Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girls Night...Wish you Were Here

So David went to a big "car flee market, swap, lots of guy stuff, boring to me, go by yourself, I'd rather have root canal" thing. It was a 5 hour trip away. He took his friend, Eric, husband of my friend, Captain, with him.  What does that mean????? GIRLS NIGHT!!! Woo hoo! I do love to have Girls Night!

This was the table setting. Of course there was also wine glasses, but we had those in our hands! I made a raviola lasagna (no critter as I'm a vegetarian) that took 3 hours to prepare! We had sundried tomato Sicilian bread, delicious salad, appetizers and strawberry cake for dessert! Oh and we also had a chocolate red wine with the cake! It was so great! We were suppose to watch a "chic flick", but we all had soooooo much fun laughing and talking that it was 10:00 before we knew it!

I'm so incredibly blessed by my friends both in real life and in blogland. My friends range in age from 14 to 82. Each and every one is precious to me. Next time I think I'll have a virtual "girls night so that all of you can attend and we can LAUGH LIKE CRAZY together! Wine of course is optional. ;)



By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Shell, blow the optional wine, I say make it compulsory! Sounds like a great night had by all.

Barb said...

How fun!!!

d. moll, said...

Sometimes you watch the chick flick and sometimes you are the chick flick, I would say in this the latter was true.

Anna said...

it's great to meet all kind of friends all over the world...I never could imagine this when I started blogging!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Michelle:
I'm so glad you had some time to kick back and have a little fun. You've been working so hard that it sounds like a perfect getaway. Hope your sweet David had a good time with Eric, too (although I'm quite sure they didn't spend the evening giggling. lol)
Have a great Sunday, girlfriend!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I would love to join you in a virtual party. It sounds like a lot of fun !

The French Bear said...

Shell, that sounds like such fun....we should do that this all night!!! Chocolate wine? That is interesting...might have to try that one!
I love the idea of the vegetarian lasagna.... I have a few good recipes.
Have a great week, hugs,
Margaret B

Hef's Mom said...

Tell me the next girls night and I'll fly down!

Lisa said...

Shell, that sounds so fantastic. I just ate lunch and you're still making me hungry!

♥ helen said...

Your table is beautiful and romantic. I`m glad you could spend some time with your friends.

Jules said...

Oh, please count me in! Your evening sounds wonderful- there's nothing quite like a good night with the girls! So glad that you had such fun (and your table tooks lovely).

Shirley said...

Doesn't the time absolutely fly by when you are having fun. It is so much fun when it is the girls day out. That is usually the Friday after Thanksgiving when we went shopping at Jamesport, Missouri when they had their craft festival. We would see so many things. I haven't gone the last couple of times for one it was cold and other things requiring my attention such as hubby.
I have eaten supper, but your lasagna sounds delicious. Have a wonderful week. Your Missouri Friend.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh I wish I could have been there...I do hope someday to meet you in person:D

Mistea said...

Sounds like the perfect night! Glad you got to enjoy some good food and good company while the boys did the boring boy thing!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Virtual Girls Night! Count me in! In addition to laughing like crazy, of course, we'll have to talk about bunnies. :)
Have a great day Shell!