Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Day of Play with Michelle May - The Crazy Bunny Lady

Hello my friend! I do hope you have been enjoying your Spring. Isn't it crazy how fast the month of May has gone by? It's been busy around here in Bunnyville with some new designs, having dead trees cut down from the yard and trying to get people to do what they say they are going to do. What is up with that???

Anyway, I wanted to share some Play Date news. Teaching is my favorite part of what I do. I get down-right giddy seeing my student's imagination and creativity come to life. It's so wonderful to be able to say, "Today is a day of play. A day all about you. There are no worries and there is no right or wrong in this room. I'm simply your guide down the rabbit hole into your imagination."

 As adults, we often forget abut how fun it is to do something for the pure joy of it. Life, bills, kids, grandies, spouses and responsibilities get in the way. Not to mention, that beyond elementary school, art and creativity was taken away and we were told it was a waste of time and we needed to focus on something practical. To this I say, bah humbug! If it wasn't for the creative people in this world, homes, clothing, electronics, movies, furniture, etc. would be really, really boring and ugly! hee,hee,hee. So EVERYONE should be thankful and support artists and creative people for sharing their gifts with the world.

The other thing is, if we don't take care of ourselves first, by doing something that brings us joy, we can't be the best version of ourselves for others. It's truly give and take that makes us all better in the long run and balances out our lives.

So first, I want to share that I am truly honored to once again be selected to teach at the Houston International Quilt Festival.

If you are going to festival this year, I will be teaching these two classes.

Conrad the Carrot Collector

and Peter's Pumpkin

You only need to bring scissors to my classes! I hope to see you at festival!

Next, my Play Dates for 2020 are booking up. I can only physically manage 12 dates a year. I offer my "Beekeeper Pincushion" class,

my "Heartfelt Notes" class,

and will be adding a new class "Shadow Box Blocks" in celebration of being a quilter 30 years this year! Here's a sneaky peeky. Photos will be coming in July as I'm working on the samples now.

My students have the best time and are thrilled that they only have to bring two pair of scissors to class. My $35 kit fee covers everything else!

Here's a sampling of what I bring.

Christiana Halsey, a student from St. Simons Island just sent me these photos. She made one of every flower from my "Beekeeper Pincushion" as gifts for her friends. Lucky them!

Also, my sweet friend forever friend, Loanne Hemje, also from St. Simons Island, sent me a photo of her finished "Beekeeper Pincushion."

This is the one she made one with me in Houston last year as well. Isn't it fun to see how different they look? Again, giving everyone permission to "play" is the most wonderful experience. I truly love the results.

If you belong to a group or guild and would like a Play Date and Chat (which includes a trunk show) with the "Crazy Bunny Lady," please hop on over to my website for more information and book your date before it's too late! HOP ON OVER

Hugs to you,
Michelle and the Bunnies


Janet said...

What absolutely fabulous classes you're giving. I know you'll be a hit wherever you teach. Hope you have a wonderful year ������

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Good morning my friend and bunny sister!!!

I totally agree with you about education. Without nurturing the creative spirit, the adult mind will be locked in by limitations and any attempt of inventiveness will be frustratingly limited. Bravo for the arts, huh?


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Jeanette said...

Look forward to seeing your Shadow Box Blocks. I've been busy putting together kits i bought from you oh so many years ago. At least now they are ready to stitch & not languishing in a box somewhere. Hugs,xx

Lana said...

I’m in for the bunny at HQF!!!!!

Createology said...

Congratulations Dear once again for your Houston Teaching. Your creations are magical. I have finally begun Wonderland Woods and I am definitely S.L.O.W. Stitching. May is passing all too quickly...

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