Monday, May 19, 2008

Enter as Strangers. Leave as Friends...

Did you know? I didn't. It's National Friends Week. Of course there are tons and tons of national this and national that, but the more I thought about National Friends week, the more I loved it! Especially with blog land, we all enter as strangers and leave as friends.

I started thinking about all the different friends I have. Hmmm, there is the "Best" friend, which there can only be one. Beth your it. I think this person has to know you a very, very long time. This is a person who can tolerate all your weirdo quirks, listen to you when you need it and still love you when you are a total dork-wad. I read once that a best friend knows you before you became who you are. Such as, Shell before she was Shell the project manager, artist, wife, workaholic, silly girl, crazy bunny lady, anal cleaning finatic! I was just "Shell." Cool, I'll buy that.

However, then there are the soul mates you marry that become your best friends (yes, David is my true honey bunny). There are the book club friends, who are fabulous ladies and oh so entertaining. There are the friends that touch your life and become family, Ma and Pa, Michelle and Mommy Syl. Friends you meet through groups such as Make Mine Pink that form a sisterhood. Friends that you turn to for honest, opinions, advice and ideas, Lyd and John. Friends that are your family Bess Anne. Friends that you find through art groups. Friends that you make while building their dream home. Friends that live far away, but you miss and love so much, Fweesha, John, Goldie and Vikki. Friends you meet through magazines and teaching, Dawn. Friends that come each and every week to read your blabbing on a blog. My goodness! It's fabulous! When I think of all my friends, I can smile for years!!!

Of course, I can't forget the friends we find in animals. My precious bunnies and the friends I have met because of my precious bunnies. Visit (this is my favorite blog in the whole wide world!) Above are pictures of my newest, little, friend that hopped into my yard and into my heart. Of course I had to name it. It's name is Silfay (read the book Watership Down). This precious little creature appeared yesterday. I simply had to share carrots and lettuce with it (Razzy and Chloe don't mind as they have plenty like most spoiled children). I hope it grows up in my yard and has a happy little life. I pray no naughty-mean owls, dogs, cats or other critters give it a hard time. It is my little yard friend that graces me with it's presence and makes my heart happy. Oh what a wonderful thing.... National Friend Week, what a great week it is!
Cheers to you all!!! If you get 4 minutes and 3 seconds... hit the play button on my playlist (scroll down the left side. There is a song that I'm sending to all of you). You entered as strangers and became my friends. Love to you all.

Hugs and bunny kisses,


This week IGF living in the USA with no earthquake. Having friends to share my life.


Carolyn...The Craft Diva said... are so sweet. thank you for letting us be your friends. we are blessed to know you. anybody that loves bunnies can't be all that bad! heehee!

lisa said...


Your a sweetie, what a lovely post. Love your sweet bunnies.


Anonymous said...

What a great post. You gave us all something to think about and smile. I love your bunnies. My husband and I had one, his name was scooter pie! They are so precious.

gail said...

Hi Shell, what a lovely post. Thank you for letting me know it is national friend week. I am so grateful for all of my friends I have met at Make Mine Pink and blogging!
I love your new rabbit friend. I hope he stays around and nothing bothers the peaceful little guy! pink hugs, gail

Theresa said...

I found something out about you through this post. You can be serious, lol. Honestly, this was a great post, and serves to remind all of us, we have so much to be thankful for.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Alice said...

awwww love this one!!!!!!
so honore to be a prt of such a special list in such a special place. happy i was a stranger that entered. shell thank you for everything mermaid jewel!!!



Alice said...

ooopsie! super tired, sorry about the typos.


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Shell, it was a lovely post. I feel very happy and grateful to have found MakeMinePink and to know all the lovely pink sisters who are such an inspiring and supportive group of women!
Your bunnies are cute!

Pei Li

Patricia said...

Your baby bunny is so cute! And he's a brave little guy, he let you take his picture! Happy Friendship Week to you, my new friend,


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing! I love your bunny pictures!

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Morning Michelle,
The bunny is so cute. I love bunnies, my kids have been wanting one for a longtime. But we have a mean ole' cat. lol Your blog looks so pretty. Wishing you a happy day!
Pink Hugs,

Inka Thomas said...

That was just lovely and so true. Thank you for posting.

sita said...

What a sweet post, I do think your new bunny friends are adorable! Thanks for sharing this positive post with us!

Debbie said...

What a nice post.....I am grateful for all of my blog friends too. Love your bunnies!