said...

1. I have really enjoyed doing the combination blocks.
2. I like have something to look forward to each month.
3. How about "Critters Visit Bunnyville?"
4. I love being able to get a kit.

RG said...

Critters in the Cabins.

Judy B said...

Oh my, I have to make decisions!
1. I like doing the combination.
2. I think a quarterly or bi monthly would be best for me, but what do I know!
3. Critters in the Cabin, or as Sharon D. said, Critters Visit Bunnyville.
4. I like the idea of purchasing the thread and wool, separately.

Sherry said...

First I want to say I appreciate all of your hard work. This is the third block of the month I have made of yours and I am a little behind this time.
1. I love the combination
2. Since I am behind this year I say quarterly.
3. Critters in the Cabin.
4. I have materials here but always love the thread kits. I have used up most of my felt now so kits are kind of nice too. My answer doesn't help much so I'll stop now.

Nancy in IN said...

1. I like fabric and stitchery
2. Since I am so far behind, one free pattern as quarter would be supper.
3.Critters in the Cabins sounds interesting
4. I prefer to purchase single patterns

thanks for all your wonderful patterns and sharing with us.

Jade said...

1. If I was any good at stitchery, I would!
2. See Answer #1
3. Bunnyville!
4. Both!

Also, LOVE the Sneaky Peeky!

Erica said...

1. Love the combination
2. I haven't done one yet but I like the BOM idea
3. Bunnyville- definitely
4. Single items for me, but only because our exchange rate is atrocious!

Sunnybec said...

1. Never done a BOM the extra postage for me makes it too expensive.
2. Any free pattern is always very much appreciated.
3. Critters in the Cabins
4. Never purchased a kit but want to one day.

Hugs xxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful friend and lover of the innocent bunnies! I was so sad yesterday to find that a CAT had gotten to one of our baby bunnies, just born....needless to say, there was an unpleasant find in my boxwood.....thank you for honoring these beautiful animals in your art and I love everything you do. Anita

Elly D said...

Love your sneak peak of dots Michelle can't wait to see the rest of it :)

Here are my answers to your survey:-
1. Yes.

2. Love the BOM but next year I've promised myself not to take any on and finish the ones I've started this year, Ha Ha Ha.... watch me stick to that promise! However, if I do stick to my promise then once a quarter would be treat :)

3. No surprises here for me, lol, BUNNYVILLE!!!

4. Kits are good but single items are probably better for me so I can keep within my import allowance of £18.

Thank YOU for taking so much time to provide us with these very cute and adorable patterns!!

Carrie P. said...

I really like your sneak peek. the leaves are neat.
1. Yes.
2. I think quarterly.
3. Critters in the Cabins since we did bunnies this year.

4.I like both even though I did not get any kits from you but I did get the thread.

Anonymous said...

1. Do you like doing the BOM patterns with the fabric, wool and stitchery combination?

YES! :)

2. Do you want to do another free BOM with me or do you feel you would rather just get free pattern once a quarter?

I like the free BOM - whether it is monthly or quarterly? Whatever is easier for you, truthfully. A lot of times I am just collecting the patterns until I can sit down and work on the entire project.

3. Which of these titles sounds most appealing to you for a BOM?
"Critters in the Cabins" or "Bunnyville"

Both cute! :) Bunnyville if there's nothing but rabbits in it ... critters if there are other animals.

4. Do you like to purchase kits or purchase single items?

Personally I prefer kits - but I don't buy much 'cause I have so much in my stash. :)


Allie said...

I'm lovin' what I see of The Hare's Lair!!! Love your design style, girl! Ok, survey...
1. I can't work with wool, so I do everything with cottons. I have no preference, really, and love stitcheries.
2. EITHER. Helpful little cuss, aren't I?
3. Critters in the Cabins!!
4. Single items

almtsbb said...

1 - Yes

2 - BOM even though I'm behind I will eventually have a completed project.

3 - Bunnyville

4 - I liked the wool kit and thread kit because 1st time I've worked with wool and that brand of thread. Also choosing colors (that match) online can sometimes be a problem.

Hug the bunnies.

Di said...

1. Yes I like the combination suggested
2. Monthly is good, but quarterly will be good too.
3. Critters in the cabins
4. Single items.

Always love reading your blog, makes me smile

DaiseyB said...

I started your free stitcheries with the 12 days of Christmas Pillow and the Christmas stitchery
that included the beautiful Tree, ice skates, presents and several more things. I enjoyed the 2 BOM stitcheries that I did and so far am enjoying my Rabbits BOM. Please, Please don't stop the BOM's. I look forward to each and every one that you do. Love ya Girl.

Zuzan said...

Living in Australia BOM can make expencove shipping costs. So the kit would be better (tho' lived in USA would be BOM).
Loce working with wool and wool thread.
Oh tne other quesrion was about a free quarterly pattern.
Thanks for asking.

Kim said...

ditto what Sharon Vrooman said in the number 1 comment.

Thanks for the generous gift of the free BOMs

Happy Sewing

Wendy said...

1. I love your BOM, I haven't had a chance to make a single block yet, but I have downloaded them all and they're on the list!

2. As I've failed to do this BOM, I can't really answer this question.

3. Definitely Bunnyville, the word Critter doesn't have the "cute" connotation in British English that it does in American English

4. I'm afraid I don't buy from you as I live in England, the postage is prohibitive, but I usually prefer to buy single items.

DebbieM said...

1. Haven't actually done one yet, but I do like the combo fabric, wool, stitch.
2. I never seem to have time to follow along very well, so a free pattern would work for me.
3. Critters in the Cabins
4. I like the kits.

Got all my goodies in the mail, and hope to begin something soon.

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