Friday, December 27, 2013

Hoppy Friday - Fellowship of the Flowers!

Woo hoo! Fellowship of the Flowers signup starts now! I have been planning and working on this since August and have been soooooooooooo excited to share it with you! I'm about to pop! :)

So, here is a review of what Fellowship of the Flowers is all about.

·       Companionship: We will be stitching companions for 50 weeks. Every Wednesday starting   January 1, 2014 until December 17, 2014 you are invited to visit my blog for inspiring ideas on stitching your flowers.
·       A mutual sharing: We will share photos of our completed flowers and projects on Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook .
·       A group of people with the same interests: We will explore the world of Folk Art Fusion® and art quilting together. Not only will I teach you how to make the flowers, you will receive complete instructions for 12 projects using the flowers. Project instructions will be emailed to you the last Wednesday of the month.  

·       An endowment for the support of a student or scholar doing advanced work: Your fellowship fee of $35 entitles you to 50 weeks of inspiration and learning. Upon joining, you will receive 5 flower patterns, a bonus bee pattern and instructions on layering the pieces. In addition every month for 12 months, you will receive a project using combinations of the 5 flower patterns and the bonus bee pattern. You are invited to share your finished projects, ask questions and be part of a worldwide group of friends. Your fellowship fee, which basically amounts to .70¢ a week, allows me not only to continue designing Folk Art Fusion® projects for your enjoyment, but it also allows me to support rabbit rescues around the USA in addition to supporting my family. For this the bunnies and I send our heartfelt thanks.    

The first flower will make its debut here next Wednesday, January 1st. There will be a separate page here on the blog where I will keep all the flowers for the entire year so you can look at them any time you want. I will also list links to groups where you can post your flowers and share your artistry with other friends in the fellowship. Grab the button from my sidebar and pass the word!

So, are you ready to have some fun together in 2014?

Then sign up in my Craftsy Shop. :)

There's more! I'm so excited about the Fellowship of the Flowers wool felt kits! Each kit will contain all the wool felt needed to make the flowers in addition to the polka dot fabric for the bee's wings. But, it will ALSO contain 50 precut 6" Hexagons!! Woo hoo, one less step to do. Simply add your flower on top and get to stitchin! :)

The KITS are available in my SHOP and as an extra way to say thank you for joining me and the bunnies on this adventure, the first 20 people to purchase the wool kit will receive a FREE kit (shown above) to make the flower in Fellowship logo! Fun!

Lastly, my Folk Art Fusion pearl cotton thread kit is available. This is a size 12 pearl cotton, which is comparable to the three strand floss. I'm using the pearl cotton on Fellowship of the Flowers as there is more yardage on each ball and it should last the entire year. You can also use whatever threads you have available.  

Friends are flowers in the garden of life. Thank you for joining us and for all your love and support. The bunnies and I are truly looking forward to spending an artful, creative and inspiring year with you. :)

Michelle and the Bunnies


Little Miss Titch said...

This sounds Fantastic for you Michelle,hope you had a fab christmas and have a hoppy happy new year too!xx Rachel and Speedy

Jeanette said...

Yay. I'm excited. Hugs, xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful soul!

Well, you have worked so hard, and of course, every stitch shows that. Your support for the forgotten and small is a huge demonstration of your spirit and character, and I never tire of bringing that up. Your kindness will never go unnoticed, Michelle.

We had such a splendid Christmas, and like I've mentioned before, my own cousin, a beautiful green-eyed gal with a passion for music, looks so much like YOU! We had such a fun time this season, and I'll never forget it.

I'm back home now, in the bunny saddle, having fun blogging again.

Big squishy hugs to all! Anita

Lana said...

I am all in! and YES! for the fun and bunnies!

Loris said...

Love that bee!

tink's mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure is in store for us. Looking forward to the trip.

RG said...

Get 'er going everyone! Some of us are still just watching!

Jenny Bonynge said...

Just signed up! Looking forward to this pretty project for this coming year.

bunnits said...

Sounds like fun. I would love to participate, but am not disciplined enough. You have had such a wonderful year. Here's hoping 2014 is just as good.

Beth in NEPA said...

Happy New Year to you all. Although I have been doing this type of sewing for a long time I have only just discovered this blog and this group. I am excited to get started. I have a craft room filled with wool felt,fabric, embroidery floss of ALL types and Beads... lot and lots of beads. So today I will be getting the first flower ready to go. A great way to start a new year!

Deb said...

What a wonderful idea Shell, off to sign up and stitch along! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with us all. {{Hugs}}, Deb

Deb said...

Just bought the patterns at Craftsy Shell and ordered your kit and the lovely Valdani floss, can't wait to get started! Thank you for this and a very Hoppy New Year to you and the bunnies :O)

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