Thursday, March 25, 2010

Outside in, Inspires Within for Easy Elegance

It's always amazing to me where inspiration comes from. Even though I'm a stitchery and quilting designer, most of my inspiration comes from architecture and formal garden designs. Well... bunnies too! I guess because I have worked in construction most of my life and my father was a custom home builder, it was natural for me to fall in love with the creative end of building.  I just love architectural elements and the beauty of millwork. I am also "gaga" crazy over Rococo and Baroque styles. Adding in my passion for textiles and combining them all for a look that just screams my signature style, "Easy Elegance" is sometimes more than my little ol pea brain can keep up with! I love the soft comfy style and feel of an Easy Cottage life, but there is a part of me that just loves a bit of Refined, Clean, Elegance. However, when it comes to stitching and quilting, I love an easy pattern because frankly, I don't have 100 years to make everything I want to make! hee,hee,hee

I have a large collection of decorating and design books. I purchased this one many years ago and I still love it today. I have a totally black thumb. I love to design the layout of plants and gardens, but the thought of keeping them pruned, watered and fertilized is over my head. Thank goodness David loves yard work. If I wasn't married to the "yard guru" I would live in a condo!

However, decorating with "yard" elements and bringing the Outside In is always appealing to me. I love to decorate with things in unusual ways. This is my mud room that I have recently redecorated. I used a wicker porch settee with a garden elements to create a welcoming place for friends to enter our home.

I spray painted these pieces white. You really didn't think I would leave them black did you????

The flow and scrolly elements inspired me, with the help of some bunny magic, to create this new quilt design. It will be a "couch quilt." Don't ya just love to lay on the couch with a pillow and a comfy quilt! Well, this piece will be done pretty soon and you can make one for yourself.

Bringing the outside in, really does inspire me within to create pieces that are truly Easy and Elegant.

Stay tuned...more to come soon!
hugs and friends,


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Quilt is going to be a beauty !!! I also love anything outside that I can make fit inside my home.

Lisa said...

I absolutely love how you decorate everything in white and only use color for accents. It looks so crisp and clean!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Beautiful quilt-in-progress, Shell. I can even see the running bunnies in the dark appliques'! Can't wait to see the finished piece. Yum!

Rebecca said...

Hi Shell
Just love all your outside elements inside! Just beautiful and your quilt is amazing!
Bunny Blessings :)

krys kirkpatrick said...

I love the colors of your quilt...It is amazing where inspiration comes from...lovely post.

Life in Egypt said...

I see you had a wee bunny in there' ahh" i hope it does not poop or else the currants will show up against all that white

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I often find that inspiration visits when one least expects her to!

Karen M said...

Beautiful quilt, Shell. Love the subtle colors, and cut paper style applique has always been a favorite of mine. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Shirley said...

I really like your quilt design. I know that you wouldn't leave it black from reading your blog. You are like my daughter in some ways because she works in construction and some of her decorations are from the outside brought in. Take care.

Sparklyjools said...

This is so charming, I love the idea of bringing the outside in - and what a wonderful quilt design. Looking forward to seeing more!

Unknown said...

Shell, your home is just beautiful! I love that you used the yard elements inside, they look just perfect!
Love and hugs,

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