Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Well another week has come and gone. I had off from work today and spent the day with my bunnies and my sewing machine. Lot's of fun indeed. I made a journal and a small art quilt to sell on my site. I was getting worried, because I have sold almost everything and only had two items left. Yikes!

I started thinking about what I would write in tonight's blog and nothing was coming to me. I started to worry I wouldn't have anything to say (a freak moment I know as I always have something to say). Anyway, as I prepared dinner, my subject walked through the door. You see, David is selling a bunch of his fishing equipment that he has not used in EIGHT YEARS!!! He will finally part with all that crap as he wants parts for his 69 Camaro. Yippeeeeeeee, closet space! Anyway, this fella and his friend and this little boy come to look at all this crap. The little boy has to use the potty, so David points in the direction. Mind you, our house has a very open floor plan..... I make sure the little boy knows where the potty is and he's on his way. Well, he does not close the door and proceeds to peeing. Then, he does not wash his hands and is suddenly standing near me in the kitchen. He says to me, "I'm home schooled." "Did you know that pee is all the waste of your body?" As I bite my lip to keep from laughing, I reply, "yes, I did know that." I ask him how old he is and he tells me six. He says his birthday is August 7th, but last year they celebrated on August 2nd. I ask him why August 2nd? He says that his dad could not get off work. I ask him where his dad works and he replies, "the stinky plant." I want all of you to read this with your best country accent. The stiiiinkkiiiiy plaaant. I'm totally about to spit my wine out all over the place. Basically, his dad works at the waste water treatment plant. He then proceeds to tell me that his whole family likes NASCAR. His dad has painted half of the master bedroom for his driver and half of the bedroom for his wife's driver. The little boy has his entire room decorated in Jeff Gordon. Being a Jeff Gordon fan myself, I tell him he has made an excellent choice and he smiles that I too am a fan although my house is decorated in frou frou roses and rabbits and only the garage has any resemblance of NASCAR.

Next, his daddy comes in as he's waiting for David to retrieve the rest of the fishing gear. He is dressed in blue jeans, a camo hat, a flannel shirt and he has a hearing aid. He says, "it sure does smell good in here." "Somebody sure can cook." He then asks me if, "I work outside of the home like my husband." I tell him that I do and that I'm in construction. He's a bit puzzled and then looks around our home and replies that it is "very spacious and did we buy it like this." I tell him that I designed it, had a Russian artist paint the ceiling with roses and paint the mural on the wall. I'm not sure if all that registered, but he replies, "it sure is nice Mam, nice ta meet cha." and follows David back to the garage.

The whole thing was totally hilarious and I just gotta laugh! As I finished my dinner and my wine, I thought, "don't worry, be happy, because ideas always present themselves if you let them.

Have a great week and don't worry, be happy.



This week IGF my two cutie bunnies and my artwork that I was able to create today on my day off.

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"alice" said...

oh those buns! so sweet. i hope you all had a lovely easter.