Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Guild Show and Tell and a Sneaky Peeky

Hi ya! How was your weekend and your Monday? I was busy in Bunnyville working on some new designs and then catching up on paperwork.

Last Tuesday was my monthly guild meeting. We only had a few show and tells. I think the gals were still recuperating from Christmas. We did have six new people visit though! It was wonderful and I hope they decide to join us.

I have to start the show and tell off with this "Lazy Turtle Pincushion" that Holly made. Isn't it the cutest? This is a pattern from Just Another Button Company. I have met them at Quilt Market and I think their designs are delightful and so fun. Hop over and check out what they have to offer. I dare ya to try and resist purchasing a pattern. ;)

Holly also shared this quilt she won in a raffle from the mayor. I love the colors.  She had her picture taken with the mayor when she won the quilt. As the photographer was getting ready to take the photo, Holly exclaimed, "Oh look, I'm under the cover with the Mayor!" She is a total riot! The Mayor got a good laugh too.

Holly shared the tag with me. The quilt was handmade by a local lady. She has a little business making quilts to help support her family. Awesome!

Our lovely "Fashionista" Marlys, who is Holly's mom in law, has returned from Minnesota. She spends her winters here in NC and are we ever glad she does! She modeled her beautiful jacket for us. She also knitted the scarf.

Then Marlys showed us these faaaaaaaabulous minky infinity scarves she made. She told us that all the girls in the family got them as Christmas gifts. Can we say LUCKY!!! :) Have you ever felt minky? It is the softest stuff ever. Like a bunny!!! Holly received a red one, which I know looks beautiful on her with her strawberry blonde hair.

Marlys also made this wool chicken pincushion. Isn't he cute? Oh...and do you see how Marly's earrings match her jacket. I tell ya, this woman knows how to rock an outfit! :)

She found the little basket in a shop and decided the chicken needed it to roost in. She keeps all her little notions in the basket. I love it.

Pam shared this wonderful table runner. I love the striped binding.

Gerri shared this beautiful piece she made which will be part of our guild display at the local library. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of pattern. It's a gorgeous quilt and it has something to do with pottery. Wedgewood...something maybe? My mind just went totally blank.

Then Vicky shared these fun patterns which were designed especially for a local quilt fabric/home decor store, The Quilted Butterfly. It's really cool how these are put together. NO SEWING! It comes with a board that is like a self healing mat. You simply press the fabrics into the cracks of the board and then the board cracks close up and trap the fabric in place. I can't wait to see how these look finished.

We also had a wonderful program by Mary Henris. She shared with us about entering challenges and how important it was to pay attention to the rules. I was too busy paying attention to her program that I didn't take photos! Thanks for a great program Mary. :)

Finally, here is a sneaky peeky of my February Blessing of the Month. The pattern and a complete kit will be available on February 5th so stay tuned!

Ok, off to finish some paperwork. Have a fun day and we'll see you back here Thursday.

Light, love and blessings to you,

Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina kitty too!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think it just wonderful that you belong to your local guild. That turtle is just so cute and the little show and tell was delightful. I've been wanting to try the infinity scarf - never thought of minky, which I have lots of - thank you for that share.

Jules Woolford said...

I love your Guild meeting post. What fun! The turtle pincushion is A-dorable, I love it!

Elvira said...

Que preciosidades y la tortuga muy original y divina

Elvira said...

Que preciosidades y la tortuga muy original y divina

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Shell,

I am watching and reading, and I realize that we all need one another. Whether it's a quilting guild, a poetry group (like at my house) or a group of other like-minds, we need each other. Look at all the ideas here! THAT TURTLE and ROOSTER ARE DARLING! As I see your members, I think of the talented writers who come to my house, how thrilled we all are to stitch words into a poem.

The work here is stunningly imaginative, and I tell you, I am still trying to fit in some stitch time, but not only do I need some scissors, I need NEW GLASSES! I can't work any more with my current prescription!

Wishing you a delightful and perfect day in Bunnyville sweet sister. Anita

Kate said...

Fabulous 'show & tell', Michelle! The turtle pin cushion is so cute!!
Terrific post! :)

Starr White said...

Your guild meetings look like such fun. I've been thinking I need to get out and find some kind of creative group to join up with, but I'm so far out in the middle of nowhere. I can just see me sitting alone with crickets chirping in the background.


Thanks for the show and tell--enjoyed the photos--and some days I feel like that turtle--even the being upside down part!!!
Did get your Jan blessing done--posted it a couple days ago--did mine a bit different--but do enjoy it--though I think the frame should of been a slight bit bigger!!! Crazy me!!

Linda Schiffer said...

That pottery applique block looks like Rosewood from Maggie Walker. :)

I so enjoyed this post - love, love, love show & tell ... best part of any get together. :)

I really like the idea of the minky scarves - might have to figure out how to do that for my own covey of nieces.

:) Linda

Christine M said...

How cute is that little turtle!

Shannon Fawson said...

That is a darling turtle. I love to see what your guild is doing. The tree table runner is fun also.

Createology said...

I always enjoy seeing what the guild shares and how talented everyone is. That turtle is uber cute and I saw some others on their website I really like. Blessings sneak peek looks like it will be wonderful. Bustling Bunnyville and Sabrina Smiles...

Barb said...

That turtle is so adorable!!!

Marie said...

I'm tellin' ya, that turtle is just the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.