Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wild Hare Wednesday!!!

Wooo hoooo! Are you ready??? Remember you can join anytime you like! Just let me know and I'll add you to the list! Let's share some laughs with some crazy Wild Hares!

Ok... first of all I must say that maybe that old saying "3rd times the charm" really is true!!

We built our home in 2001. At that time my kitchen knobs were these really cool brass egg shaped knobs that I just had to have. David called them "eggberts." I have no idea why except that we are weirdo's and name things dorky names. hee,hee,hee.

So anyway, my friend Lyd makes me this really cool gift that has a rose knob on it! I went gaga! Soooooooooooo, seeing as my house "was" all pink, green and yellow, with a Victorian fooo fooo thing going on, I changed out all the "expensive" "eggbert" knobs for the "foo foo fabulous" "more expensive!" rose knobs! This is what they look like. oooo... they are pretty in pink!

Then, I couldn't stop there seeing as my whole entire house is going through a transformation. Oh no... we must change out the bathroom knobs while we are at it! Time number 3?? yep!

My vanity had pink knobs.
David's had green.
Isn't that sweet???
Well heck, we both have vanities on opposite sides of our bathroom and it was keeping with the whole theme! Plus.. in case we ever had a stupid moment, we could tell by the knobs which vanity was which! hee,hee,hee.


So now after all that, after two kinds of knobs, these are what I have changed to and I really, really love them (David chimes in.... yeah heard that before!) Anyway, my house is getting back to the "French Cottage" look that I love so much and really reflects me and believe it or not David too. All knobs on all the cabinets in kitchen, the bathrooms and the living room are now clear and simple and give just enough bling.

Soooooooooooo do you need any fabulous rose knobs, pink knobs, green knobs or eggberts... oh uh...err.. I mean brass egg shaped knobs?? I have lots for sale and I will sell them for super cheap! Totally not kidding (will sell for cheap).

I still have all the eggberts, but they are in the attic and I was too busy to climb my butt up there to get them.

If you want any knobs, send me an email and I'll give you the details.

Happy Wild Hare Day!!! I do hope to visit with all of you and see your Wild Hares!!!

bunny hugs and sillyness,

PS... check back with me tonight 7:00 est for the winner of the Sew Somerset issue. See the post below.. there is still time to enter!


Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I didn't realize you had this going! I'll remember it. Too funny. When are guys going to figure out that girls continually change their minds. And of course, have that perogative!

The French Bear said...

Haha, I love it!!! I don't have a funny knob story but I do have something I made from a knob, will that count? I would love to buy the pink knobs, I can picture them in the granddaughters rooms already!!!!
Margaret B

Karen said...

I love your knobs... I think what you probably need is more drawers and cupboards to put them ALL on! lol...

But if you really want to sell them, let me know how much you want, I NEED new knobs :)

Gari said...

I really like the roses knobs, how many do you have?

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shell:
Love your post today. I've sent you an email about the knobs.

My wild hare is about tearing apart my the middle of making Christmas gifts. It will go up at midnight, as I'm still composing.


Charlene said...

You had me laughing myself silly with this post. I can sooooooooooo see this whole thing going down. Isn't it funny how our tastes change? I am so ready to redo a LOT of things I chose 12 years ago.

I am loving my little Friends Banner you made me in the Art Exchange. I think of you when I see it. Thank you again. Charlene

luverlie said...

Rose them. Where can I get them?
and love the idea of diff colored knobs just in case of 'brain farts'. oops...did I say that out loud? Love your posts and no way could I put down on paper any of my
'wild hares'. You are so brave.

Pink Velvet Bird said...

Those pinky roses made me swoooon! I have a "knob thing" too. I have a drawer of random knobs and they always make me smile :)

Karen said...

My knob post is up.... kind of different but it's ok :)

Mary Wadsworth said...

Shell we are two peas in a pod when it comes to hardware, I am always changing the hardware in our house.
Why? I don't know just can't make up my mind I guess:) tee hee

patk860 said...

this was the best post i've read in made me smile & the knob pics are gorgeous!