Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Friends Down the Rabbit Hole

One of my most favorite things about my Folk Art Fusion play dates and chats is the new friends I make. As you know, I recently fell down the rabbit hole to Lee's Summit, Missouri. It was a wonderful adventure with so many fun and creative people. I will share photos from the guild meeting and my class next week. But today, I have a special treat to share with you.

Nancy Solsberg, the Vice President of the guild, and her husband, Steve, invited me to stay with them while I was in town. I know many quilt teachers prefer to stay in a hotel, but I'm a people person and I truly love to meet new people, see their creative spaces and hear their stories. To me it is way more fun than watching TV alone in a hotel room.

You know I'm known as the crazy bunny lady, but now I think I have actually met the crazy quilt lady! Take a hop with me down the rabbit hole into Nancy's creative world.

This is the quilt in my room. It's so warm and welcoming. 

Nancy has made hundreds of quilts and many are displayed throughout her home. You know I loved this quilt. The pattern is from Bunny Hill Designs.

This one was a round robin.

These are in the master bedroom.

This is a T-shirt quilt she made Steve. I know my friend, Cindi Lane, would want to steal it! ;)

A card trick quilt. This was the first pattern/class I ever taught.

Nancy's dad made many of the quilt racks throughout her home.

Look at the size of this beauty! That's Steve (aka Mr. Postie) peeking out from behind the quilt. Steve is a retired Mailman.

Around every corner there is another quilted item to be found.

Check out this beauty on her design wall. She still has another row to go around the outside. Incredible!!!!

Here's a close up of the quilt above. The fabric is all teacups.

You know I had to take a close up of this block. ;)

I really loved this embroidery for making a memory quilt.

Peggy Geier, I know you want to steal this one. Thimbleberries!

This is Nancy's studio. She doesn't like to call it a studio and calls it a sewing room. It's way to big and awesome to call it that. The crazy quilt lady needs a nifty name for this space. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking Nancy's nest, the Sewing Lab, the Creative Cave. Hmmm...

She is a long arm quilter too!

This was a cute little panel she found at a shop. I know she will make something fun with it.

I know a lot of Aussie gals making these Lucy Boston blocks. They are called Patchwork of the Crosses. I think they are sooooooooo gorgeous!

All that English paper piecing!

This is a bag to carry all your supplies to class. It's called the Beatle Bag and has lots of storage compartments inside.

Nancy grew up in Michigan where her family has a dairy farm. She took a class from David Taylor and made this quilt of one of the barns.

This is a photograph of her friend's goat, Jethro. Isn't he just the sweeeeeeeetest little thing?

Here is Jethro in the process of becoming an art quilt. I loooooooooooove him!! I want to hang this up in my house!!

She had lots of mini quilts hanging up too. This one is so cute with the thirties fabrics.

This is called Twilling. Nancy showed me how to do it. It' was really cool!

This is only one area of her fabric stash. She has tons and tons of fabrics. Like TONS!

This is a table topper she made in a class.

I loved this bowl sitting on the classroom table. Nancy has class every week. I know everybunny must have a great time!

I am loving these April Cornell fabrics. Of course my last name is May...that might be it too. ;)

They are so cheerful!

Nancy designed this row by row quilt. I love those spools!

And lastly, another gorgeous quilt for her bed.

Steve (Mr. Postie) and Nancy were so much fun to hang out with. They made me feel welcome and cooked the most delicious vegetarian dishes for me. Thank you!!!

Steve sent me home with some barbecue sauce for David. Steve and Nancy said Kansas City, Missouri is known for their barbecue. I know David will enjoy this very much.


The best part of hopping down rabbit holes is the new Forever Friends I find.
Hugs to you Crazy Quilt Lady! :)

I'll see you back here next Wednesday with photos from my class and the Lee's Summit guild show and tell. Now I better get packed. I'm headed to Virginia this weekend for another adventure down the rabbit hole with the Cabin Branch Quilters.

Light, love and hugs,


KaHolly said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! Thinking of you today as I prep a teapot (finally). Going off for a few days and thought it would be a great take along! Boy, there sure I'd a lot of fiddly cutting! I stop and cut for a few minutes every time I make a pass by the crafts counter. XO

Jules Woolford said...

(You made it! :)) What an amazing array of work. I love Jethro and his portrayal is fab! Thanks for sharing this wonderful peek into Nancy and Steve's lovely warm home - much, much nicer than a hotel room! x

Lesley said...

Holy Moly, I am so impressed with your new quilty friend! What an amazing array of quilts! Thanks to you both for letting us share in her quilty goodness!

Jeanette said...

Oh my. What a beautiful collection of quilts. Love the craft room. Have fun in Virginia. Hugs,xx

Frog Quilter said...

I would feel right at home at Nancies Hive. Love seeing all the quilts.

Shirley said...

Hi Shell, I am so glad that you enjoyed our neck of the woods. Nancy's quilts are beautiful and I love how she has them displayed all over her house. How you could dream to have a large area like hers to work in with ever you do. I thought about you maybe next time we can hit connections. Have fun in Virginia. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a wonderful place to stay, visit, be inspired, surrounded by such quilty goodness. I wouldn't want to leave! Oh what a wonderful room, too. Not a nest, or cave, or room - it's an Emporium. A large place to inspire, craft, share, and be embraced.

tink's mom said...

What a wonderful place to stay. Lovely people and fantastic quilting. And new friends, like icing on the cake.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Whew! I hope you stopped taking pictures long enough to eat! That woman almost has a man-cave there! Where do you find people like this?

Where is the farm in Michigan? Maybe I have been there.

Nancy Solsberg said...

I'm sort of liking Nancy's Nest....thank you Michelle. Michelle was a delight to have as a house guest and I so enjoyed getting to know her, and yes, I have a new friend. Im thinking I need to make a sign to hang up using her folk art fusion methods.
After looking at some of the pictures I realized I should have done a better job cleaning, but I've run out of place to tuck things away. After Michelle I found a stack of small quilts I didn't show her and a stack in the closet that was mostly throws and table runners.
She didn't get to see ALL of my tops that still need to be quilted........been in a rut but trying to get out of it. Maybe her visit was what I need to get going again!
The family farm is located in Spring Arbor, MI. My grandfather was one of the founders of Loud's Dairy, which became Loud and Jackson's and later All Star Dairy. There used to be an amazing ice parlor known for their wonderful ice cream creations.
Thank you Shell for your wonderful visit. Mr. Postie is still getting used to his new nickname.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOOOOOOO! Now that was amazing! Shell, you are the most precious petite friend.....first of all, Nancy has a super organized STUDIO! The fabrics are neatly folded and she even has a grand TV down there! NICE! And her home is lovely, just favorite quilt is the bunny quilt with the rabbit riding a chicken...teeheheheeheee

Talk about inspiration for your had it all around you while you lodged at her home! Fantastic. Love how so many people (myself included) find a passion and just live it out. AWESOME.

Big hugs to you this morning; I am off to school.

Createology said...

Michelle you have to be the cutest and most fun addition to any home or class or group. Steve and Nancy have a true passion for the Art of Quilting. Her works are amazing! Thank you so very much for sharing...

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

My gosh, what an incredibly talented quilter! So many beautiful quilts, her whole home is wrapped in their warmth. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures, looks like you have found a new and very talented friend.

Susan Cruthers said...

I think " the crazy quilt lab" is a good name!

Christine M said...

So many beautiful quilts. Your eyes must have been popping, Shell! Thanks for sharing them with us. xx