Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hugs from Donna

I've mentioned many times before how much I love blogland and the fact that I can meet people from around the world without ever leaving my home. I truly love to read about people, their lives, their art and their critters. In fact, to me blogland is better than any TV show out there.

My friend Donna, of Brynwood Needleworks, is a true example of this. I have never met her in "person", but I feel as if I have known her my entire life. She is the kind of person that I would love to hang out with, create with, and share a lot of laughs with. She is real, genuine and truly a lovely person that I have been blessed by getting to know.

Donna has spoiled me with many gifts over the past year and the other day I received this.
A beautiful ATC that says hugs! How perfect is that since I sign most of my emails and correspondence with "hugs." Hugs of friendship! She sent me this for Valentines Day. I haven't received a Valentines in years and then there in the mail was this. Oh how I love it!

Donna is having a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her 300th post! Hop over and check it out! She always has fun giveaways and is one of the most creative people I know. The woman can do everything!! Tell her Shell sent you!

Donna, I'm forever grateful that wires, computers and blogs brought us together.

Hugs and Friends always,


Jocelyn said...

I really enjoy Donna's blog. She is always so friendly and uplifting.

Annette Tait said...

very touching! and wonderful that friendship flourishes online and in snail mail! a friend to treasure!

Barb said...

Blogging Friends are wonderful!!! What a nice gift!

Unknown said...

Great minds must think alike...I posted almost exactly the same post earlier today. :-)
More love for Donna!


Becca said...

what a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I am on my way over to check out her blog :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You're someone who is easy to love. I was happy to create this ATC just for you, my friend.
Thanks for posting about my giveaway, too! Good luck!

TARDE said...

Well, that was nice.

Sparklyjools said...

I have just popped over to Donna's blog, what a lovely lady and what a wonderful blog. Thanks again for introducing me.x

Shirley said...

Shell, I agree with you about the people that you meet. I have my favorites that I like to read. You do feel like you know them and it makes you feel so good when people visit. I have 19 blog followers and 84 that love my etsy shop. I just keep plugging away. We have had over 5" of very wet snow and I got sent home at about 1:30. I watched a school bus slide into a ditch when she turned the corner and saw an accident. I was glad to get home. Take care. Congrats on being published.

Rebecca said...

Hi Shell
How are the bunnies? What a nice gift you received...but then you are so loveable!
Have a great weekend

Susie said...

Hi Shell! I just left a comment on Donna's blog. Wow! 300 posts! What a celebration. Miss you!
Susie, The Polka Dot Rose

gail said...

Hi Shell, I hope you have had a very nice weekend in bunnyville. I love Donnas blog too. I have also had the privilege of meeting so many amazing women around the globe. I am like you, I would rather be online visiting my friends than in front of the tv.
Have a very pretty week, hugs, gail

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