Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Coming January 1st.

Hellooooooooo! How are you? Did you have a fun and festive time? Our Christmas was nice and quiet. We enjoyed staying home and binge watching some shows and having a nice dinner. Oh...and I took a nap! LOL!!

Well, my teeth saga continues. I was suppose to get them tomorrow, but now they have been delayed another week. The last time I had this done was in 2010. It took 9 days from start to finish. By the time I get these, it will have been a month. Let's just say I really miss my old dentist (who retired) and I'm not impressed with the young dentist. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Ok, onto something fun shall we? Once again, Jules, my dear friend in England, and I collaborated on an adventure. Wonderland Woods is a journey through our fictional British woodland. There are lots of animals we will meet on this journey and a glorious ancient oak tree. Jules wrote wonderful stories about the animals interaction with the oak tree. I know you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Here are a few sneaky peeks. The following photos show you our "From Concept to Completion" stages. Jules' paintings were once again the inspiration behind my Folk Art Fusion technique.

This will not be a block of the month series. I am traveling a lot next year (more on that next week) and we decided it would be more fun to do something different from other designers and give you an entire e-book with all the designs. There will also be wool and thread kits available while supplies last.

So hop back over on January 1st for a fun, new adventure through Wonderland Woods!

Hugs and Hoppy New Year!
Michelle, Jules and the Bunnies


Petal49 said...

I am so looking forward to starting this journey. I love the handwork involved and the critters are so cute! Hope the teeth saga comes to an end soon.

WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful blocks, love woodland animals.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Shell, good morning! I hear ya about no longer having a doctor you trust; I had a great eye doctor who I'd drive MANY miles to go see. I have an appointment in January but she's no longer there. How can I trust a new doctor with my floaters and pre-cataracts????? I hope all goes well with your new teeth!!!

WOW. These animals are precious, and that badger is darn-right perfect. You and Jules are going to have a grand time!!!

Jeanette said...

Love the wonderland blocks. They are beautiful. Hugs,xx

RG said...

Hey - wait until your doctor is as young as your grandchildren!

The Tale of Benny Badger .. and many other Sleepy Time Tales by Arthur Scott Bailey. We had a set of 10 or more of them and big sister Sue and I read them over and over on hot afternoons!

Happy New Year .. "Travel" is the new "Stay Home."

Createology said...

Wonderland Woods will be quite the adventure. I really like the collaboration you and Jules are doing once again. Love the felt leaves you have stitched. Health is Wealth as we continue our life’s journey and I pray for your teeth resolve soon. Blessings for Peace and Joy and lots more Creaivity for all of 2018 Sweet Shell. <3

kc said...

Her pictures are simply adorable, and your stitches absolutely make the flat felt pieces come alive with personality! How DO you do that??!! Good luck with your teeth - scouting new, trustworthy doctors is never pleasant or fun! Just keep going till you find one you like!!

Blessings for 2018!

Erica said...

True artists. Both of you!

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