Friday, December 18, 2009


Razzy and Sugie practice their magic routine "saw the bunnies in half ." They're hoping to get a gig in Vegas.
Happy Friday!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for my laugh of the day! Those are two cute bunns, and their Momma has a great sense of the silly, too.

The French Bear said...

Oh Shell, I feel better already! I love those furry babies!!!! And their Momma too!!!
I am back in the kitchen, having better luck today!
Margaret B

Unknown said...

Sooo darn cute!!Shell, you capture the cutest photos, you should be a professional bunny photographer, lol!!

d. moll, said...

LOL, they ge the job for sure!

SewCalGal said...

LOL. I hope you can stitch those bunnies back together "correctly". You wouldn't want to have their beautiful colors mixed up!


Rebecka said...

CUTE!!! You have very talented bunnies. I hope they remember the rest of the trick. Putting the bunnies back together. :)

Rebecka said...

CUTE!!! You have very talented bunnies. I hope they remember the rest of the trick. Putting the bunnies back together. :)

Sea Witch said...

This is tooo funny! God's creatures bring such joy to our lives. I could not imagine living in this world without all of the wonderful furry, slimy, wet, and feathered folks we have around us. I so enjoy the needlework you create. Clean and elegant. Sea Witch

GranthamLynn said...

How funny. I love this! You'll have to get them a hat for thier act!
BTW I got the magazine. I love it. I am going to do a birthday book for my daughter to put photo's in of the grandbaby. I loved the idea.
Thanks for the gift.
Have a Blessed Weekend.

Patricia said...

Watch out Vegas, here come the Raspberry Rabbits! Thanks for the laugh,
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Lisa Holtzman said...

OMG!!! You/they are so funny and adorable!

Hef's Mom said...

How funny! Can I hire them for my christmas party?

Mandy Saile said...

AHHHHH ha ha this is to funny...great shot.

Crafty Green Poet said...

that helped me start my day with laughter!

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Wow, what clever bunnies, I would pay to see them in Vegas. They would be fabulous.

May all in your household large and very small have a wonderful Merry Christmas, Maureen.....

Gari in AL said...

How about dropping one of the bunnies in my box.

Connie said...

I love to see what your sweet babies are into these days. I love the stories you creat and your photos are devine. Those two little ones are so well loved. They melt your heart with one look. Thanks for sharing their "act."

Jo Potter said...

I love this post Shell...You always make me smile with your posts!:)
So sweet... The little bunny legs sticking out and Sugie has a mischief look on her face. I think they should definitely go to Vegas with this magic routine!;)
Best Bunny Wishes.
Jo May.x

Rebecca said...

Merry Christmas Shell
Thank you so much for that wonderful gift you sent me... I love the bunny scissors - how thoughtful you are! I will use them and think of you.
Blessings to you this week before Christmas

Annalisa - LISA LIBELLE said...

Hello! so sweet your Rabbits & the Abracadabra :)))))
We wish you a lovelly Christmas with a lot of Harmony and Love! For the year 2010 good luck.
lovelly, Lisa Libelle & animals :)

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