Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Scenes from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

Helloooooooooooo! I can't believe two weeks has already passed since I was headed to Virginia for the quilt festival. Time is flying I tell ya! hee,hee,hee.

The festival was interesting this year as I was a vendor rather than a patron. I got to see so many friends/customers and met a bunch of new friends too! I'm grateful that my dear friends, Molly and Babs and my Sis-in-Law, Lea were there to help me. I'm also grateful that my other dear friend, Shannon Shirley, was there to help me break everything down. Good gracious it is a ton of work to vend a show.

Let's start off the virtual quilt show with my booth. What do you think? I really love how it looked. Everyone kept telling me they have never seen anything quite like my style. That made me smile really big!

This is me, Molly and Babs as we headed out that morning. My little Bunnymobile was packed to the hilt! David couldn't believe I managed to get everything in there. If there is a will, there is a way. ;)

Here we all are at my booth after set up. Yaaaaaaaaay!

Ok, now onto the quilts and the stories and makers behind each one.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these. Do you have a favorite? I will have more quilts to show you next week.

Until then, sending you hugs and creative inspiration,



WOW--I loved your booth--how pretty and to see all your work displayed like that must of been a thrill--hope you did well sales wise too--
love all the display quilts--but way too much work ---
I thought that horse one would jump right off the quilt--wonderful!
enjoy the moments, di

Connie the Cootiebug said...

I'm so excited for you. Your booth is wonderful and it looks quite roomy too. What an awesome pictorial quilt show on your blog. Amazing talent!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your booth looks fabulous as it should with all your wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing all the lovelies today. I love to see the handquilting in big shows (a dieing art I am afraid), but it was a thrill to see so many that were done on a home machine.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shell:
What gorgeous works of art! While all of them are stunning, I have a few personal faves: Hanna (the yellow Lab - of course!); Woodland Home (the Tree with the white bird. WOW!!); A Joyful Noise (All those beautiful birds!); and the scene with the sheep. They're all so wonderful, it was really hard to choose. I'm also fond of the white, quilted, strapless dress. You know what I've been planning to make for our quilt show, right? We spoke about it years ago. It's time I jump in and do it now!

I'm so glad you had fun at the show. I've been on both sides of the table, too. First as a buyer for Stitches, and then as a designer for Brynwood. I did love setting up and seeing my shop owners and fellow vendors. So many happy memories. Congratulations on what I know was a successful trip!

Valerie Reynolds said...

To stand out in style is so very wonderful!! SMILES!! And oh my what wonderful highlights. These quilts are A M A Z I N G!! Thanks for sharing!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


At first I thought, "THE LAB" is my favorite, then hands down, it's THE WHITE HORSE! Goodness, what you women can do it outrageously impressive. I've never seen such quilt. LOVE!

jsews said...

You know I loved that white Dress! Such beautiful creations, thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Nice work! Can you get those beautiful quilts donated to us poor Pacific Northwesterners who have not seen the sun for 40 days nor had weather above or even close to normal and are COLD! ???? We have a wonderful Quilt museum here in La Conner, WA and could donate them all there when we are through.

Judy1522 said...

Your booth looks wonderful and the comment about your style is the way I feel also. I think everyone of the quilts is my favorite, they are all beautiful. If I had to pick one it would be Woodland Home.

Createology said...

Michelle Dear your booth is as cute and sweet as you are! So much inspiration and awe in all of these incredible quilts. I also love the quilted wearables. I would never want to be a judge and leave anyone out of a special ribbon win! Stunning show! <3