Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another week down and only four to go!

Here we go with week 46 of the Fellowship of the Flowers.

This week I added some beads and some gorgeous hand dyed yarn a friend gave me.

Here's how it looked before I stitched it. 

What an adventure this has been so far.

Coming up with a different color combination and stitch series on a flower every single week this year has been a fun challenge for me. Of course, it's also been a challenge to design and write patterns for twelve different projects on top of my other designs, but I did it! :) I think you will really enjoy the last two projects. I can't wait to show you.

Remember, you have until December 17th to join us. After that, all the patterns and projects will go away. The Fellowship Tab at the top of my blog will remain for one more year so those who are members can catch up. Click that tab for information on how to join.

See ya back here Friday with our first of the Five Friday Freebies using nothing but scraps!

Michelle and the fuzzy ones.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ah....yummmmmm.....this one is called Cranberry Goodness...those little beads remind me of cranberries! SHEESH, am I always hungry or something when I come to visit you? I always see food flavors in your art!!!!

Have a super fun day dearest Shell! Anita

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Love it! I adore blocks with "windows" in them to see other fabrics. I've been using that element a lot in my designs, too. Have a super day!

Penny P said...

Your Quilting Arts episode finally aired on the PBS station that I watch! Meanwhile, I've been collecting the patterns for this year but disappointed that I haven't yet been able to get started.

Createology said...

Michelle Dear you are amazing. To continue to inspire us with your Fellowship of the Flowers week after week is quite the task. I adore how you create sew many different looks. This one is like a Tropical Sorbet. Creative Bliss...

Rabbits' Guy said...

I'm usually hungry too!

Seems to me, years ago, stringing beads was what was done in Mental Institutions. Now it is art!

But so too, the Native Americans did some amazing bead works!

Rosa said...

As always another fabulous block.Great job!!

Hope you are having fun with your wool scraps.Can´t wait to see what have you done.

Have an amazing day.

Denise :) said...

Aaaaah!!! I love this little flower! The beading on it is so very sweet!! Your work just makes my heart *smile*! :)