Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Securing Christmas and Hopping into 2019

Hi ya!

Thanks so much to everybunny who left a comment about me blogging again. I must say, I'm really happy to be back. I am truly looking forward to some fun times ahead!

So, how was your Christmas? Sabrina decided this was the best place to wait for Santa.

David and I started a tradition five years ago. We have a lovely Christmas Eve dinner and then go to the movies and eat a big bucket of popcorn on Christmas day. hee,hee,hee. It's fabulous! We went to see Aquaman. It was just ok in my opinion. I would rather have seen Mary Poppins, but David isn't keen on musicals.

I decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and while I have loved having my cottage decorated for the season, I decided today, as my friend Captain would say, to "Secure Christmas," which means put everything away.

Ever since Hurricane Florence, I feel like my little Bayfield Cottage has been in a state of "dirty." Now, local friends will say I'm nuts because I'm a clean freak, but you know how it is when it's your own home. The windows need cleaning, the baseboards need dusting, the cupboards and closets need to be cleaned out and everything needs to be tided.

Plus, David is off work for 12 days and is painting "Bunnyville" for me!!! I guess I'm just excited to have a fresh studio and I want everything to be ship shape before January 1st.

Speaking of January 1st, my "Within and Inch of Your Life" project/challenge will kick off then. If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you will have seen my daily 1" hexies that I have been stitching every day since my 50th birthday on March 27.

I have had so many friends interested in doing their own piece, that I have decided to start a Facebook group "The Raspberry Rabbits - Within and Inch Club." Here I will share some inspiration and fun ideas on what you can stitch and how to put them together in unique ways. It will also be a place for friends to share what they are stitching, encourage each other and to stay motivated. We are going to have such a fun adventure together!

The club is FREE to join on Facebook and I still have some supplies available if you need them. Hop on over to my SHOP. 

Henry and Hannah continue to do very well. However, I still cannot put them together unsupervised in the same condo yet as Henry is like a toddler. I'm constantly telling him to "get out of there, put that down, stop pulling on the pen, don't dig the carpet, you can't chew that, stop pestering Hannah" and so on.

In addition to things like "Henry.... why did you put your toy in your water bowl?

"Ummmmm... it wasn't me."

Hee, hee,hee. The little bugger just cracks me up! Anyway, until he can calm down a bit, I don't want him pestering Hannah. My old girl likes her stuff they way it is and especially likes her own potty. ;)

See ya back here next week and looking forward to hopping into 2019!

Hoppy New Year,
Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina Kitty too


Unknown said...

Michelle, you're bunny tales are so fun! I see in the photo that H & H are lying side by side though separate by the "border wall". Are they bonding in that way? Sabrina still not a big fan of Henry? Do cats and bunnies normally get along?.
Your Christmas tradition sounds like a fun idea! Thanks.

Jenny Bonynge said...

Your “inch” project has been fun to follow as you come up with creative ideas expressing your daily impressions. And it is is fun to see your new furry friend adapt ( and YOU as well!) to this new environment. Thanks for sharing! 💓

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Henry is just a new little boy with his own personality. Love the inchies, but I can't work with wool. A fresh coat of paint is always an opener.

Erica said...

So very wonderful to have you back. Here's to happy times!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweetest Shell, good morning! Hello Henry (Your Majesty) and greetings, HANNAH!

I've been off of work and will return next Wednesday. I woke up this morning thinking that it's time to put things away too. What fun it's been enjoying all the lights, but I'm starting to put things away one by was a special Christmas, just me and Ruben, and we danced on Christmas Eve in what I call my "Ballroom" - I'll never forget that moment.

Well my pal, welcome back to blogging. I still have mine open, but with my photography, I'm staying on Instagram. Either way, I hope to always be connected to YOU and to all those women who have made such a difference in my life for 11 years! HAPPY 2019!

Createology said...

Love you blogging more often dear. Within an Inch will be a very fun challenge for 2019. I have enjoyed your inchie adventures. Hannah and Henry and Sabrina are precious. New fresh paint and a new fresh year...Hoppy Beginning.

Michele with one L said...

I have been lurking in the background of your blog and fascinated in your hexie project. I definitely plan on joining your Facebook group.
Looking forward to 2019.

Petal49 said...

Happy New Year Michelle and I am looking forward to the inchie (is that a word?) program. I hope it doesn't take too long before you bunnies can be living together. I know mine love sitting as close to each other as possible even on a hot summer's day.

Judy1522 said...

I am happy you will be blogging a little more as your blog is one that I really look forward to reading. Your bunnies are soooo cute!

Sherri said...

Michele, I am so glad you are blogging again!! I love your Bunny stories and adventures. I'm sure Henry will settle down soon. I bet he just loves living at your house :)!! I look forward to your posts in 2019 and beyond!!! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

My Christmas is all secured too. The house looks a little strange without all the decoration especially the Christmas tree but it just means i can put my regular decorations back. :) Henry is just so darn cute. Hope he settles down soon. Hugs, xx

tink's mom said...

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaack. Loved the photos of the kids. Makes me oh so Happy.

speedyrabbit said...

he's a rambunctious fella ain't he?love your tree,xx Rachel and Speedy

Jindi's Cottage said...

Fun to read tales of the bunnies again...enjoy your freshly painted Bunnyville...Happy New Year!

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