Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Quilts, Friends and Keepsakes

So this last "bit" of my England trip is so special for me to share with you.

First, this is Sharon who came to Sallieann's home to show me her  "Adventures of Harrington and Hannah" quilt. This is one of my most beloved designs and having Sallieann, my quilting student from 20 years ago, teach it to her students makes my heart full. Thank you Sharon for coming to visit, sharing your incredible quilt and for bringing carrot cake!

I still sell this pattern on my website if you would like to make one. Click HERE.

Next, I also had a very special visit from this handsome fella. This is Andy. He is Jules' partner and while I have talked to him many times over the years while Jules and I are skyping, it was extra special to meet him in person. Jules had me tell my infamous squirrel story to everyone and we all had a good laugh.

Another treat was being able to see Sallieann's gorgeous home. You can tell a quilter lives here because yes, that is a quilt she placed behind plexiglas as a backsplash for her stove. Isn't it amazing? Don't you just love it and her red stove?

All around Sallieann's home there are lovely vignettes with quilts.

Next, I am over the moon excited to show you this. You see, three years ago I started following two lovely artists on Facebook. They are Chris and Jinny from Skyraven Wolf. They are Druids, live on a narrow boat with their cat and create the most incredible, one of a kind, magical, hand tooled pieces from leather. They are mindful, kind and simple women. Not to mention, Chris tells a lovely story every day on their Facebook page Skyraven Wolf. You should check them out. 

One day Chris was showing a handbag she was making that featured the three hares. My heart did a back flip as I have always loved that ancient symbol that is found all around Europe. Click HERE to read more about it. Years ago, when I worked for the builder, one of my homeowners had tiles of this symbol installed in her bathroom floor! I wanted them so bad!

So anyway, I wrote to them and asked if I could purchase a bag. Chris told me that they had a waiting list and then a waiting list to get on the waiting list. Oh boy... that sounds like a long time. She said she would put me on the list.

A year passes and Chris writes a post saying that they are sorry, but they won't be able to make all the projects on the waiting list, waiting list. They have so much work and they feel they will never live long enough to complete it all. While I totally understood, I was really disappointed. Oh well, I continued to love and admire all their work and enjoyed their tales of life on a narrow boat.

Then, another years passes and one day I commented on yet another bag they made with the three hares. I said, "Oh how I love this and would have love to have made the waiting list." Chris sends me a private message and says that I actually am on the waiting list. I questioned her, "You mean the waiting list or the waiting list, waiting list?" She confirmed I was on the only waiting list. Happy bunny dance!!!

Another year passes and I comment that I will be taking a trip of a lifetime and getting to visit my beloved Jules and Sallieann and how I'm so excited to see England and that it is my first time leaving the US. Chris sends me a message and says, "Would you like to get your bag while you're here?" What?! My bag! I can get my bag?!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

 Note: all the photos shown above are from Chris as she designed and made my bag. From her sketch, to the tooling of the design into the leather, coloring and stitching. It was all completed entirely by Chris and Jinny's hands. They are masters of their work.

So, after three years of daydreaming, drooling and being absolutely inspired by these two incredible women, I got the most beautiful, one of a kind keepsake I could ever ask for. I will treasure it always.

England really was the most perfect trip, spent with my best of friends, who this little bunny believes are truly the best keepsakes of all.

Thank you for following along on this adventure. I'll be back here next week with something new.

Light, love and hugs,


Jeanette said...

Ooo I want Sallieann's kitchen. Just love the stove & such a cool idea for the backsplash. Love your gorgeous, special bag. Hugs, xx

kc said...

Squuuuueeeeee! I have never seen a quilted backsplash, but, yup, I love it. Come to think of it, as I sit in my "living room," I glance up at my own beloved backsplash (that I paid a lot extra for) and think, ya know, maybe that's why I love it so.. it DOES resemble a quilt!!

But, ohhhh, that bag... That is over the moon beautiful. You are so generous and beautiful of soul, you absolutely deserve something so special!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...



First of all, England, what a place, huh? The memories you have made there, MY GOODNESS you will have stories to tell and DESIGN as you move forward into your process. To see your design on this bag, what a JOY!!!!!! Many happy memories to you and many happy trips back to England...

Barb said...

So much fun stuff to comment on. Your quilt is just amazing...the work, imagination you put into things....I would love to get in your head. That purse is just perfect for you... Then that stove backsplash...oh my gosh...and all the quilting goodness around the house...yes....amazing. Glad you had such a fun time.

Jeanne V said...

Many thanks for sharing your trip. I have enjoyed all of your posts. And I have to say the bag is AMAZING.

Createology said...

Shell Dear I shall always see your smiling face over-the-moon happy with this most amazing trip to England and spending time with your girlfriends. And...your special unique one-of-a-kind leather bag is beyond amazing! Blessings Dear Sweet Shell. <3


I am so glad you were able to take that trip--cause we all went with you and enjoyed it with you--lovely photos and stories made all the more richer cause of your sharing it with us--thanks-luv, di

Judy1522 said...

I love the quilted backsplash and the red stove. Your bag is gorgeous.

Deb said...

Oh goodness the Bag is so worth the wait, its beyond stunning.

csylvester said...

Hello--are you aware of the academic book written about the Three Hares? It's called The Three Hares: A Curiosity Worth Regarding, and is a well researched study of the motif across cultures. You might enjoy it. It's available through Amazon. Love the purse!

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