Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 42. I never care about telling my age as I'm always glad that I have lived for another year on this journey called life. I decided I wanted to go to my favorite town, Wilmington NC. It's about 2 hours from where I live. I have a lot of major changes coming up in my life (more on that later) and I decided I wanted to "run away" and act like I was 22 again. To my surprise, my dear friends wanted in on the action! So, 13 of us hit the town, ate good food, drank fun drinks, laughed like crazy and boogied our booties off! Oh....there might have been some bull riding involved too! I'll have pictures soon. I also received some wonderful cards and gifts. I wanted to share these with you first. My life is blessed always by the people I choose to be surrounded by.

My friend Lyd know's my obsession with white things and blank frames. She gave me this gorgeous piece! She also makes beautiful cards and I won't let her "buy" me a card. She must make one. This beauty is her dog (my niece) Frankie dressed in her bunny ears and sporting the rose collar I made her. Isn't she precious!

This card was made by my friend Michelle, whom I call Captain. I'm so proud of her as she got promoted to Captain in the Navy. She is responsible for making me, the work-a-holic, remember how to have fun and thus Friday nights are always about relaxing and having fun. Captain is a lover of life and a ray of sunshine.

My sister sent me this card. I had to do a double take as I thought it really was from our family album. That looks just like my sister as a kid and the green shag, icky carpet....helloooo hideous flashbacks! This card made me laugh so hard as my sister really does know my personality.

Together with our husbands, this group of 40 and ups ran away for the night to 20 years ago. The time without the responsibilites, stress, and bills. We just played. They presented me with this wonderful book.

This is what they all wrote to me inside.

More than anything, I strive to "Be Happy." This was the first quote I found inside and it is exactly how I sum up life. Even when the "poo poo" moments come, I try and stay focused on this.

It was indeed a Very Happy Birthday.
Thanks everyone. I love ya bunches!
Your friend,


The French Bear said...

Happy Birthday Shell!!!!
I am so sorry I could''t be there to celebrate, sounds like you had a great time. Wonderful friends, great food, laughter and lots of fun!!!!
Happy happy 42 young!!!!!
Margaret B

Rebecka said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a GREAT day!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

So glad you had a great time for your birthday Shell !!!

Unknown said...

Shelly May - Thanks for letting us share your birthday with you! We had a great time! And thanks to Shawn for coordinating the restaurant & all the bar hopping. It was liberating to do what the 20somethings do every night. We needed that. Thanks:)


Shirley said...

Happy Birthday Shell. It sounded like you had a blast and really enjoyed it. You only live once is what I have been told and you want to enjoy that life. Have fun Enjoy what is left of the weekend.

Jocelyn said...

Happy Birthday!

Jade said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you had such a great day. :D

Jans Funny Farm said...

A very happy birthday from the sounds of it! Happy Birthday!

d. moll, said...

did you see it? my wonderful witty birthday wishes that were such a perfect tribute to you lovely unique self? They are there, the letters are white, so maybe hard to read....

d + R4

cherished*vintage said...

Happy Birthday to you, cha cha cha, Happy Birthday dear Shell, Happy Birthday to you, cha cha cha! Glad you had a wonderful celebration with your friends. Happy 42nd!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Belated birthday wishes Shell. You are truly blessed with friends and a great outlook on life. Mines on Thursday (yeah I know April Fools) and I am going to take on some of your views on life. 55 going on 35, what a way to go full of life and enjoying every step of it.
Thanks for sharing your day.
hugs from NZ

Simone de Klerk said...

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd and what a beautiful saying at the end of your post!

Karen M said...

Happy Birthday, Shell! We hope the coming year is filled with lots of great things for you (kale, apple branches, whatever) to make happy memories from.

Karen, Ginny, and Weasley

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like your day was wonderful! 42, huh? You're still a young thing!!!! Can't wait to see your pics! Love your blog and your adorable home and precious bunnies!

Hef's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Shell May! Teehee we are reverse ages now, 24 and 42!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

gail said...

Hi Shell. Happy Birthday to you! I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true! I love this post. I love the quote at the end, and it was very timely for me! I am glad you had a great birthday with friends. Keep on celebrating, I believe in birthday WEEK!
Bunny hugs, gail

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELL MAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you had such a wonderful birthday!! It sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! I would love to do that! I cannot wait to see pics. I love the cards you received, nothing like handmade!! What a special day!! I hope this is your best year yet!
Lots of bunny hugs and kisses,

Shell said...

Happy Birthday, Shell. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. I hope 42 is your best year yet.

Sparklyjools said...

You deserve the best birthday! I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time, and here's to a great year ahead for you.

Jules xxx

Shabby Shan said...

Happy Birthday Shell! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I wish you many more Happy Birthdays!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had an AWESOME birthday! Lots of fun too!
I'm wishing you many more happy days ahead!!!
♪ ♫ ♪ Happy BirthdaY ♫ ♪ ♫

Lisascraftiques said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!
I've been trying to get down to Wilmington for months. Now that the warm weather is here I am hoping to go soon. There is so much to see and do there. The Cotton Exchange is an awesome place to shop and browse and I love the train museum. I have been looking forward to trudging through Doug's Salvage on HWY 17 on the way home. (I hope he is still there!)

SheilaC said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Shell!!

You deserve all the love and friendship that you received on your special day!

I wish many more of the same for you, my friend!


Mandy Saile said...

Happy Birthday Lovely Lady XOXO sounds like you had a great celebration:D

Brenda Pruitt said...

Happy Birthday, blog buddy! You're just a spring chicken. The forties are great, but the fifties are even better. If you take menopause out of the picture anyway. You get that "everyone can just go to hell if they don't like what I do" attitude at 50!

Lisa Holtzman said...

Happy Birthday Shell! Sounds like you
had a great time celebrating.

Barb said...

I am sorry that I missed your internet was out....but I hope you had a wonderful time@@@

Red Lipstick said...

Better late than never! Happy Birthday wishes going out to you!

Susie said...

Happy belated birthday dear sweet Shell! Glad to hear you celebrated to the max!
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