Monday, March 17, 2008

You Just Gotta Laugh

Hi and happy luck o' the Irish to ya! I'm part Irish. My maiden name was Mooney. However, I don't dress in green on this day, and I'm certainly glad I'm not in school where I would be pinched for not wearing said "green outfit." Green is my favorite color though, but that has to deal more with growth, renewal and heck, CASH!

This weeks post has again taken a different spin from where I originally thought it would be. It's amazing the things that happen in my life in the matter of one week that cause me to pause and say,"I just gotta laugh."

Let me give you a little sample of my past week. First, for the second time this month I have tried to renew my driver's license only to have the camera break (not because of my face). It's a bo-hick DMV in bo-hick NC for goodness sakes. They have one small, little room where we all wait like baby birds anticipating mama bringing the worm. Instead of signing a "sign-in" list and some "Joe Schmuck-a-telly" shouting "NEXT," they have this elaborate computerized system where a computerized voice says, "bong, number 197 please go to station 5, bong, number 197 please go to station 5." I'm not kidding. The room is maybe, 20' x 20'. Shouting "NEXT," would be much more efficient and then they could invest all our tax paying dollars into a BACK-UP CAMERA!!! Helloo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just gotta laugh....

Next, is the always entertaining events of my job. Our Parade home is nearing completion. Being the ever efficient, over planner, completely anal, project manager that I am, everything was picked and scheduled by me months in advance. It started out last week with the fireplace granite I picked in January that was accidentally sold to someone else. Thus, I had to pick another complimentary color in 15 minutes that took a few days to get in. You just gotta laugh.

Second, I had an opening to get the hardwood floor guy in early and called to ask if he was bored and wanted to start 3 days earlier. Only to find out that the hardwood flooring supplier had not even made the hardwood floor I selected back in January. Thus, I had to select another complimentary color in 15 minutes that could be here by the initial scheduled date. You just gotta laugh.

Then I call to get the natural gas connected to the house only to find out that the "dual fuel" range I ordered, back in January, was not the range on the site. The one on the site was a full gas range. The paperwork said dual fuel, my bill said dual fuel, but the range on the site was... Wrong! Take that back and who the heck got my dual fuel range? To date we're still trying to find it. You just gotta laugh.

Then, even though I mentioned to the fireplace folks on 6 different occasions that this house had natural gas, they still delivered propane gas logs. I'd like an exchange these please. You just gotta laugh.

Then the electricians were to hang my fabulous pot rack above my fabulous butcher block island. We all agreed that it should be a certain height as to not interfere with the preparation of food and banging your head on a pot. However, this got lost somewhere in translation and the pot rack is about 3" from the 9' ceiling. Hello!!! Where's the step ladder so I can hang my pot???? You just gotta laugh.

So today, one week later, I'm all excited about my granite counter tops being installed. They are this yummy chocolate color and I'm just dying to see how they will look with my beaded cabinets and warm wall color. Well, I get a call from my fabulous cabinet maker. He says, "shuuug," that's Southern for "sugar." We have a small problem. They cut the sink template backwards and you'll need to put the large side of the sink on the left and the small side on the right." Well, that's not so bad. It could be worse. I say, ok and we get a new sink delivered to the site ASAP. Then, my cell phone rings again and it's my fabulous cabinet maker. "Shuuug, we have another problem. The seam where the granite meets up near the sink is well, well, hmmm, it's not the same color." "We're not sure why this happened, but it is as you like to say "booger." Your kidding me, I say. "No, my fabulous cabinet maker replies, it's booger!" Needless to say I will have to rearrange the schedule again in order to accommodate the tardy, booger, granite. You just gotta laugh.

Finally, I'm commenting to everyone how cute "princess" Chloe bunny was sitting up in my chair taking a nap. Well, it was a fake nap. What she really was doing was chewing a few holes in the fabric and pulling stuffing out all over. Naughty bunny!!! You just gotta laugh.

So there you have it. One week in my life and I actually left out some things. I do want to thank all of you that commented on last week's post. I got tremendous feedback and it was oh so fun! To those of you that stated concern for me, I thank you for your sweetness and tell you not to worry. To those of you that offered advice, I thank you for your wisdom and I listened to you. To those of you who have known me forever, know my crazy personality, and laughed at me. I say, thank you and I laughed with you. Because after all, sometimes... you just gotta laugh!!

Have a fabulous week and laugh with me.



This week IGF my friend, Kim, for watching my bunnies while I'm away and IGF the fact that all of the above happened to me and not my sweetie homeowners.


Cathy said...


That was an absolutely hysterical post. Not funny at all, but you gotta laugh! Absolutely.... without laughter where would we all be.

Thank you for making me laugh today.


"alice" said...

as i was reading all of this i thought mercury must be in retrograde. turns out it just came out of retrograde. but if you made these plans during the retrograde period this might explain some of the mix ups.

here's a link. i thought you might get a kick out of it if you are not already familiar. even non astrological folks pay attention to mercury in retrograde the effects of it are usually so strong that you can't really deny it. just a time when everything seems to go wrong and communication break downs are absolutely everywhere.

good job for laughing!!