Monday, July 14, 2008

Isn't She Lovely...Isn't She Wonderful...

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? This is my 91 year old grammy (Muriel) or as I call her, "Cutie", or as the great grandkids call her, "Moo Moo." I traveled to Virginia Beach this weekend (3 1/2 hours) to go and decorate her new apartment. Yep, she lives alone at 91. Cool huh? My sister and the three kiddo's came to help too. We cleaned, unpacked, organized, hung curtain rods and curtains, hung pictures, shredded paper, threw away expired mustard (what is up with old people and year old expired condiments?) and transformed my grammy's new pad into a stylish abode that she would feel comfy in. The hardest part was trying to keep 3 lively children from acting like 3 lively children on the third floor of an elderly apartment complex. I have to say though that they did remarkably well. Thank goodness for the carpet swiffer and polishing cloths. Cutie grammy was thrilled with the results and made me cry when she started crying and saying how beautiful it was.

We also took her on a shopping trip. She wanted to go to Walmart. Yuck, but hey this was her shopping trip. She was so darn excited to get out and go shopping. On the way there she told me she didn't think she could walk very far. I looked at her and said, "you won't be walking, you'll be riding the scooter shopping buggy." Boy oh boy was she excited about that! My sister went in got it all set up and off Cutie went. We walked around with her in Walmart for over 2 hours. We took stuff off of shelves, compared prices, ate samples, got decorations and just let her enjoy her adventure. When we got back in the car, she started to cry and said that she had the best time. She said for the first time in her life she was able to go into a store and not worry about a budget and could just ride along looking at things because no one was rushing her. I thought about all the people that passed by us and said how nice we were to be taking care of her, what good helpers she had, how special she must be. Hmmm come to think of it, she is special. Very, very, special and she's lovely and she's wonderful.

Have a fun week.

This week IGF my Cutie grammy, my sister and the three kiddo's


Susan said...

That made my afternoon...I loved my grandmother so, but she has been gone for many years Mother is 82 and she lives by herself...I will not make her leave the house unless she wants to! It is so important to have friends and family to share life with...
Susan *dutchrose*

Cottage Flair said...

That sounds like such a wonderful, caring adventure for all. How nice to spend such a great day with your grandmother. My grandmothers have both been gone for many years but I remember spending amazing days with both of them.

lisa said...

Shell ~

What a wonderful story, I really did not want it to stop. Your "Cutie" is just that adorable and very sweet.

What a wonderful adventure. What a fantastic memory.


Craft Diva said..., she is a beautiful soul and you guys are so sweet to take care of her so. i love that about you, dw! you can share a glass of wine with me in the garden any day!

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Michelle, that was just lovely. How wonderful, I'm sure you made her day. I really miss my Grandmas, they were both firecrackers in their own way. You are such a sweetie for helping take care of your lovely grandma.

Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

Michelle, what a beautiful day with your kids, your sister and you all spending time with your grammy and doing so many wonderful things for her!

BTW, I love your cute and sassy new do!

gail said...

Hi Michelle,,, I love that story. Grandmas are the best. I loved mine dearly, to this day she still is my favorite person and I miss her so much. I know it meant the world to her for you to make her day special! I try very hard to be the kind of Grandma mine was for me. If mine love me half as much as I loved her, I will be the luckest person on earth. Thanks for the memories.....and by the way, I love your haircut! I know I said it before, but is just soooo cute.. Oh yeah, give the bunny kids hugs from aunt pinkie gail

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Michelle, your grandma is very independent to be living alone at 91. My grandma has always been taken care of, and up till now, has my uncles and aunties living with her, she's in her 80s. Your grandma must have really enjoyed your company..You're just so sweet to bring her out for shopping.

Pei Li

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Michelle thanks for the memories and sharing these darling photos. My Grandmother was very special to me and I have many fond memories of days gone by. I'm so glad you had this time to share with your Grammy! That was a very sweet thing to do! God Bless You!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Michelle, Your post made me cry. I miss my grandmother so much... How wonderful that you were able to do those special things for your Cutie!
(( )) Karen

Susie said...

Michelle, How fortunate you all are to have your dear grandmother to spoil. That was beautiful what you and your sister did for her and it is so important for everyone to stay as independent as they possibly can. I could feel the love in your show and tell. Aw!
The Polka Dot Rose

Theresa said...

Now Michelle,
I came here looking for my requisite laugh, and I am leaving here crying. How could you, lol? Your cutie is so darn cute, and I am so happy that you still have her to decorate and care for. I miss my Grandmothers so much, but they would both be way over 100 years old now. So enjoy Cutie with a vengeance okay? And kiss her for me next time you can.....
Theresa @ Cottage Violets
Oh yeah, love the new do, you look like a college preppie, so young....

cathy said...

Hey Michelle, I live in Virginia Beach! I actually live only about a mile a way from the Walmart, although VB has 4 of them I think so it could have been another one.
Your "cutie" is a cutie. She looks like a real sweetheart.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh Shell ~
I love love your post about your grandma ~ how special grandma's are ~
I have been really thinking about both of my grandma's this morning ~ they are both gone but I have such precious memories ~

Inka Thomas said...

Oh Shell,
That made me cry too! How beautiful a story is that??? I love it. Thanks for sharing. I sure miss my Grandmothers!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Michelle!

That picture speaks a thousand words. How precious. 91? God bless her. My father is 89 and my mom is 81 and can't imagine my life without them. Enjoy every minute with your grammy. All of you look beautiful in this picture. Thanks a million for sharing.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Cathy said...


I can only pray that we make it to 91 and still be happy and healthy.

Kiss her for me!

xo Cath