Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Reminder of Time

I have always wanted an hourglass. I think they are so beautiful to look at as time gently passes with each grain of sand. I found this one the other day and knew it would come home with me. A reminder of this time in my life.

I took a walk around the yard. The little crab apples bobbed up and down on the limbs as the breeze blew time around them.
A birds nest peaking out amongst the apples. The nest a reminder of the time baby birds huddled together there.
A bloom on my Magnolia tree. The sweet scent reminding me of time gone by.
The last of the raspberries on my bushes. A reminder that it's time for Fall to begin.

Thank you all for you heartfelt, loving and caring words on my previous post. This blog and your words are always reminders of time. Time well spent.



Anonymous said...

I love the hour glass so pretty. I was reading your post below & it brought back a lot of memories good, & bad. In 2003 we had to put our 16 year old mixed breed to sleep many reasons. Then Feb. 1, 2004 my FIL of 27 years passed away. On Feb. 2, 2004 my daughter gave birth to a precious baby boy (James) a preemie. On Feb. 12, 2004 my dad died. Exactly 11 days after my FIL. We thought how preciuos to have this beatiful birth in the midst of all this death. Then on May 5, 2004 my precious grandson passed away. Our world was full of agony, hurt, sadness. But through it all God saw that we were comforted He never left us as He promised. On May 14, 2006 Mother's Day I lost my beloved sister & best friend to Ovarian Cancer she was 47 & to this day I miss her so much. She battled it for 5 yrs. Sometimes we wonder how we survive life through all these tragedies, I do not understand how anyone does if God isn't in their lives. God is our strength our refuge that very present help....sorry I lingered your post just gave me pleasant memories...thanks.

Be blessed,


C. C. said...

Hi Shell!

I am sorry for your difficult summer. I know it is an "old wives tale," but it does seem bad things happen in multiples (if not threes). There have been many times in my life I have thanked God for time healing things and for the forgetting (i.e. lessening) of the sadness. Bless your heart!

C. C.

Anna said...

beautiful photo's and nicely told
your hour glass? I've never seen such a beauty before

have a nice subday

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Such a beautiful hourglass Shell, just perfect for your beautiful home. Also such a lovely post. These photos are beautiful as is the sentiment. We really must slow down and take the time to notice the small things. Very well said.
Love you sweet friend,

Susan said...

Just catching up with your blog...sorry about "Pops" and "Cutie"...I so remember Chloe's passing...but every life that touches us lives in our hearts...and every minute is ribbon to tie around those treasured memories to open when we need them...

Beautiful pictures...peace...


Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love your photos in this post. Especially the "softened" colors.
Just wanted you to know that I've added your blog to my favorites on my blog list. I don't want to miss a single post!