Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Meeting - Natascha Rieper

Good morning staff. How is everyone today? Is it me or are the weeks flying by faster and faster? Good grief! I always thought things would slow down when I worked from home. NOT! They're just more fun. ;)

Let's get our meeting started.

Today, I am delighted to introduce you to my new friend, fellow bunny owner/critter lover, incredible artist and new blogger, Natascha Rieper. Natascha and I were brought together by our love of bunnies. She not only loves bunnies, but she loves lots of critters. She has a horse, a bird and a cat too!

Then I found out that she is an incredible artist! This is a painting she did of her bunnies, Giddy and Baxter. Is this not incredible?!?

Next, she sent me photos of the condo she designed and painted for Giddy. Hello HGTV! Is this fabulous or what?!?! What a lucky boy to have such a posh place to hang out! He also has free range of her studio when she's home and also goes downstairs to be with the rest of the family for TV time. Giddy you are such a handsome boy. Auntie Shell wants to smoochie that face!

Baxter bunny passed away and she has recently adopted Gwenie from a rescue. What a beautiful girl she is. Gwenie and Giddy are still going through the "bonding" phase, which as we all know can take some time. Giddy is all for it, but Gwenie is playing hard to get.

However, Gwenie is rather fond of Tazzer's the cat. Tazzer's was adopted from a shelter and is such a lovey. I think this picture is so precious. Cat's and Rabbits are very clean animals. They groom themselves constantly. Bunnies normally groom each other, so to see Tazzers grooming Gwenie is priceless.

Not only does Natascha paint, but she also makes beautiful pottery and she made this incredible Santa! She sculpted the face, made the body and made all the clothes. Magical!

I encouraged Natascha to start a blog as I felt she had so much to share and was such a beautiful person. I'm so glad she took my advice and started blogging. I look forward to following her adventures. I do hope you will hop over and visit with her. Tell her Shell and the bunnies said hi.

Ya'll have a wonderful and magical week. Keep a smile on your face, your face to the sun, and know that you're special and you're loved. I'm so glad you can be here with me!

Meeting adjourned.
xx, shell, sugie and harrington


Allie said...

She is a lovely artist - cute bunnies too!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for the intro, Shell. I'll be visiting Natascha's blog to welcome her into the fold.
Have a wonderful week, my friend. Hugs from Kes and Fezzy to Sugie and Harrington.

Melody said...

Hi Shell and the bunnies,
Visiting your blog always makes me happy. I'm so happy, good and kind people like you, and now Natasha are in my blogging world.

Jan M said...

Wonderful that you are enjoying working at home, even if time is too fleeting! Thanks for the introduction to Natascha and her wonderful art. That Santa is spectacular!

Clovie Boy said...

Natascha's bunny painting is wonderful! I love Giddy's ears...

Maggey and Jim said...

I am hoppping over there now and love your stories.
Bunny HUgs,

Maggey and Jim said...

Hey Shell,
I hopped over but couldn't find a comment button or email?? She is going to be a good blogger to visit..

Jules said...

Fabulous art -and very cute bunnies too! Thanks Shell, I'll be hopping over to Natascha's blog later.x

Jules said...

Maggey and Jim are right Shell. I wanted to leave a comment but Natascha has not set a box up, and she has no e-mail address listed either - maybe you could let her know? Thanks Hon. x

Debora said...

It was nice to be able to visit Natascha's blog and her animals and art. It's too bad I can't leave a comment for her!


OH MY--I love all these bunnies--I really think I should get me a mini farm so I can have some-too!!!!
what an artistic person she is--I can see why you two became friends!!
Thanks for sharing her with the rest of us!!!
Hugs, Di

bunnythreads said...

thanks for sharing such a lovely friend-it is clear she is `truly' a sweetsie kind person--the way she looks with animals-adorable and they are all Adorable!!! Such beautiful artistry! I LOVE her bunny art.

Lisa Holtzman said...

Great post. Natascha is an amazing artist, and of course you know I love all the bunnies. The kitty and bunny photo is SO SWEET!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Shell, you're right -- that pic of her bunnies does remind you of the one with my Bully. Love it! She does great work. I'm hopping over to check out her blog now, I'll tell her you sent me. :)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, how did I miss this post?!

LOVE the work, LOVE the zoo!!! Tazzer's is SO pretty (Have I ever told you I was a cat fanatic long before I ever thought of keeping bunnies? Since I could talk everyone thought I'd grow up to be a crazycat lady, and I thought I WAS a cat!)

Must hop over and visit.

Thanks Shell!!!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh her painting looks great...and looks as though another brood of bunnies out there have a very good home with her, this does my heart good, thanks for sharing...I'am off to check out her blog:D