Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Once in a Rabbit Moon - Shannon Shirley

I think this was perfect timing for this post. Did you get to see the harvest moon the other night? I didn't, Dag-Nab-It! It has done nothing but rain and rain and rain around here. At least I got to see all the photos that were posted.  It looked amazing.

So in honor of the harvest moon, I am delighted to invite you to take a hop down the rabbit hole into the home of my dear bunny friend and fellow designer, author and instructor, Shannon Shirley of Once in a Rabbit Moon.

Shannon's home blew me away the first time I visited and it was every bit as special this time. Her home is filled with so much warmth, comfort and charm. I guess that's what happens when one decorates with quilts and bunnies. ;)

This is the room I stayed in. I literally have to hop up into the bed. It is so tall!

These gorgeous quilts are on a ladder in the room.

The bunnies watched over me while I slept. 

One of Shannon's friends gave her this bunny. He looks a little sad. I think he wants to join the party on top of the closet. hee,hee,hee.

When you walk up the stairs, you are greeted by these embroidered beauties. 

At the bottom of the stairs, Shannon hung these. Which one is your favorite?

This is the closet in the guest bedroom. Yes, she said I could take a photo. I wasn't snooping! hee,hee,hee. These are just some of her quilts. The woman has TONS! I don't think she has given any away in all the years she has been quilting.

I love these. They hang above an old church pew in her dining room. Don't you love the tree skirts too?

This is her living room. It's full of wonderful vignettes. 

Like this one above the fireplace. If anyone ever finds that rabbit weather vane, please, please, please get it for me! It was from Target many years ago and I want one!

This is Shannon's newest masterpiece. The old bottle collection on the shelf above was the inspiration. 

Check out the detail. The bottles are embroidered, the daffodils are three dimensional and the stems were created using Inktense pencils. FABULOUS!!! 

Here she is with her award winning piece at the Virginia State Fair. 
 Oh and she also one a ribbon for her wiggle worm quilt. Cute!

This is a thread sketched family photo. It hangs in her Mum's space, which is the lower portion of Shannon's home.

This is just so fun. Bunny cookie cutters on top of a coat rack. Sweet!

This Jim Shore piece is in the powder room. If anyone ever finds this, I want it too!

Hello little bunny peaking out from the bucket. 

This is a beautiful cross stitch piece. I know a lot of people have started cross stitching again. Have you?

I think these towels look so gorgeous hanging next to this antique chair. She has so many antique pieces throughout her home.

This is Shannon's sweet girl, Rylie. (Mum, Shell wants us to move to Wilmington. She said we would have so much fun together.)

Don't you just love these little washboards going down the stairs to her Mum's space? 

I am in looooooooove with Shannon's newest class. She will be teaching you to make your very own hex sign. There are different elements you can applique to the circle to create a piece that represents you and your family. FUN!

This is a piece she was designing for a challenge. She enters all sorts of quilt challenges. I have never entered one. Have you?

This is my favorite wall in her classroom. I'm sure you know why. ;)

This is another wall in there. 

And here is another view. Shannon was busy working while I was photographing her house. 

That cabinet is filled with all sorts of wonderful goodies. 

These beautiful samplers are in the foyer.

Shannon travels all over giving classes and lectures on her amazing work. Take a hop over and book a date with her!  I know first hand you will be in for super treat!

Thanks so much for another wonderful visit dear friend! I can't wait until we see each other again.

On a final note, when I got back from teaching in Virginia, I went and got a new hairdo. You may have seen it on Facebook already. Sometimes a girl just needs a "do-over." hee,hee,hee

Hugs and see ya next Wednesday. I will be celebrating 8 years of blogging with a special giveaway! :)



Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a comfy, inviting place. The log cabin quilt caught my eye. I do love the pieces that start as a 'sketch' and then expand into different colors/layouts.

Melody said...

thank you so much for sharing your friends wonderful home

Jules Woolford said...

What a talented and creative lady! I love Rylie

Sandra Kaye said...

Very cool house!!!! And a nice big art room... Cool!!! Love the hairdo:)

Pat said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour. I think I am going to start hanging my quilts everywhere instead of folding them and putting them in baskets. I love all of her quilts. What a wonderful place to stay.

I will keep my eye out for the weather vanes for you. I think I need some too. lol

Rita Rennels said...

I feel like I've just been an a wonderful tour. Thank you so much for sharing. Rita Rennels

Janet said...

What a fun post...loved it :)

Janet said...

What a fun post...loved it :)

Janet said...

What a fun post...loved it :)

Createology said...

Shell you have the very best friends and thank them for sharing their homes and Creative Bliss. Shannon's quilts are stunning. I already love her newest Rabbit Over the Moon. Simply lovely home with sew much personality.

Allie-oops Designs said...

I am TOTALLY in love with Shannon's home....and her quilts!!! The hex sign really intrigued me, I have one from a friend's old cottage and was thinking of making a mini-quilt with it - really love that idea!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW DO! And, you still look so much like my beautiful cousin, MICHELE!

OK, that looks like such an enchanting stay for you my friend! OUR BED is exactly like that too, and I have to always hop into bed too!

Well, I fell asleep too early on the couch the other night, so I too missed seeing the large moon.....drats! I'll never see it since it will be back that large in 2035! OH WELL!

Bunny blessings to you dear friend.

Nancy said...

Oh My!! I've just read your last two entries. You have such great friends with such fabulous quilting spaces! What prolific and talented quilters they are. The quilt world is the best place to be. I'm swiveling over to my machine as soon as I hit send. :-)

JudyCinNC said...

What a beautiful stay you had with your wonderful friend - over the moon is so right!!! I love Shirley's little Histology quilt (I think that is what it is) and would love a class on that. Very special.

Your new "do" is so "you" - I really believe the lighter hair color always softens the face. The older we get the more softening we need and is the reason I have white hair now. Hee, hee.

Know you must be getting excited and wanting to get settled in your new home. I will be looking for a weather vane - I love shopping for others. Hugs from Judy C

Jackie said...

Beautiful post! Love the new hairdo....

tink's mom said...

What a wonderfully inviting home. Her work and collections are showcased beautifully. Thank you for sharing it with us. Oh, I love what you've done with your hair.Very becoming.

Shasta Matova said...

Wow, this is a beatufiul house with so much inspiration. Thank you for the tour!

Barb said...

What fun stuff...enjoyed this post so much...inspiring

Jillayne said...

Love these posts about homes and quilts Shell... inspiration around every corner. I don't think I have seen that many quilts made by one person before these two gals - I seem to either sell or give most of mine away, and have just one displayed. I do have a two or a dozen for me that are in progress - why is it that when we make things for ourselves, they wait until last to be finished.
The weather vanes you're hankering after are so beautiful - I'd love them myself! If I ever happen upon one, I'll get it for you, and if you've already found yours then I'll have it for myself!
Fingers are crossed...