Friday, April 11, 2014

Hoppy Friday!

Sooooooooooo, did ya have a good week? Did it go as fast as mine? Has Spring finally started to show up in your neck of the woods?

This week I'm hoppy and grateful for having a job that inspires others to have fun and create.

My new friend/customer, Lilia saw my little Conrad on episode 1305 of Quilting Arts TV.

She was so excited to make him and asked me if I had a wool and floss kit for sale. It was her birthday and she wanted to make this as a birthday gift for herself.

Here is how her Conrad turned out! Isn't this darling? I love how she added her touch with the pinked edge around Conrad and the carrot tops. Sweet!

I love the little stand he sits on. So cute! Great job Lilia and happiest of birthdays to you my friend!

You can go HERE and get the pattern. It's FREE! There are also lots of other fun patterns from me and my fellow artists on this series.

I have two kits left in my SHOP until next month if you want one.

This past Saturday, I was invited to a "Mad Housewife Wine/Apron" party in my favorite place, Wilmington, NC. We were to wear an apron for the party.

Here I am with the apron I made (and finished 5 minutes before I had to leave!). I made this apron as a work apron when I teach etc. The glasses I'm wearing are not mine. We were all having our picture taken wearing them with the Mad Housewife lady. I'm thinking I may have to get some of these though. They are pretty fun!

This is Linda (now sporting the glasses) who hosted this delightful day. She is so talented, kind, funny and really knows how to throw a party!

Check out the centerpiece on her table. Cool huh?

We all went home with handmade gifts, full bellies and lots of smiles. Spending time with friends is always something that makes me happy.

So, what made you happy this week?

Michelle and the Bunnies


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the aprong - so you sweetie. What a fun event - never heard of the Mad Housewife (I'm usually standing behind the door).

Weekend-Windup said...

Your apron looks very beautiful. I love the color and the way you have used them. Bunny and carrots are good combination and they look good!

Loris said...

Fun! I love Lilia's version of Conrad!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Shell,

sounds like a fun week you had and like the apron you made - you look cute.
Wishing you a happy weekend

Hugs to you and the bunnies

Fiona said...

great apron for the mad housewifes.... what fun...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH HOW FUN! I know that if I would have been at this party, I would have worn my French maid apron! SUPER FUN, SHELL! What made me hoppy this week? Several things. Seeing my rabbit friends in the yard, nibbling the exposed grass, seeing the Chickadee family come back to move into the birdhouse, seeing Mr. and Mrs. Robinson the robins come back and talking to some blogger pals on the phone. In the middle of all this joy, I have vertigo, but the happiness does truly outweigh the imbalance. It really does.



I love love that apron, Shell!!!
and I am so glad that you have some fun friends to play with!!
And you have helped me 'solve' a problem--Do you remember about 3 years or so ago when my friend Mary, passed away?? that Christmas before she died , her and her family gave me a beautiful new mixer--welllll--
it sits on the kitchen counter, but I have never used it--but even with all the decluttering I am doing--I just can not bare to part with it--but now I have the greatest idea of how to display it--with flowers--thanks thanks thanks!!!
love, di and miss gracie

Jeanette said...

Love the apron. Hugs,xx

speedyrabbit said...

being out in the garden has given me the happy,with Speedy running around out there too,love the apron,and your friends little Conrad,happy weekend to you and the bunnies,xx Rachel and SPeedy

Jules Woolford said...

Sleep! I got up at 4am to go on a dawn chorus bird walk! It was worth it, but I didn't get to bed till midnight last night and I was shattered so just went back to bed for an hour!:)Love that apron - and you should get some of those glasses!:)x

Lisa Mikel said...

I love your apron, very cute! You look lovely in it. Lilian's version of Conrad turned out cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

Rabbits' Guy said...


Quilt Hollow said...

Love that center piece idea! Also wanted to say I finally got to see you on Quilting Arts! I was so excited that I hadn't missed it after all.