Sunday, September 13, 2009

Destruction of Property and Lame Excuses

What is that????
Oh nooooo! Mama's not gonna like this.
Raaaaaazzzzzzyyyy!!!!!! What have you been doing young man???
I can explain everything.
Oh boy... this oughtta be good.
1. Sugar did it.
2. The Doctor said I needed more wood fiber in my diet.
3. I was chewing the cardboard and my teeth slipped.
4. Sugar double dog dared me.
5. You left Dad in charge of our supervision while you went doily digging.
6. Sugar pushed me and my mouth was open when I fell.
7. I was dreaming I was a beaver.
8. I'm addicted to baseboard and I'd like to go to rehab. There... I said it.
9. I'd like to use the "I'm cute card" now.
Sugie..... What happens in Bunnyville stays in Bunnyville!
Tattle tale.


The French Bear said...

My goodness, they do get up to mischief when you are away!!!! I love the "I'm cute card", how could you deny that!!!!!! he he, they are so cute!!!!!!
Margaret B

Katie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your rabbits are so adorable and this post made me laugh out loud. We have two cats who are forever playing the "I'm cute card" works every time! Katie x

Hef's Mom said...

TSK! Well accidents happen, we can't stay mad at a bunny for long!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Goodness Gracious!
Who would have guessed that those two adorable faces could have such black hearts? lol

Looks like no extra baby carrots for somebody tonight!

Have a great day, Shell, et al.

Hugs from the road,

SoCal Helene said...

OMG, lol!!! Razzy go with the "I'm cute card" I think that is your best bet right now!!
Hugs, Helene

Anna said...

You can't get mad at that cute face..Can you?

I like this reason the best;
Sugar pushed me and my mouth was open when I fell...

Tres Belle Boutique said...

They are just the most adorable bunnies. How can you stay mad at those faces.


Susan said...

All right...your buns know my kats...baseboard...been there, done the bathroom wallpaper or corners by the shower...that is next on the "who did that???" list!

GARI said...

That little black face is so cute! And the black and white face is so sweet. Raz is adorable and Sugar is so pretty. Almost makes me want rabbits, almost but the three dogs and three birds would probably object. LOL

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Shell,

Wow, the bunnies do get a little mischievous when you are away! Razy's expression is priceless...LoL

Pei Li

Nancy said...

Hi Shell,
Oh i just bet you loved discovering a little misbehavior! Too funny! You should also write children's books about the life of wonderful bunnies.
Huggs, Nancy

Susie said...

Hi Shell! That Razzy, trying to blame it on Sugar. I would go with his dr. telling him he needed more wood fiber. Too cute Shell!
Susie, The Polka Dot Rose

gingerwine said...

Too cute for words!

I'm really thinking about getting rabbit!!


gingerwine said...

ooo I meant to ask..

Do you have any tips about keeping rabbits?
I'm not sure what is best..inside or outside or 2?

I have a cat too..I'm not sure do cats like bunnies?

Bye for now!

Sam xx

Carolee Crafts said...

Shell I love your bunny tales and you have to admit it was your fault! Bunnies are always right and you could not possibly tell off that cute face.

lisa said...

Shell ~

You know what girlfriend, I'm not kidding you need to write a book about Razzie and Sugar. Your posts make me laugh out loud and those bunnies, well I love um.


Marie said...

LOVE the BUNNIES! How can anything so adorable be so bad? This is a question I have asked myself time and time again. LOL. Thanks for a very entertaining blog.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

LOL tooo cute! Looks like you need to put some protective stuff up.


Cottage Flair said...

I look forward to reading your clever and funny posts each week. Loved this one!!

Rebecka said...

This post is so cute I had to say something. I can relate. My bunnies have done their share of chewing on things they should have not even when they have tunnels to chew on. :)

gail said...

Hi Shell, I am sure glad that Razzy had the "cute card" to use to get out of this jam! Your babies are sooo precious. Thats why they are cute ya know. You look at their faces and melt!

I saw the post below and the beautiful gift you received from your friend. How beautiful. I know you will treasure them forever. This is an amazing place to meet the best friends!

Have a pretty week and bunny hugs, gail

Lori said...

eeeeeek:) what a super cute post!!! oh my, you could never get mad looking at those sweet faces...i have some woodwork that has been artfully chewed by my kitty Miss Gracie...

d. moll, said...

Looks like out baseboards.....just says "rabbits live here."

Federica said...

Oh my! They are sooooo cute! Lovely!

Catherine said...

Your bunnies are adorable!! I was laughing out loud reading the explanations!