Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fellowship of the Flowers Week 49

Week 49. Only one flower left before our grand finale project on the 17th.

How caught up are you?

Here's how it looked before I stitched it. 

How many projects did you make?

I'm really excited to show you the final project. There are 28 flowers and 18 bees in all! :)

See ya back here on Friday for another Free tag/ornament.

Michelle and the fuzzy employees


Melody said...

You are so clever, this is another gorgeous flower

Castles Crowns and Cottages said... I love that cluster of beads in the middle of the flower, Shell! I so want to start my stitching with those fabulous scraps in my favorite muted colors! Sweet friend, I wish you a gorgeous day. It's already Wednesday, and we are all happy! My students are so good. No one hides the fact (including me) that we would rather be playing, but my students get to work and we do our best to laugh in class and use humor to get the job done. May you have a super FUN DAY! Anita

speedyrabbit said...

Love the colour in this one,xx Rachel

Createology said...

Oh Michelle you are sew sweet to ask if we are keeping up with your wonderful Fellowship of the Flowers. I am sad to say, "No" however I am very happy to know that I helped support your Bunnyville endeavors in some tiny way. Your finale project must be amazing with 28 flowers and 18 bees. You are amazing my friend. Blessings and Bliss...

Wendyb said...

just adore this one! ox

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