Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wild Hare Wednesday - French Macaroons

This time my Wild Hare involved plane travel, security and a friends daughter that lives in Manhattan. Yep... this was one heck of a Wild Hare!

Ok... so this is a long post cause I got a lot to say. Go pee, get a drink and put your sweat pants on. hee,hee,hee.

It all started when my friend Dawn at Hydrangea Home posted about these French Macaroons that her daughter had for her 13th birthday. Her daughter loves Paris (me too) and her daughter hopes to go there on her 16th birthday (me too..errr..umm.. I mean maybe 50) Dawn posted this back in March!! Dawn was kind enough to give a link to purchase these little tasty tidbits. So I clicked and placed an order! Waiting, waiting, waiting. Two weeks goes by and I finally email the folks to find out where my tasty tidbits are. What do you mean you don't deliver to middle of nowhere, small town, bo-hick, all we have is Walmart NC???? Well pooooooooooo!!!!

I spent the weeks imagining myself enjoying these scrumptious little tidbits with my friend Lyd. We would have tea and good conversation all the while pretending we were posh and lived in a city. hee,hee,hee.
Then what happens??? Everyone I know is blogging about French Macaroons!!! In fact all these photos I borrowed from my friend Charmaine at Beautiful Things To Share (note..after reading this you should visit with Charmaine. I heart her blog big time!)

Ok.. so she starts blogging about these tasty tidbits and puts all these fabulous photos together. Oh the torture!! The pain!!! The...let's get in the car and drive to Manhattan!!! No... wait.. get on a plane and go to Paris!! Yeah! Paris!

Then what happens???

My friend Pei Li is a miniature artist in Singapore. She makes a tower of these macaroons! Of course, they are only for dollhouse display, are less than an inch tall and are not for eating. At this point I think I could eat them anyway.
So finally, my friend says that her daughter is coming home for Christmas. Her daughter lives in Manhattan. Manhattan has French Macaroons! Oh Claire! I love you! So this sweet girl goes to a bakery (like right near her apartment, lucky!) and gets me a dozen macaroons. She puts them in a tote bag so they don't get smushed, arranges them with the utmost care as they go through the airport security scanner and then holds them on her lap like precious cargo for the whole trip!
I'm so excited when Claire calls me to tell me they have arrived. Now... I only wish I had pictures to show you, but my Wild Hare got the best of me and instead of sharing them with Lyd and pretending we were posh city people, I ate them (all of them) in the car like a country bumpkin on my way to buy litter for the bunnies litter boxes. Yep... pathetic....absolutely pathetic. A Wild Hare indeed.


d. moll, said...

OMG such STYLE! You are the best.

Unknown said...

SHELL, I love you, you are the cutest person ever! I loved reading this post, lol! now that sounds like something I would do, lol!!
Love ya sweetie,

Rebecka said...

Great Wild Hare story!!!! Your photos are beautiful. I'm so glad you got your French Macaroons! :)

Anna said...

what a colourful post...

have a wonderful and creative 2010
glad we became fiends!
pitty we'll never meet for real!
xxx Anna xxx

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Shell: That was a wild hare, indeed! I can't even imagine you in the back seat, scarfin' them down..making little yummy noises and leaving crumbs all over the seat! (How's that for me NOT imagining you? lol)

Wait til you see my late Wild Hare post today. You won't flippin' believe it! HA

Catch you later. Lots to do to be able to post!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Oh Shell-that is too funny! I'm so glad you finally got your macarons! Aren't they gorgeous and delicious?! We were in the city the other day and my boys were talking about them too. They actually had a book about them in Anthropologie!

Hef's Mom said...

Poor Shell, they actually sell these reguarly at one of our grocery store bakeries and i have never tried them. I have always wanted to. Seeing what a rariety they are I'll get some soon!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Sounds pretty posh to me:) I have never been lucky enough to eat fancy Macaroons whilst running errands. Tee Hee Usually something gross from a fast food place. The colors are absolutely dreamy I want to try and make these:)

Thanks for the Wild Hare,

Unknown said...

Oh Shell....that is so funny :) I love that you're so transparent and honest. lol.... I love the idea of having a sophisticated tea and pretending to live in the city... but then there just dishes to wash, so why not just enjoy them right away? Good plan :)))

Well, having no macaroon Wild Hare, I only have a Christmas Decoration Wild Hare.... Enjoy :)


Susan said...

We bought some last week when we were there...what a hoot! I loved the chocolate dipped ones...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Annette Tait said...

they all look so delicious - even the dolls house one!
Glad you enjoyed them :) - that's the whole point of eating them.

Have a wonderful New Year Shell with Razzie and Sugie and your husband!

best wishes,
Annette, Arabella and Wesley

Karen Valentine said...

After all that torturous anticipation... who could blame you??? I'm sure I would have done the same thing!!!! LOL!

Have a wonderful New Year sweetie!
My Desert Cottage

Patricia said...

But were they good? I have to admit to never having seen or heard of them until Dawn blogged about them. They don't look like the macaroons I know - much prettier. Glad you were able to get the much anticipated treat!
Have a very Happy New Year.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

N. Maria said...

Shell, That was a great story and I thank you for the warning to go pee. :) I can just taste those French Macaroons! Mmmmmm.
I got my linen and little surprise, from you!
You are a doll...

charmaine said...

oh my heavens! you just don't know how much i am busting out of my pants!! my family is looking at me like i'm a mad woman. out of no where i just bust out laughing my face off. like you, i was a country bumpkin too, i could not resist, i ate every single one. talking about a pig, oink oink! for macarons, i'll be a little piggie all day. it's so funny because i was feeling the same way. every where i looked somebody was posting macarons. so i just started craving them (how can you crave something you never tasted, i don't know) i'm just weird like that. if it has anything to do with Paris, i want it. so i was searching high and low calling bakeries near and far, looking them up online. you know how you read the comments on line that people leave about the place? well if there were too many bad comments, i didn't bother. i was so frustrated. i knew of no one at the time that was on their way to Paris. so i finally found this place in Pasadena. i'm so excited, the comments are amazing! people who travel to Paris all the time was raving about this place. one person even said they drove all the way from Chicago to this place. i don't know if that was true, but it was good enough to get me going. i jump out of my seat, heart beating and all, and i jump in my car, rollers and all to go get these sweet Paris treats. my son was with me of course. he goes in and purchases three of them. big ones! i had a caramel with salt sprinkles on top, pistachio and strawberry. honey i was in heaven (and that heaven is dragged). they were really good and very authentic looking to Laduree. now i have yet to taste the great Laduree macaron, i look forward to and then seeing just how close these were to the original. i'm happy you finally got your macarons! you are so funny, you didn't share with your friend, funny i didn't either! i just couldn't wait! :)

thanks for sharing this funny story, you made my evening!! i heart your blog too my friend. i look forward to more fabulous bunny post in 2010! i wish you and your family a blessed, healthy and Happy New Year!

p.s. thank you for your sweet comments, i really appreciate them!

Gari in AL said...

Oh, so very funny.

Sparklyjools said...

Brilliant! You have made my day!

golo8 said...

this was hilarious.. thanks for the chuckle.. love your site

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Shell!!

Oh my, macarons! But first, Happy New Year! Oh man, I tried macarons the first time in my life last year. You'll have to read my blog to check that one out. It was a tad too sweet for my liking. Did you like yours? Laudree, I think. :) Love the pictures though!!

Pei Li

pussman and co said...

What lovely coloured cookies!!
They look lovely but are they good?
Pure sugar?

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