Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday - The Art of Doing Nothing

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your week has gone well. I hope you got everything done that you were suppose to do and needed to do. Now I want you to think about doing something else.

I want you to think about doing Nothing...absolutely nothing. Now your Nothing doesn't mean you have to sit in a dark room and not say a word. Nothing can be having a glass of iced tea with your honey bunny. It can be taking a walk. It can be stitching a project. It can be cooking a beautiful meal and having a glass of wine. What I mean by nothing is taking time for You and living life. Even if it is only 15 minutes and you want to read a magazine. Take time for "nothing but living."  No schedules, no to do list, no I'm never gonna get it all done (because you won't...ever). Carve time out of every day for nothing. No phone unless it's catching up with a good friend or telling your kid that you just sent to college that you love them. No TV unless it's a show you truly love and enjoy watching. No computer for anything but fun. No chores unless you really love to vacuum!

 Learn the "Art of Doing Nothing." There is no time limit, no right or wrong, no instruction manual. Just be free.

Sugie really understands how it works. She likes to take naps in the toy box. It's taken me years to figure it out. Then one day I did. Life is so much better with my nothings. And yes, sometimes I get off track and then something will happen and I'm reminded to enjoy my nothings again.

So what does doing Nothing look like to you?

Happy Friday,
xx, shell and sugie bunny


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shell:
I love that picture of Sugie. She really knows how to kick back!

My idea of doing nothing is sitting in the pool with Handsome and catching up on the day. Sometimes it's just being silly and giggling.

Hope your weekend is filled with Sweet Nothings, my friend.


Jo in TAS said...

Now that has me pondering! To me doing nothing is pottering about in my craft room and playing, it's good for my soul! I think Sugie really gets what doing nothing is about!
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your nothing moments!

Crafty Green Poet said...

doing nothing is reading, listening to music, or just daydreaming and rabbits certainly have that last one down perfectly...

Karen M said...

What a sweet face on that girl!

My favorite nothing is floating in the pool, ears underwater, staring up at the clouds. No noise, just peace. And I'll call that college kid as soon as she wakes up, say noon?

Happy weekend!

Hef's Mom said...

Well sorry Shell i have to work until 2! Hopefully my coworker will give me a ride home at 2, I don't know yet! If I get home at 2 I will go straight to doing nothing, take Shadow for a walk, read my book on the deck with a gin & tonic, its sounding good!

Jessica said...

Does anyone really love vacuuming?!?
My nothing is my first cup of tea in the morning, before it gets busy, peace and quiet thinking our own thoughts (blocking out the kids LOL), I'm not much of a talker as soon as I wake up!

Lisa said...

Sugie's got it down. (How is she doing, btw?)

My favorite doing nothing is laying on the floor and let the buns jump on me and nudge me until I get bored. And petting Sogna for an indefinite period of time :)

Man, I'm going to miss my nothings.

Becca said...

Great advise! Looks like your bunny has it down. :-)

SheilaC said...

Doing "nothing" without guilt, great advice!!

my favorite nothing is taking a nap :)


Rabbits' Guy said...

The Bunns pretty much think all I do is nothing!

I like a hot coffee looking out the window!

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Clovie Boy said...

Sitting with my bunny on weekend mornings with my coffee and the paper.

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Shell said...

You and Sugie have the right idea. One of my favorite do nothing activities is to sit and watch the sky for a while. Relaxing and gets my mind brimming with ideas.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

This is definatly not nothing:D this is definatly something....something sugary sweet, blissfully pure, elegantly gentle and supberbly fulfilling...just sitting and staring at a napping bunny seems like nothing but is soooo soooo something wonderful:D I am about to mimick myself:D Kisses to that sweet sweet little face...I hope Sugue is doing okay? XO M.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hey Shell,

I love doing nothing. Helps me to unwind, and I think we should not be guilty about not running around to accomplish everything on our to do list!

Have a great week!

Pei Li