Monday, March 11, 2013

Inspiring Friends to Create

Hi ya! Did you have a good weekend? It sure was pretty here in Bunnyville. I spent most of my weekend working and enjoying the sunshine. I do love my Carolina blue skies!

One of the most wonderful things about my job, is designing patterns that friends want to create. It can be a little stressful sometimes to create something and wonder if others will like it as much as I do. Will they want to purchase it and make it for themselves? I am honestly over the moon excited with each sale of my patterns and book.

I tend to think of myself as a person who "inspires" someone rather than "motivates" them. Motivating means getting someone to do what you want them to do. Inspiring someone means you celebrate who they are, believe in them, and want to bring out the best in them.

Back in January, I released this pattern "Rabbit Romance." I sell the pattern, as well as, the floss and wool kits in my SHOP. It's a fun pillow to make.

My friend Kris, from Kris Loves Fabric, won the pattern in my giveaway and then purchased the wool and floss kit. She told me she loved the pattern and the kit, but didn't need a pillow. What she needed was a table topper.

This is what she was "inspired" to create! Isn't it wonderful? Woo hoo! I think it is so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing this with me Kris. :)

So whether you make my patterns exactly like mine, or add your own little twists and flourishes, please know it is truly an honor and brings me great joy to inspire you to create something with your own hands.  Let your light shine!

Have a fun and creative day and me and the bunnies will see you right back here on Wednesday.

Michelle, Harrington and Hannah  


Anonymous said...

wow Shell this is gorgeous and i love the variation as well.xx

Sparklyjools said...

Great designs and a brilliant, inspiring, designer = Our favourite Raspberry Rabbits!

Kris did a lovely job.x

krislovesfabric said...

Thanks for including my little variation today :) I truly enjoyed stitching it and let me say I love the other notion I recently purchased from your shop...that Shades SoftFuse is amazing...I will get so much more done now that I don't have to stop and un-gummify my needle all the time!! Thanks for highlighting it and for your wonderful designs.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ooooooo....anything made with LOVE and BUNNIES for those who love them will inspire and create a bond. Your designs are special sweet friend! LOVE TO YOU and the buns! Anita

Starr White said...

A lovely variation, indeed! Michelle, you are an inspiration to me, and I don't even know you. Your creativity and energy and optimism really shine through in your lovely creations and your blog. You're always a bright spot in the blogosphere. Keep shining!! :))))

Little Miss Titch said...

Both are fantastic Shell,I'm rubbish at sowing and needle work but I'm good at my own things like painting and do inspire me but to do more at what I am good at,hope you had a great weekend,xx Rachel and Speedy

Jeanette said...

Do love the table topper. Must keep that in mind as i'd like both pillow & topper. :) Hugs,xx.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

They are so lovely! I love the colors! :)
Thank you so much for your lovely blog!
Hugs, Ulla
Ulla's Quilt World

Sparky said...

how lovely a pic, a prorject a always manage to stitch such lovely threads into all of our hearts

RG said...

I'm inspired! I'm inspired! Give me a needle, give me some thread, give me some cloth ... ouch ... give me a band-aid.

Although I must proudly admit, I can sew a button on and I know exactly where to push the needle up from the back so it slips right through the hole I need it too - an amazing skill - never miss.

Raewyn said...

Kris has reinterpreted and converted your pattern beautifully. I love the colours she has used.

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