Friday, May 9, 2014

Hoppy Friday! Beauty in the Weeds

Hoppy Friday!  

The other week I was looking at all the beautiful flowers, bushes and lawns in my neighborhood. Everything has come to life in the gorgeous Spring weather. As I took my morning walks, I had to chuckle because I am terrible at growing things. Now I probably could learn to grow stuff, but I guess I would rather grow things in my imagination and turn them into wool and fabric projects. :)

As I walked, I got to thinking about weeds. Yep, weeds. I thought about how weeds don't need any special attention.

They can grow and thrive just about anywhere and just as happy living in a sand pit, crack in the sidewalk, or the pristine lawn. 

I began to wonder about the person(s) who determined that weeds weren't "wanted or pretty?" It wasn't a lady bug. Ladybugs seem to like the weeds.

Who was it that said, "You don't belong and you should leave?"

Then I thought about all the money people spend on weed killer to rid themselves of the hideous weeds that don't belong.

David spends hours and hours pulling weeds from the lawn. Why?

Clover feeds the honey bees who give us the most wonderful clover honey and bunnies think it's super tasty too. Not to mention, finding a clover with four leaves is lucky! :)

This weed has little hearts for its leaves.

Is this really ugly? To me and bunches of little children who feel the same, it is beautiful and should be picked and put in a vase.

I guess I just find beauty in unwanted things like stray animals, old houses, strange people and yes, even weeds.

I tend to look at things with an artist's eye. This weed would make a beautiful Folk Art Fusion piece. Look at those points!

This leaf is simply stunning.  I've seen plastic stuff like this that people put in their fish tanks!

Who can resist the beautiful combination of purple and green?

To me this weed looks like a bunch of lanterns in a fairy world.

The texture and color of this weed is so cool.

I must introduce my new friend. This is Sophia Car-di-nal. I found her on my morning walk yesterday. She was in a car accident and was just sitting on the sidewalk. I sat down on the sidewalk and after a bit of chat I told her I would come back and get her if she hadn't flown away. She was still there 30 minutes later. There was no blood, her beak looks ok and she spread her wings. I think her insides are just hurting. I made her a condo in the bunnies to go box, got seed from my neighbor and gave her fresh water. She's on my back porch so she can hear the other birds. I'm not sure if she'll make it, but at least she's safe from predators and naughty neighborhood children. I'm keeping bunny ears crossed she'll soon be able to fly back to her family.

Have a very hoppy Friday and may you find beauty in all your weeds.
Michelle and the bunnies 


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Shell,

Loved seeing all the beautiful flowers and plants on your walk. The lady-bird is sweet.
Yes, I agree that even the weeds are lovely.
Do hope little Sophia cardinal makes it - poor sweet birdie.
Happy weekend and hugs to you and the bunnies.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Always rescueing - weeds and birds. I find delight in some of those wonderful flowers, leaves and textured colours. Hope Sophia thrives under your watchful eye.

speedyrabbit said...

I onle take the weeds out of the flower bed as I am trying to grow stuff for Speedy,if its in the grass its stays as I have wild tunneling bees in the front garden,plus it makes great hay for Speedy later in the year too,Yes I am glad his check up when well too,hugs to you and the Bunnies,xx Rachel

Kristy said...

What wonderful pictures and sweet thoughts. I so enjoy reading your blog. I saw lots of wonderful appliqué quilt ideas from your weed pictures! Thanks for sharing. Hope little birdie is doing better! K-

Christine M said...

What great photos, Shell. Weeds always do grow so well and they have lovely flowers! I hope your new little friend recovers quickly. Have a lovely weekend. Hoppy Friday to you all. Hugs, Christine

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhhhhh....I am breathing a huge sigh of joy as I read every single syllable, word, sentence. Weeds evoke so many ideas and I think we were meant to ponder on the conundrums of life, and weeds are one of them. People do find it necessary to pull them (RUBEN TOO!)or add harmful chemicals to the bunnys' dinner table! As long as it's green and it's mowed, KEEP IT! My boxwood garden for some reason is free from weeds, but our weeds grow on the grass where Natasha, Boris and new spring buns love to chomps. Without the weeds, no bunnys!

Little miss Cardinal is glorious. No matter how many days she survives, she will have been touched by an angel, to give her a peaceful passing or a bright future. I remember last summer, we were walking on a hot and bright morning. On the sidewalk, was a dear little mouse on her side, her tail barely moving. We thought she was on her way OUT. Ruben found a scrap of paper in the street, scooped her up, then set her in a shady fern garden on the sidewalk garden. We took our walk and 3 miles later, we returned. Oh Michelle, we went to go see if she was still in the fern patch, and SHE WAS THERE but with the biggest and brightest eyes and she actually looked happy! Ruben had yet again saved another creature. We walked away in awe.

Thank you my friend, for being who you are. LOVE!

Liriopia said...

A "weed" is a plant growing in, what we determine to be, the wrong place. Funny thing is, some of the those weeds eventually become coveted garden plants. Black-eyed Susans come to mind!

Natascha Rieper said...
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Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful blog post about weeds. I've always agreed, and look for the beauty in all things. As a child, I would look at the weeds outside the car window and think, "Not one of them is insignificant. They all matter. They are all beautiful in their own way and should be recognized." Good luck with nursing the Cardinal. One of the few creatures that mate for life. I hope she will be okay. Have a super day!

Natascha Rieper said...

I thought the same thing weeds are so pretty when they flower. I like to imagine when I see the weeds flowering what the Pioneers must've seen when everything was natural. Poor little cardinal. They are one of my favorite birds!

Loris said...

I'm with you on the weeds! So many beautiful ones and they perk up some lonely spots sometimes.
Thank you for your tender care to Sophia! She is so beautiful I hope she heals up and feels better. God loves those creatures so I'm praying for her too.
Hoppy Friday hugs to all of you.

tink's mom said...

Love this posting. Your thoughts are so on the money. The pictures are wonderful as is your view of life in general. Good thoughts to you and Sophia.

Createology said...

My friend who has a Master's Degree in Horticulture says weeds are just plants in the wrong places. I too adore them all and love to watch them sprout and bloom. Mr. C however wants them all gone. Lovely post dear. I do hope Sophia Cardinal will be just fine with your tender loving care. Birdie Blessings...


You made those 'weeds' have a happy day--they were photoed and shared and enjoyed by many--not many 'weeds' can say that!!!
thanks for working to heal the bird--
love, di and miss gracie
and thank you soooo much for B-day email card--I just loved it and it made my day.

Annette F Tait said...

such beautiful flowers Shell! I never use the word weed :) in my life all plants are beautiful and have a treasured place
love Sophia, hope she is recovering well xxx

Rabbits' Guy said...

Maybe you could get one of those "Native Plants and Weeds of the East Coast" books and become an expert!

Luck with the bird ...

speedyrabbit said...

Hope Miss Sophia Cardinal is doing well,xx Rachel

ozone3 said...

My thoughts are: a plant is only a weed if it grows where you don't want it. Even a "real" flower can be a weed if you don't like where it is. If I have weeds in my flower beds and they have beautiful flowers on them...they stay!!

almtsbb said...

I think the term is wild flowers not weeds. Love your pictures.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

I'm with you Shell, love my weeds! And I hope your lovely little cardinal makes it, the poor wee thing. Bless you for taking care of her <3

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Thank you so much for this post. For years I had bees, and now they are all gone. I miss them. I want them back. Thank you for caring for Miss Sophia.