Monday, July 7, 2014

Pets on Quilts Sponsor and the art of Diane Savona

Hi ya! Hope you had a very happy 4th of July! Thank you so very much for purchasing my "The May Basket" pattern and kits, as well as, taking advantage of the sale on the Valdani 3 strand floss. Remember, the sale will continue while supplies last.

Today I wanted let you know about the Pets on Quilts blog show coming next month. The bunnies and I are once again proud sponsors of this fun event.

Our prize will be a signed copy of our book Fabled Fusions and

a pair of bunny scissors.

So mark your calendars and be sure and enter! Here is the link to Snoodles at the Lilypad Quilting blog for more information. Thank you Snoodles for hosting this event!

Next, I would like share the work of Diane Savona. I can't even remember how I found her, but I find her work to be so incredibly intriguing and wonderful.

Here is her artist statement.

Diane Savona

How do we learn history? Textbooks give us dates and leaders; students memorize facts for the test, but few people have a deep understanding of how our ancestors lived.
As a child I felt that lessons of wars and nations had little bearing on my family history. It was like studying weather patterns, gusting far above, knowing that my peasant grandparents had survived in thatched huts in Poland. What was their story? My art is created with that question in mind. 
The objects I use are collected at my equivalent of archaeological digs: garage and estate sales. In my Passaic neighborhood, there are still large numbers of first and second generation immigrants from Eastern Europe. At these sales I hear the language and find the tools of my grandparents. There, I unearth items that were once commonly used in the domestic sphere – pincushions, darning eggs, crochet hooks – but are now almost extinct. I exhume forgotten embroidery and mending, and present them as petrified specimens.
My textile works are art and archaeology. They are the stories of past generations. By deconstructing past artifacts and preserving them in an archaeological presentation, I hope to change viewer perception of our textile heritage.

I can't help but think of all the things that are disappearing around us. So many things just being thrown away in our disposable society. So many things young people don't know how to do unless a technological gadget is involved. I guess, as a lover of textiles and creating things with my hands, I simply feel a connection to Diane's work.

I love what she is preserving in each piece with each stitch.

Here is a wonderful video in which she further describes her work.

I invite you to hop over HERE and visit her site and view her gallery. I think you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Light, Love and Hugs,

Michelle and the Bunnies


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I can only admire from a distance and not even begin to think of engaging in such an art (though I know I'd plunge into it an enjoy it!) but the possibilities are endless as artists take into their own hands, scraps of fabrics, threads, yarns and beads, and the rest turns into a history of art. WOnderful share today dear friend! Anita

Starr White said...

Hi Michelle! I love it when you share wonderful artists you've discovered. Thank you!

speedyrabbit said...

So beautiful,thank you Michelle for sharing this Artist,xx Rachel

Mosaic Magpie said...

I have loved Diane's work for years and like you I don't remember how I found her, but sure glad I did. There are so many interesting things she adds to her work and yet there is something so simply elegant about it too. Her website will draw you in and hold you hostage for hours!

Wendy said...

Diane's work is certainly intriguing, but I'm more than a little baffled at her statement that pincushions and crochet hooks are nearly extinct... ?

Createology said...

Another beautiful flower and I can only imagine how you continue to construct unique ones each week. Thank you very much for sharing about Diane and her work. I have not seen this before however I am totally intrigued and drawn in. I am so happy to be home and able to read my favorite blogs. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...