Monday, March 8, 2010

The Winner of the Whole Kit and Kaboodle!

Congratulations to Di from Quilting is Blissful!!! You have won the whole kit and kaboodle Bunny Love Pillow Kit! Yipee! Send me an email with your address and I'll get it hopp'in over to you!
Don't forget, April 1st will be the next block and there will be another giveaway. I hope all of you are having fun with this project.

Hugs and friends,


The French Bear said...

Congratulations to Di!!!! What a delight!
Margaret B

Lisa said...

Congrats Di!!

Sparklyjools said...

Congratulations to Di, what a gorgeous gift!

quilterfaye said...

Congratulations to Di. Beautiful pillow.Stitching is so delicate!

N. Maria said...

Congratulations Di from Quilting is Blissful!!
I just know you will be enjoying your gift for years to come!


OH OH OH--I WON--I am doing the Happy Dance now---Thanks so much Shell and bunnies---I know the bunnies helped!!!! I gotta work faster on all my bom's this month so I am ready to stitch on this project when it gets here!!!!Can't wait!!!
I just showed March's block on my site tonight--I really enjoy doing these!!! bless you--hugs, Di

SheilaC said...

Congrats to Di!!


C. C. said...

Hi Shell!

Thank you for coming over and wishing me well! I appreciate it. I am glad you had fun at your quilt festival!

C. C.

gail said...

Woo Hoo, congratulations to Di. What a great giveaway.Thanks Shell! I hope you are having a great week in bunnyville! (())gail

Rosa said...

Congrats Di!!thanks, Shell.

Have a nice and amazing week

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