Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Sunny Disposition

A few days ago I was hopping through blog land and came across one of those fun little quizzes. It was asking "what kind of flower are you?" So, being the curious type I am, I took the quiz. It turns out I'm a daffodil. I thought I might be a dandelion, you know a pesky weed that bunnies like, but nope... I'm a daffodil.

It seems that the daffodil represents me as having a "sunny disposition." I can see that. For the most part I'm a happy, silly person. So today while I was freezing, drinking my tea, and doing a ton of paperwork, I noticed how beautiful the sun was streaming into my house. I looked at how my walls were "sunny" and happy. Even though it is cold outside, it was warm and bright in my house like a summer day.

So here are a few pictures I thought I would share in case you need a little bit of sunshine in your day and a warm hug from a friend.
My living room.
My foyer with the display case that holds all my cream ware
from my friend Lyd.
A view from the kitchen. My house is very open. I'm claustrophobic
and wanted a big living area for everyone to hang out in.
My dining room (still need to make cushions for the chairs,
yeah,yeah, one day)
My kitchen. Love my white cabinets with the glass uppers.
I'll never forget my cabinet maker when I told him I wanted
all glass on top. He said, "shuuugg, are you sure you want that?
How will you hide your stuff?" Later he realized I'm a neat freak
and even the Glad ware is organized. hee,hee,hee
View into the kitchen.
Well, there ya go. A quick little tour of Rosewood Cottage.
I'll post some more photos of the house as soon as I finish some
sewing items.
Have a sunny, happy week.
bunny hugs,


Anonymous said...


Your home is absolutely beautiful. I can feel the warmth of the hug.


Dianne Long said...

Ohh Shell, your home truly is a sunny beautiful reflection of you! It's absolutely gorgeous and inviting. I love the openness too. I wish I could open up the wall between my kitchen and living area but there a fireplace on that wall and it's a loadbearing wall, plus the refrigerator and pantry are on the kitchen side of it. I do love your bookcases on either side of the fireplace too. I'm about to do that in my LR. Thanks for the tour, I love that I can now imagine you in your lovely home!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Shell,

Thanks for sharing the photos of your house. It's just so pretty! The colours are all so soothing and definitely warm and sunny! Love your place!

Pei Li

cathy said...

OK girl, you need to come decorate my house. just am so not a decorator. And you so are! Beautiful house!

Deb said...

Hi Shell....your home is absolutely all the white and the streams of sunshine! No wonder you are a happy spirit. :)

Pink hugs,

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Shell, your home made me smile! What beautiful pictures. I love an open airy feel too. Need lots of space. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home!

Susan said...

As one who lives in an 1800s partitioned house, I would love to take the sledgehammer to the walls...but, alas, I can only dream of that room plan of gorgeous!
Thanks for the peek!!
Susan *dutchrose*

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful, light and airy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Susie said...

Hi Shell! Your home is so sunny, just like you. No wonder you are a daffodil! Lovely!
The Polka Dot Rose

Patricia said...

Shell, thanks for inviting us in. It certainly is a bright and sunny area and exactly like I imagine you. Hope I can find something so nice and open and airy and comfortable as yours.
I'm a echinacea, BTW. I forget what it means now, but it's a healing plant so I guess that's appropriate for a nurse, lol.

Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Eileen & Karen said...

What a gorgeous home you have Shell! And I have so say I agree 100%...your a daffodil and always sunny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shell,
Your home is warm and inviting! Very Beautiful. I love what you did with the foyer. My children were raised in a white home and your right right it is very easy to keep clean....or so my housekeeper always said! lol
Huggs, Nancy

Carolee Crafts said...

Michelle your home is beautiful and has brought some sunshine to and otherwise cold and snowy day.


Unknown said...

Hi Shell!

OMG...My mouth is hanging. Your home is beautiful! Looks like a picture right out of a magazine. Wow..I love it. The pictures sure did brighten my day Shell. Thanks so much for sharing. You should submit your home to magazines. I just bet they would feature it.
Kisses to those adorable bunnies! And hope your week is bunniful! lol
Janet's Creative Pillows

Inka Smith said...

Shell, All I can say is WOW!!! You have such a beautiful home. It should be in Magazines girl!!!

gail said...

Hi Shell,, I just love your Rosewood Cottage. Your home is just beautiful! I know Razzy and Chloe must love their home. I am claustorphobic too, I love an open floor plan. Hugs to you... gail

Shabby Shan said...

Your home is so pretty! I agree with everyone that said your home sould be in magazines. I love your kitchen! Thanks for giving us a tour!


Sharon said...

omygoodness~ I am a daffodil too~ but I may have lied on the some of the qusetions ~ I just want sunny so bad right~ so when can I move in?

Unknown said...

Your home is stunning Shell! I love it, we have similar tastes! My home is painted yellow too :) It love the sunny happy look of it.

Big Bunny Hugs,

Just a bed of roses said...

I too would love to move in...not sure I would know how to act with all that sparkly clean...but I could get use to it in a big hurry! Oh, its just stunning, each piece just added to its charm, I can tell you carefully think it out girl. its just BEAUTIFUL. I may have to visit it again when I need to clear my mind of all the piles I have to deal with each day.

Deb Cushman said...

What a lovely, comfortable-feeling home! We like your style!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Shell! Just hoping to say Hi!. Your Valentine package will be on its way today...hope you like it!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Your home is just beautiful! -sigh-

I love seeing the look of nearly-all-white. But have never been able to try it. Since my husband loves woodworking and can't imagine painting over the natural color of wood. :-) He goes along with every other thing I want to try, so I really can't push him, on this. :-)

But I do love to see homes, which employ decorating with lots and lots of white.

Aunt Amelia
"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs."
~William Shakespeare

Barbara Jean said...

Your home is absolutely over the top beautiful!Does anyone live there??

Thanks fro the email and telling me about your blogs.
You creations are adorable and very nice.

Don't miss out on my bird nest giveaway. Drawing Feb. 10th
Barbara Jean

apparentlyjessy said...

Wow, you have a beautiful home! I stumbled across your blog and was taken by the bunnies, but then I looked down further and was amazed that this is your actual home! It looks like it should belong in a glossy magazine! Beautiful!

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