Monday, May 26, 2008

Chunky Bunny

I'm not sure if I should even tell this "tale from the Raspberry Rabbits." I always say that I am a crazy bunny lady, but I've never been sure of how many people actually paid attention. I'm almost 100% positive that after you read this post, you will concur that I am indeed a crazy bunny lady.

I get the friendly reminder from the vet that it is time for Razzy and Chloe's six month checkup. Being the ever good bunny mommy that I am, I schedule said appointment for checkup. You see, bunnies teeth grow like fingernails and if the bunnies are doing as they should when they eat and play with toys, the teeth file themselves down. However, Razzy has two back teeth that can be a bit naughty, so every six months I have them checked. I'll clip toenails, but I'm not about to file teeth. Eeeewwww!

So, Saturday morning we make our way to the vet. Mind you, the vet is a 2 1/2 hour drive, one way, from our home. My kids must be taken to the specialist vet that deals with exotic pets. Bunnies are exotic you know. I load the kids up in their "to go box" with plenty of hay for snacking. I have to stop and get gas. Yikes! $56.00 to fill the tank. Puke! More on this later.

We get to the exotic vet and as usual, we are treated with the utmost kindness. The vet tech puts Razzy in the plastic bucket to be weighed. I ask how he is doing. She replies, he has gained weight. What?????? He has 340 square feet to run and play in. He has an entire jungle gym on my studio floor. His diet is perfect. I mean bunnies don't eat carbs! How can this be??? Then.... the Dr. arrives. I love Dr. Leonatti. She is so kind. However, she calls Razzy "Chunky Bunny." Oh no.... I have a chunky bunny! She reviews his diet, which, like I said is perfect. She then says that I need to get him to exercise. How the ?x*&5@ do I do that? What can I say? He's lazy. He uses all 340 square feet of play area to find the best spot to sleep! Chloe loves to run and play and get in trouble. Razzy likes to flop on his side and take a nice nap! He got lazy after I got him neutered. As a bunny in puberty, he use to chase me around, grunting, trying to hump my leg. Now, privates removed, he's lazy!!

Anyway, she says his teeth have a little bit of a point, but seeing as HE SEEMS TO HAVE NO TROUBLE EATING, we will let them go until November. I promise to work out an exercise routine for him and promise that when he comes back in November, he will be Razzy the stud muffin. As for Chloe, she is perfect as always. Princess that she is....

I'm going to add my "IGF",( I'm grateful for's") here tonight instead of the end like I usually do. Being that it's Memorial Day, I want to say that I'm so incredibly grateful for all the men and women who protect our country. Those that give their all each and every day to give us freedom and all the things we seem to take for granted. Right now, I have a friend who is in the Navy on a humanitarian mission. The stories and pictures she sends are so humbling. I want to thank all those that make it possible for America to be the best place in the entire world to live. I mean when I think about it, where else do we have the freedom to work and earn money to pay $4.00 a gallon for gas, spend 5 hours and $56 on the road traveling to an exotic vet that will charge us $382 to tell us we have a CHUNKY BUNNY! No where. Most countries, we would have to eat the chunky bunny for dinner. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!!!

Love to all,
Shell, the crazy bunny lady (do you believe me now?)


Inka Smith said...

OMG, I just cracked up. Your story is great...and I thought I was a nut about my parrots!!! LOL Take good care of that chunky bunny. Sure would like to hear how you get him to exercise!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the narrative! Your last paragraph is so true...I am the cat lady...I care for 20...and I truly understand vet bills! LOL! But I have been watching an eagle's nest in British Columbia via a webcam...and our national bird is so majestic...and so caring...and so gotta love all creatures great and small...or "chunky"!

gail said...

Hi Shell, that story was hillarious!!! Ya got to love a chunky bunny. I have a 23 pound cat. But he isnt chunky , just huge! Its quite OK to be a crazy bunny lady. That makes you quite special. Chunky pink hugs, gail

Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

Ok, Shell, I believe you now! That was a great story - poor chunky bunny! Of course, all of us animal lovers would behave just as you did (well, I'm not sure about 2 1/2 hours each way!!!)

Thanks for sharing. =)

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Shell, Thanks for sharing the story about the vet trip with your 2 bunnies. I actually really enjoyed reading it :)

Pei Li

Finding Grace, Going Mobile said...

Ooh Shell,
ROFLOL.....Now how are you going to get Chunky Bunny to do aerobics? I can just see you running around the studio with a carrot on a string like the cartoons. And as for making him a Stud Muffin Bunny, he can't (having had said operation), and you will just frustrate him, lol.
God Bless Our Troops,
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

You had me in stitches. You story is so funny. Give your chunky bunny a hug. How can you get a bunny to exercise? Too funny.

Deb said...

Hi Michelle....I loved your funny bunny story! Razz is adorable, chunky or not.....can't wait for you to tell us about his exercise routine. Will you have a bunny obstacle course built in the back yard??? :)


Alice said...

ok wow where to start?!?!?

2 and half hours that's a huge drive!!! where do you live shell? i guess now that i think about it i have no idea where new bern is...good job to those buns for withstanding for a car ride like that. and good job to you too of course for getting them there. a check up every six months is a some point i would have to think the vet just has a huge crush on my bunnies!!!

not that i haven't been to the vet less than every six days lately. they probably never go six months without a vet trip for some reason or another, hopefully the check ups are just kind of included in all their other visits.

as far as the teeth thing has he ever had to get them filed?

i'm not sure about exercise but sometimes i put fats's late night snack up on a trunk and he has to jump up there to get it. he now just jumps up there on his own when he wants a snack. i'll run him around al ittle bit with a snack in my hand to get him going and he seems ot love the game of it all. when he had a small room i did all sorts of things like that to keep him moving around a lot. maybe a little ramp with the food bowl at the top of the ramp might temp him to run up it a bit? once he starts running around a little he may like it.

another thought is if they are in the studio is there a chance that he may also be more active than you realize at night. fats lounges all day and most of the evening he doesn't want to start running all over until midnight and very early in the morning. i really think the only solution for you is to install a video surveillance system that's motion sensitive.

: )

Eileen & Karen said...

Shell, you are too funny...and indeed the "crazy bunny lady"! Chunky bunny...too funny! I can't wait to hear how you get him to exercise!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I understand that my little buns must stay active, just like the rest of us slug humans, but to call him 'chunky bunny'! Poor Razzy. I know personally I would rather enjoy a nice glass of wine versus jumping on the treadmill I will, if you don't mind, just call him 'fluffy'. Love to my niece and fluffy nephew, Aunt Beth-

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Your bunny story was too cute! I had a cute little bunny once--a b-day gift...turned out to be a New Zealand Red! Little bunny grew very large, but he was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa McDonald said...


Your bunnies are perfect. Your not crazy, just a good bunny mommy. Hope you can figure out the exersize routine! LOL


Patricia said...

I can just see your poor little chunky bunny in an exercise outfit! Headband, shorts--lol. The story was great, thank you for the giggles,


Just a bed of roses said...

Oh that was a great story about your bunnies! I live in the country and have never heard of an exotic bunny, too funny!
Sounds like you are enjoying being the mom of those two, hope you can tell us more.

Cathy said...

Michele, what a funny bunny story. I went out to get coffee this morning and a baby bunny ran across the street. I had to slow down not to hit him. I don't know what I would have done. From one bunny lover to another


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